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Australian Rugby's greatest day of shame....

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Hell West & Crooked

Alex Ross (28)
I don't expect the ARU to refuse to register a contract for him.

In my opinion, simply saying they will not contract him is an acceptable course of action.

I am no apologist for the ARU - they have taken several wrong turns in the past decade - but I do have respect for Hawker & Eales etc... (its very hard to find a full list of the current board I notice)...

I believe it when they say they asked for his contract to be torn up, I respect that the integrity commission is shown to be independent, and I expect the Board's stance to be reflected in the current negotiations with him...

I will probably turn the telly off in the next few months, if this player comes onto the field in a Wallaby Uniform, but I am not ready to give up on the Wallabies just yet - I will wait to see if justice wins out in the end.


Billy Sheehan (19)
Or they could just maybe abandon the $200 levy for each junior team in a club:)
What a fantastic idea!!! To me that would be ultimate redemption. Beale could truly gain traction in the opinion stakes of being a "really good bloke" if he sacrificed his ARU top up to directly eliminate the 200 dollar levy imposed. A true act of selflessness fo shizzle.


Ted Thorn (20)
Another casualty? Georgina Robinson from SMH hasn't written a story since 19 October and doesn't seem to be on tour. Strange given she's the chief rugby reporter.


Larry Dwyer (12)
Another casualty? Georgina Robinson from SMH hasn't written a story since 19 October and doesn't seem to be on tour. Strange given she's the chief rugby reporter.

I've been wondering about her whereabouts for a weeks or two.

I figured she was on holiday and would reappear for the EOYT.


Peter Sullivan (51)
holidays !

during the greatest crisis in rugby
after breaking one side of the story
during the EOYT

perfect timing


Will Genia (78)
Staff member
holidays !

during the greatest crisis in rugby
after breaking one side of the story
during the EOYT

perfect timing

I could be completely wrong but I wouldn't be surprised if she had booked a couple of weeks off after the 3rd Bledisloe before joining the EOYT for the tests next week.

When work is going to pay for flights to and from the UK, it makes having a couple of weeks holiday in Europe pretty cheap!

Quick Hands

David Wilson (68)
We went through a process. We took it to an independent tribunal and we are required under that agreement, and we will honour that agreement, that we will keep him in the game.
“To me this an issue of process, and I am sure he will be a tremendous asset to Australian rugby and think he will abide phenomenally well to the rules.”

Michael Hawker on Kurtley Beale;)


waiopehu oldboy

Stirling Mortlock (74)
Hawker and Pulver are certainly walking both sides of the street. I wonder what their end game is - and I wonder if they know?

Wait for Beale to either grow up (as Cooper has) so they can hail & take credit the bad-boy-made-good, or fuck up so badly not even an in dependant tribunal can save him is my guess.

Teh Other Dave

Alan Cameron (40)
Me too. FWIW you were 100% on the money if it were Patston's absence being questioned rather than Robinson's.

Oh, yeah, I was lazy - no question.

In fairness to GR, there's not too much mileage in the Beale saga right now, and there's tests coming up, so maybe she needs a couple of weeks of downtime.

In the meantime, Radio can always continue the verbal onslaught to all the disgruntled taxi drivers stuck on Southern Cross drive each morning.


Stan Wickham (3)
The RWC comes around every 4 years. So do the Olympics. Big deal. The sun comes up in the East every day. The Olympics were here in Sydney 14 years ago. Most of us have finally got over it. There have been 3 Olympic Games held since Sydney 2000.

If we perform poorly at a RWC, we'll get over it. I think that people may be overly fixated on the RWC.

Every year there are a bunch of 5 year olds introduced into Rugby. Make it easier for them to play the game and the game will look after itself.

Hitting them with a $200 levy to subsidise the top end of the game is the greatest day of shame for rugby leadership in this country.

Agree Huge. I have ranted about this before on other threads, and mate it is just going to get worse now that they have control of club registrations through the new online rego system...gouging here we come...

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Teh Other Dave

Alan Cameron (40)
What Massive Gluteals said.

It wasn't the 1991 RWC victory that got me into rugby, it was my old man taking me to footy training and doing drills with my mates, and running around barefoot at sparrow's on Brisbane's suburban rugby clubs on Saturday mornings. I could handle watching Grant Fox kick penalty goal after penalty goal, and have us lose despite Lynagh and Campese's best efforts, but I hated bye weekend in under 7s.

I know the dynamic of the game has changed, that the success of the flagship team will bring in supporters and sponsors etc etc (fat lot of good that did us, we pissed the 2003 windfall up against the wall!), but isn't the purpose of rugby football to enjoy the bloody game? If a boy or girl is denied the ability to enjoy what I enjoyed as a young boy, it is a crying shame; I've done a lot of living since those days, but they are still among my fondest memories.


Mark Ella (57)
One days newspaper is the next days fish and chip wrapping

Wallabies (the team) have remained resolute and solid. Chek was the obvious choice.

Am sure there will be some more comments when and if Beale gets an ARU top-up (personally I don't think that will happen) or IF the second texter is found. Until then:

The game, our game rolls on.

Go the Wallabies
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