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CAS Rugby 2022


Ward Prentice (10)
Any news on lineup changes across the 6 schools?
I've heard about a reshuffle at Cranbrook and St Aloysius with multiple changes.

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Hi, snort.
I've got a proposal. What about adding sanctions around scholarships. Your point around Trinity producing good sides once in a while only come about when their scholarships work out. Funny that isn't it. You do not have to look back too far into the past to understand how scholarships have affected the game. Throughout the 2010s each side had a fair run against the other and made the competition far more enjoyable to watch for all. I have been in the schoolboy rugby loop for a while now and often stay quiet but cannot deal with this anymore. In my years of watching the sport, I have seen schools (including Aloysius) winning against schools like Barker and Waverly pre the influx of scholarships. Although this is rare, it is proven it can be done. I have seen all teams train and work towards winning on the weekend, and I can assure you that all schools have the same attitude and desire to win their respective competition.

I have heard wind of schools holding open days for rugby selection which is simply out of the morals and style this game should be played. As a CAS supporter, I have seen schools take up the idea of scholarships in order to keep up with those already accepting them. The reason Aloysius is falling behind is due to their strong morals in keeping their team homegrown. Additionally, it is sad to see boys play in A teams from year seven upwards, building healthy rivalries, to be knocked out by scholarships to play seconds in their last year of schooling.

Any thoughts?

Duty Calls,
scholarships have been at CAS schools since Adam was a boy, back in the late 90's at my CAS school we have kids on scholarships for rugby, swimming, tennis, academics. They might not be classed as a sporting scholarship but are hidden in more favorable terms such as a bursary for those not in a position to attend the school due to financial challenges or the Indigenous scholarship - the recipients of these scholarship more often than not are outstanding rugby players. live an let live, up here in Brisbane there is no secret around scholarships, the schools are actively pursuing kids to place on some form of scholarship from year 7. Good luck to who ever is good enough to be awarded one.

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Bob McCowan (2)
Waverly against Oakhill this weekend at QP1 should be a competitive game however I think the double V will inevitably come out on top.
Will be interesting to see if they can prove themselves versus a strong Oakhill side. They have been fairly inconsistent so far but a win here would set them in good stead for the start of the CAS season. I will be watching Dane Towns (15) who definitely has a strong future in the game. You would only hope he isn't poached by any leaguey clubs.

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Bob McCowan (2)
Zach Fittler ( the leaguey dog) is being considered as a potential selection for the NSW Blues in Origin 1, through his dad.

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Bob McCowan (2)
Liam Deutsch is making his Cranbrook fourths debut (11) after an extremely strong performance last weekend vs the View. Good to see the touch specialist grace the hallowed turf of Queens Park 1.

Lachie Goon

Allen Oxlade (6)
My early season prediction is Aloys to win the comp. they've got some real stars coming through the ranks and i think they have enough to go all the way. I know this is a hot take but after watching baker for the last few weeks i dont think they have enough to go all the way.
let's see how this ages Snort, very hot take
Congratulations to Liam Deutsch on making his Cranbrook Forth XV Debut.
The cream always rises to the top(Eventually). Won’t be long before he will be running on at 3.15 the way he is rocketing through the grades.

Shots On

Bob McCowan (2)
Cranbrook beating Kinross 22-12, with ten minutes to go. Great performance from Jaxon Allen, the human highlight reel. Promising signs for the brook as they approach the CAS rounds next week.

bring back rucking

Fred Wood (13)
44-33 Knox over new. Knox had quite a few tries held up. Contrasting styles, knox dominant through rolling maul and power game generally, newington deadly in broken play…. Best for knox 2, 6,9, 10, 12, For newington 1,6, 10, 14, 15


Watty Friend (18)
Waves and Oakhill played a 40 all draw!
Waves led 28-12 half time but Oakhill scored some terrific 2nd half backline tries.

A fair result, a game of excellent school boy footy!


Colin Windon (37)
Was interesting watching a very good Trinity 15As beat the Shore 15Bs. Their 9 / 10 combo was sharp. Why Shore played the Bs I have no idea. But I hear the Trinity Bs played Shore Ds - little bit suss but can't say anything obviously.