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ISA Rugby 2016

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Shane Smeltz

Fred Wood (13)
Could someone post all 3 ISA team lists?
Interested to see squads.
Also would anyone have the Div2 Comp rep team list?

The ISA team lists have not been published anywhere is my understanding.

If anyone can get hold of the program from next Sunday the 19th's games that should have the team lists of most of the teams: ISA, CHS, CCC, AICES etc.
Then the Friday 24th games at Knox the program will have team lists for the rest: GPS, CAS, & ISA, CHS, CCC etc.


Bob McCowan (2)
With the first half of the ISA season in the books does anyone have any highlights/ memorable moments from the seasons first half?

Predictions for round 2?

the bulldog

Stan Wickham (3)
With the first half of the ISA season in the books does anyone have any highlights/ memorable moments from the seasons first half?

Predictions for round 2?

I May be a bit bias but Kinross knocking off auggies would have to be up there, not many teams have done that recently and for a small co-ed school to do it is in my eyes a fantastic achievement.

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Bob McCowan (2)
I May be a bit bias but Kinross knocking off auggies would have to be up there, not many teams have done that recently and for a small co-ed school to do it is in my eyes a fantastic achievement.

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Being a Stannies old boy, as much is it may pain me to say it, I think that was a huge moment for Kinross and the competition this year. Similar situation here at SSC when we knocked off Oakhill. Great to see the boys from the west giving the Sydney schools a crack.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
The Aust Schools Website shows the draw for selection trials on 19 June at Rat Park:

In another innovative move by ISA (or NSW SRU or both), it is interesting that there will be 4 ISA teams with an ISA III XV playing a combined ISA Div 2/Div 3 team, as well as the usual ISA I v CHS I & ISA II v CCC fixtures. Wonder how that will happen?

Occasionally there is a player from an ISA Div 2 School who makes it to NSW I or NSW II. Will that player now be limited to the ISA Div 2/Div 3 team, and therefore only get 1 game in front of the selectors, or will they find themselves in ISA I or ISA II on merit and get a chance to impress the selectors on 2 occasions, against "better" quality opposition?

Anyone shed any light on the ISA III v ISA Div 2/3 game?
No mention of it in this notice of relocation of Sunday's games from Rat Park to Hills Grammar.

U18s School Selection Trials on this Sunday have been moved to Hills Grammar Kenthurst (main field) from 12 noon. Expect a fair amount of rain.

Shane Smeltz

Fred Wood (13)
Auggies v Stannies 31-10 win to Saints.
Was 10-10 end of first half but Auggies built on second half. Should have been 36-10, last try reversed due to Auggies player starting a fight, got red carded and try reversed.
Great players for Stannies Yool, Hunter and Slack-Smith (spelling?).
Jack O for Auggies MOM for 3rd game in a row and very deserving. Playing out of his socks at the moment

Other games - all Auggies 2nds win, 15As win by a try, 14As win by their usual 60+ points


Charlie Fox (21)
Please remind me of the Law
My understanding is if the try has been awarded and an offence (foul play) occurs after that, the try still stands. As does the opportunity to convert the try.
The game is re-started at half way, with a penalty to the team that would otherwise have been kicking off'.

I have only seen this happen twice

if the offence occurred before the try was scored the penalty should be awarded at the place of the offence

Shane Smeltz

Fred Wood (13)
I should clarify that the boy that scored the try, a fantastic effort from Keiran M, was not involved at all in the biffo.
After the try, there was the biffo, then a lot of discussion between ref and linespeople, then it was announced over the loudspeaker the try was reversed. So therefore no conversion attempt allowed either


Charlie Fox (21)
I would suggest we no longer discuss this for fear of retribution but I feel by your description the decision was flawed


Bob McCowan (2)
Didn't have a chance to watch the game today, but props to Augies, a class act of a team that always delivers no matter heart breaking it may be. Can see them winning the whole thing after a dominant victory like that. A shame the fight occurred? Any more info on what happened?

the bulldog

Stan Wickham (3)
1sts KWS 37 St Pats 5

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fantastic day at spc with a scoreline that doesnt do justice to how tight a game it really was, kws fantastic at the scrum which allowed kws to dominate in what was there best game all year (including auggies win). many thanks to the spc school for what was a great day of rugby.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member

ISA 1st XV 2016 (team vs CHS 1st XV)
1. Cameron PRINCE, St Augustine's College
2. Jack ONGOSIA, St Augustine's College
3. Bo ABRA, St Stanislaus' College
4. Louie HUDSON, St Augustine's College
5. Max DOUGLAS, St Augustine's College
6. Jack LAMPH, Kinross Wolaroi School
7. Mila HINGANO, St Augustine's College
8. Willy MANU, St Augustine's College
9. Dimitry CHIPIZUBOV, Oakhill College
10. Adam DOUEIHI, St Patrick's College
11. Samuel DELORES, Oakhill College
12. Joshua ZUBAK, St Patrick's College
13. Sione HOPOATE, St Augustine's College
14. Jack VEITCH, St Stanislaus' College
15. Bailey McANDREW, St Augustine's College

Manager: Mr S. BOWLES, Oakhill College
Coach: Mr T. HART, Redfeild College
Coach: Mr A. CARROLL, Oakhill College

ISA 2nd XV 2016 (team vs CCC 1st XV)
1. James BASHA, St Patrick's College
2. Peter HADLOW, Oakhill College
3. Kolla AIGAGA, St Gregory's' College
4. Tom ROBSON, Oakhill College
5. John OXFORD, Oakhill College
6. Luke RATCLIFF, St Augustine's College
7. Partick CALAVASSY, St Patrick's College
8. Hunter WARD, St Stanislaus' College
9. Judd KERRISON, St Stanislaus' College
10. Joshua HARDIE, St Stanislaus' College
11. Aaron EVANS, Oakhill College
12. Charles MORTIMER, Kinross Wolaroi School
13. James SIDERY, St Augustine's College
14. Matthew KENNEDY, St Pius X College
15. Youl YOUL, St Stanislaus' College

Manager: Mr S. GARDNER, All Saints College
Coach: Mr M. MALKIN, St Patrick's College
Coach: Mr C. GOUCHET, Oxley College

ISA 3rd XV 2016 (team vs ISA Div 2 & 3 XV)
1. Clay HENRY, St Pius X College
2. Joel THOMAS, St Stanislaus' College
3. Jack BREWER, Oakhill College
4. Joe YEOMANS, Kinross Wolaroi School
5. Drew WEBER, Kinross Wolaroi School
6. Rhys PETERS, Oakhill College
7. Samuel VILLATA, St Gregory's College
8. Joshua THRUM, St Pius X College
9. Gianluca NATOLI, St Augustine's College
10. Cooper JOHNS, St Augustine's College
11. Riley ALCORN, St Gregory's College
12. Matthew O'HARA, Oakhill College
13. Luke HUMPHREY, St Pius X College
14. Silas LAWTHER, St Gregory's College
15. Nick SMITH, St Stanislaus' College

16. Thomas PIZZLE, St Augustine's College
17. Douglas BARNES, Oakhill College
18. Tom CUMMINS, Kinross Wolaroi School
19. Harrison LEONARD, Oakhill College
20. Conor O'BRIENA, St Patrick's College
21. Luca BARONI, Oakhill College
22. Brad MEEHAN, Oakhill College
23. George JACKSON, Kinross Wolaroi School

Manager: Mr B. ALLEN, All Saints College
Coach: Mr B. ROSSITT, St Stanislaus' College
Coach. Mr L. CALLAGHAN, Kinross Wolaroi School

ISA Div 2&3 XV 2016 (team vs ISA 3rd XV)
1. Joshua DICK, Chevalier College
2. Fionn HENDERSON-FOLEY, Central Coast Grammar School
3. Byron DANIELS, Redfield College
4. Sam CRITENDEN, Chevalier College
5. Ed BAILLIEU, Chevalier College
6. Liam O'MALLEY, Chevalier College
7. Luke McGUINESS, Central Coast Grammar School
8. Ned DAWSON, The Scots School
9. Toryn BRODIE, St Andrews Cathedral School
10. Finn LOITERTON, Oxley College
11. Ben MANCHE, Redfield College
12. Matthew JACKMAN, All Saints College
13. Alex SHAMBLY, Redlands
14. William HUMPHREYS, Chevalier College
15. Claude BEITZ, All Saints College

16. Tui RYDEY NUKU, St Andrews Cathedral School
17. Matthew STEVENS, Chevalier College
18. Harrison ROOK, St Andrews Cathedral School
19. Tom CRAFT, All Saints College
20. Paul TOUMA, Redfield College
21. Matthew DUNK, Chevalier College
22. Cameron REDPATH, All Saints College
23. Harry FORTEY, Central Coast Grammar School

Manager: Justin ADAMS, The Scots School
Coach: Mr K. LENE, Redlands

Coach: Mr G. MURDAY, St Andrews Cathedral School


Chris McKivat (8)
Jack Ongosia listed as starting NSW I's hooker.

I think from memory he played as a hooker throughout the juniors, but played 10 for Auggies and ISA II's last year.

Superb talent. I don't think I've seen anyone play such contrasting positions in back-to-back seasons before. Could quite possibly be the most skilful front rower going around?

Wish him all the best.
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