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Italy v Australia, Sunday Nov 10 2013, Stadio Olimpico

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nice vision by To'omua for that kick leading to the try for Izzy, he gave a little signal to timani.


Peter Sullivan (51)
It is really positive to see Quade & Lilo both slotting these kicks at goal like they are. I recall not too long ago being a bit worried about our goal kicking ability but it looks to be on the improve.


Jim Lenehan (48)
To'omua says "Link, Link, listen. I can kick for touch and throw 30m passes and set up beautiful cross kicks. Put me in the team."

How do you choose?

For Ireland? You need someone to unlock defence and someone to kick the points. Pick your forwards first.

If the forwards win you penalties and secure the ball (Eg. Robbo-Moore-Kepu-Lock1-Lock2-Fardy-Gill-Mowen) then you pick To'omua at 10. If the forwards are there for the loose (Slipper-Moore-Alexander-Lock1-Lock2-Fardy-Hooper-Mowen) then you pick Cooper at 10.
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