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John I. Dent Cup 2018 - ACT Premier Rugby

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Vay Wilson (31)
Cheers Monkey- Not surprised he did his shoulder he does punch above his weight a bit. Glad he is still around. Sounds like Royals might be getting a few back from injury around the same time the Brumbies lads might be dropping back. Not a bad position to be in.


Vay Wilson (31)
I'm tipping Tuggies but I'm hoping it's closer to 15 that 30. If Easts do roll them it will be hard to argue they aren't the real deal this year.

I think Royals will bounce back but again only by 10 - 15 points

Uni v darra is a toss of the coin - I like Darra by 12


Vay Wilson (31)
Does anyone on here have any insights into Easts they might share. Obviously Cornforth is doing great things and there are some promising results through the grades. I'm keen to know if this is the start of some real lasting change. Easts went from zeroes to heros a few years back in one outstanding season but the following year many of the guys moved to Royals and the wheels fell of Easts again. Are the structures being put in place at Easts for this to be the start of something great or is it a case of enjoy it while it lasts?

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Chris McKivat (8)
7-0 to a Gungahlin here at the moment, not the best start. Meant to post earlier but had some network issues.
Watched the Whites/Vikings game on replay during the week. The five eighth for Tuggeranong played very well. With Isaac Thompson seemingly too old and injury prone to play at this level, Vikings have a ready made replacement in the bloke who came in for him. Thompson is 36? I think? and has been a great servant, but time doesn’t wait for anyone.
Anyone are at Phillip or Erindale this afternoon? Cracker of a day.


Phil Hardcastle (33)
Went out to the Tuggies V Easts game....I sort of had a feeling during the week this might end up being abit of a blow-out - but didn't expect Tuggers to rack up 70 points + they missed every kick besides about 2 so really it could of been 80-90 points.

The score doesn't really reflect the game to be honest I don't think Easts were that bad - just in the last 25 mins Vikings really stacked on the points with some really easy run-away tries.

Easts look way better than previous years (first time I've watched them this year) and you could see (in parts of the game) why they are in the top 4 after 5 rounds.

Vikings REALLY looked like they had a point to prove - it's like they were saying F U to the rest of the comp for possibly doubting them - they were aggressive in defence and structured in attack.

I really like the No.10 (Lolessio? not sure where he's come from?), Swain is a total machine - the Brumbies need to snap him up long-term - he's one of the best talents in the country and like him at 6 instead of the 2nd row. Teauki back in Union has taken off where he left off - I can see him being in the Canberra Vikings setup again.

Two guys I really doubted last year and really was doubting if they had another 1st grade season in them were Michael Henry and Sione Taula - but these guys were really solid yesterday and from what I hear have been really solid all year - it's good to see as these guys are 2 legends of the club so glad they are both hitting some form this year - I think it might be to do with their fitness as well - they both look alot fitter than last year Henry especially.

Will be an interesting game with Easts V Whites next week - either could come away with the win.

On a side note - I'm thinking Eagles might take the wooden spoon this year!

Green grass

Chris McKivat (8)
Talua was outstanding against the Owls a few weeks ago, ran through tackle after tackle from our blokes. Bloke is an insane player, always has been.
Henry is throwing pies as well as eating them- he’s never been fit. Tuggies lineout was shaky against us and then at Qbn too. Another great servant who has played a season or two too long?
I genuinely think Uni will make the top 4 this year, and with our strong set piece come finals time, anything can happen!

Brumby Runner

David Wilson (68)
Swain is indeed a great potential. Was the best all round lock in the U20s last year but couldn't crack the Reds mafia in the selection committee.


Allen Oxlade (6)
I watched 1s and 2s at Viking Park.

2s as the score would suggest went as expected. Easts had the momentum early scoring quickly in the 1st half and for about20 minutes i thought the game could have gone either way. The game eventually opened up for the vikings and easts weren't able to regain any momentum. Vikings scrum was so dominant that that Easts went to uncontested scrums about hlfway through the 2nd half.

side note - refereeing was atrocious in the game. The referee looked very young and indecisive you could see players from both sides getting frustrated. It's great to see a young referee getting a crack but could certainly do with some more time down in colts or with the schoolboys.

1st grade pretty much have to mirror everything no 8 said. Tuggies looked focused from the start and throughout they look like they're starting to find their identity as a team. Lolesio was impressive in the 10 jumper again. Mynhardt had 4 tries and Taueki was class again. Tough day for Easts but I still think they can make the 4.

Did anyone go out and watch Gungahlin? Have the wheels fallen off out there? Should be a much better side with some of the names in that team.
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