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MANLY 2013

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Dave Beat

Paul McLean (56)
Not to great for the Rebels. He is now considered another foreign player..
Qwerty, yeah? I hope not that wouldnt be right. Manly no doubt still consider him a Manly and Rebels Player, if so I think that classification would be going against what it was designed to do.

Eyes and Ears

Bob Davidson (42)
I agree with Qwerty, it would be the end of his time with the Rebels unless they use him as their foreign marquee which would be highly unlikely. I think that is exactly what the rule is designed to do - which is for Super Rugby to be for the development of the Wallabies.


Stirling Mortlock (74)
Qwerty, yeah? I hope not that wouldnt be right. Manly no doubt still consider him a Manly and Rebels Player, if so I think that classification would be going against what it was designed to do.

Huh? If he plays for Tonga he cannot ever play for the Wallabies and is thus a foreign marquee. Certain. I'm not sure how many the Rebels are allowed next year but it's less and less and I don't think they want to use it on someone who can barely make the team.

the coach

Bob Davidson (42)
I'm risking going off topic here and being told off but can anyone clarify the foreign player rule re the Rebels?
Below is from the ABC News website dated March this year:

"Melbourne Rebels are allowed to recruit 10 foreign players, although this figure will drop over the next three seasons to fall in line with other Australian franchises.
The Reds, Waratahs and Brumbies have the option of recruiting two developing foreign players, or one marquee and one developing foreign player.
Western Force are also subject to this rule although the Australian Rugby Union last year granted them the concession of contracting an additional developing foreign player for this season."

At the moment I believe they only have 3 foreign players (not counting Eddie Aholelei):
Shota Horie (Japan)
Gareth Delve (Wales)
Alex Rokobaro (Fiji)

So they shouldn't have a problem with Eddie should they?

Eyes and Ears

Bob Davidson (42)
I believe their allowance was originally intended to go like this.
There may yet be some extra dispensation. I think you would need to look at the status of Robinson, Woodward and King as well. I don't believe that they have represented NZ but I am not sure that they are eligible for the Wallabies which would make them foreign development players as opposed to marquee.

Dave Beat

Paul McLean (56)
Looking forward to the club report to hear more about the day.
We struggled out west last year as well - our defence over recent weeks was comming together, our communication and lines in D were improving - strong for the majority of the games with some lapses.
Letting Penrith score 29 points??? we'd need to keep the likes of Sths, Uni, and the Woodies down to less than 2 or 3 tries to be in with a chance - so for Penrith to put on 29? - however not being there I can't comment.

Eyes and Ears

Bob Davidson (42)
Penrith actually looked like a reasonable team on the weekend. They defended well in patches and they looked more organised than I had seen them previously. It was 0-0 for about 20 mins. They are clearly a much better team at home. Their forwards got their running game going and that led to a few points off the back of some good go forward.
Manly were always in control although Penrith got back to down by 12 with 12 mins to go and Hooper had just gone to the bin for a tip tackle. Nonetheless Manly scored next and Penrith got a consolation try on the bell.
Manly were missing a lot of players (no Ale, Gower, Melrose, Aholelei, Leafa, Helu etc) which made it look like a combined 1st/2nd grade side to me.

Dave Beat

Paul McLean (56)
Great weekly new letter on the Manly website.
1 Andrew Collins, 2 Dave Porecki, 3 Tim Fairbrother (C), 4 Ryan Melrose, 5 Dylan Sigg, 6 Harry Bergelin, 7 Kotoni Ale, 8 Daniel Alley, 9 Adam Crerar, 10 Marshall Milroy, 11 Damien Reti, 12 Joe Christie, 13 Brian Sefanaia, 14 Richard Hooper, 15 Jacob Woodhouse
Will need to be focused this week as its our other local Derby - Norths - weather is on the improve through Saturday so be sure to get down there.
Norths want have liked being beaten through all grades and colts last week and will no doubt be after redemption.


Phil Hardcastle (33)
Manly 48 Norths 10 in 1st colts

Manly went to Bon Andrews knowing they would be for a tough game given it was Norths home field and that they had just lost to Randwick last week. Manly also were missing some players to Oz 20 commitments and injury.

From the outset Manly looked to establish a strong forward presence which allowed them to spread the ball wide all day. Their normal half was playing at 10 and was loving the extra space this allowed him. He created the first try with a beautiful cut out to the left winger, a solid build who had a very good turn of speed. In the first half the 12 continually broke through the Norths defensive line. This combination of the 10 and the 12 was proving deadly and when the 8 decided to join in it normally meant points. Score at half time was 29-5

The second half followed a similar pattern to the first with Manly dominating in both defence and attack. Norths never gave up and kept going at Manly but they never were going to threaten the Marlins today.

This Manly side, even without those players missing, plays a very exciting and expansive game. Very little kicking in general play and a desire to keep the ball in hand. The whole team performed today and while the backs looked good the forward pack was dominant at set pieces and in their mobility and aggression around the park. They proved the saying "Backs may win you the game but the forwards will determine by how much."

Best for Manly in the forwards were ..... Can't find a standout they were all good. In the backs the 9,10 and 12 were very good.

Dave Beat

Paul McLean (56)
4 from 7 for Manly against Norths, and Manly's depth is working hard given unfortunate injury, and notable representative honours with 4 players heading to France for the U20's (could have been 6 but 2 injuries) the Manly academy!!!!, and Eddie and Will off to join Vis to represent Tonga for a month (1 from 1 for the boys with a win over Jpn). It'd be great to have all these players back on deck towards the seasons end.

Missed 4's but 3's Manly fought out a tight game and closed it out in the later stages.

2's kept there record for the season in tact but did work hard all game give the pre game changes. Andrew Davis had a great game leading by example and was always on the ball with some good turn overs.
Having some tall timber in the line out with the return of Dave Shotton upset the Norths rythym with some good steals in the first half.
With Tom Chesters being called up to 1's Sam Brisby played his part at 10 and the backline lined up.

1's 1 - 8 played a tight solid game, Kotoni made same big plays when required, and Sig had some strong ball carries. The first half was a hard fight with neither team having real dominance, it appeared that if either team could score back to back they could continue on with it. A try 5 minutes before the break, and another try just after was just what we needed.
After the break, and with some points buffer we looked to play with a bit more space and there were was some nice backline play that did not lead to points but was great to see. Brain Sef again was very strong with ball in hand and defence, on a number of occasions his runs had you thinking Vis was back on the field. Last year Norths Bill Meakes created trouble out wide - Woodhouse chopped him down every time with some great old school defence. Chesters has had a great season to date in 2's and was rewarded with a start in 1's, he continued his good form a the back.
The score line would have been more impressive if the shots at goal went over.

What a season to date;
After last season and the preseason chatter about the Wicks - after 8 rounds they lead the Club Championships - congrats.
Beasties having a solid start with some wins, a couple of very close losses, some bigger ones, then making a statements beating the Woodies.
Randwick downing Souths yesterday was also against the run of all the tipsters.

Next week has some interesting clashes
Club Championship leaders Randwick V Uni.
and Manly travels South.

the coach

Bob Davidson (42)
Randwick downing Souths yesterday was also against the run of all the tipsters.

Not this one, but I am one-eyed and I kept quiet about it!
It was good to see every tipster in Rugby News tipped Souths.
I expect they'll all tip Uni this week as well.

Dave Beat

Paul McLean (56)
Manly Junior World Rugby Championships kick off this week and 2 Manly Juniors running out in the starting line up Lalakai Foketi from the Manly Roos, and Alex Northam from the Forest. Well done guys.

& Cottesloe's WA now Manly Hoskins - great news for the west.

A frank MMM round 9 review.

Grade - http://www.manlyrugby.com.au/news-mainmenu-101/latest-news-mainmenu-100/760-no-southern-comfort-for-marlins

Young Porecki (hooker / prop / hooker prop) worked hard around the park but took a schooling against an experienced front row in the scrums, a schooling at times can be of great value.

Pat Leafa had and wow of a game.

HANDS, HANDS HANDS, ten hand overs, handling errors in the second half gifted Southern the ball they worked down field and walked back with 3 points. Interest Cam Blades's comments on ABC after the game.

2nds was a complete 80 minute performance well done, next 2 games will be challenging games to start the run home, Loosies played well, Jason Aho had a strong game until he was shouldered off with his ankle in a Pacific Island card board cast.

Chesters ghosted through gaps on a number of occasions

3rds & 4ths were also bonus point victories but more of a challenge than the score line suggests.

Colts A clean sweep by colts well done, sound like a wake up call at half time. - http://www.manlyrugby.com.au/news-mainmenu-101/latest-news-mainmenu-100/761-bonus-points-laden-clean-sweep-for-colts


Ward Prentice (10)
Pat Leafa on the bench, Cadeyrn Neville at No. 4 and Jordy Reid at No. 6 for the Rebels against the Brumbies on Friday!! Great News


Nev Cottrell (35)
Went to my first marlins game a couple of weeks back. Awesome way to spend the afternoon. A few beers, rugby at your feet - awesome. Chatswood Oval will get there soon.

Dave Beat

Paul McLean (56)
Pat Leafa on the bench, Cadeyrn Neville at No. 4 and Jordy Reid at No. 6 for the Rebels against the Brumbies on Friday!! Great News
And Luke Jones 4 Marlins, and hopefully we'll see them running out down at the Village soon.
2 Marlins stepping out tonight against the Lions.
3 Marlins stepping out against the Irish tonight in France.
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