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Melbourne Rebels 2024

Rebel man

Jim Lenehan (48)
If he still doesnt get traction from wallabies level I could see Trev taking the bait overseas, could you image what he would be worth in france? a non international committed 25 yo in the highest paid postilion in the top14!

I don't want to loose Philip but all his close mates have slowly left & the option of going home where he would walk in to being by far the best lock is a big carrot.
First year back from injury was in the squad before hand. I think he would back himself on a one or two year deal here then take the money


Jim Lenehan (48)
Where does Leota play if Smith is 6? you cant see him at 8 anymore with Eukasi

There’s plenty of rugby to go around for a versatile backrower who can also play in the locks.

Leota & Philip both injured. Next year there’s going to be other team personnel juggling cause of injuries.


Andrew Slack (58)
Will Dickie be allowed to get an extension? Would absolutely love to keep him but what sign offs are necessary moving forward?


Stirling Mortlock (74)
At his position should be fine to re-sign Hardwick. The issue is when non-eligibles take up key spots like 2, 9, 10. We have plenty of backrow options.

Mick The Munch

Ron Walden (29)
We should do everything to keep Dicke, great club man.
Over the course of a season we need squad depth which is evidenced by us NOT having him and Leota available at the moment


Geoff Shaw (53)
Philip will go, I think keeping Trev is best for the club and the squad. Have heard from a few people that Philip is hard to deal with and does not really get along with quite a few of his team mates. Would be the reason he wasn't made captain.


Tim Horan (67)
David Feliuai re-signs through to 2025.

He hasn't let the team down in his appearances, curious to see what he can do with more time in the set up.

Rebel man

Jim Lenehan (48)