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Hi All

I know it's done and dusted, but can't help bringing up last Sat Scotsv New 1st XV game.

Just watched it on Clutch. Can anyone tell me who the boy is running on the field with kilt on with the tee ? If that was O.Cummins, think

a) should not have been allowed as he was suspended and in my book should not be on the field at all. Is there a law and what is the law ?
b) it's a poor look cause if I was a Scots player, it would not help me thinking that he should be playing alongside me. But I guess I'm not a Scots player.




Bill Watson (15)
to consider it like this,
The kings and joeys team which have lost to view on two occasions were during the week the flu had spread rapidly around joeys and kings. Would also like to state kings and joeys does have multiple boys playing up in opens, while view have 0 so new combinations have been forced to be made this year.

two players I belive from view who were hard done by is Connor Dempsey and the 9. On a whole though shore we’re very lucky with selections with two front rowers in the starting team I personally belive the kings front row right now in 16s and Edwin langi in opens are all better then most teams front rows in the 16s age group. I think kings 9 who was picked isn’t as good as the view 9 but the selectors were from newo so just their opinion I guess……
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