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Greg Davis (50)
Is it too late to join the tipping comp
would love to join
Sorry. You are too "late to the breakdown."
I did allow one week's grace for those who missed out the first week.
The tipping competition is now closed.
You may put up your tips and see how you go against the others.


Greg Davis (50)

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Peter Burge (5)
Out of the SHORE 16A's camp this week, they have had a very good gym session on Tuesday and ready to take on this weekend's game. The big name out of the camp this week is Hamish Colbert, coming in at scrum-half debuting this weekend since coming back from a head knock which took him out for 2 years. Hamish is a very small scrum half but he can really pass the ball well, he can carry the ball and has great defensive. Expecting the SHORE 16A's season to have a big turnaround this weekend and the rest of the season.
I have been keeping a eye on Ollie Makellar Shore 14 in the 1st he's agile but not as devoloped as other wings he seems lost I would love to see him in the 16As carving the field up
I thoroughly agree with that statement, if only he could go back down to the 16A's I would have to agree that there squad would be practically unstoppable in that team.

Lets Trot,

Big game coming up next weekend. 4th of June Shore 1st XV vs Scotts 1st XV. Few young guns to watch from Shore and Scotts. From Shore, their damaging number eight Marshall Lemaitre, excited to see him tear up. Ollie Mackellar, the number 14 coming off the back of a few solid games. James Warner. Needless to say he is the most frightening player on the field, really reminds me of a young Roger Tuivasa Sheck. Im not too familiar with the young Scotts boys but I know of one of them. Finally Bartlett. Heard there's a bit of strife between him and Marshall, last time they met the tension was so high you could cut it with a Stanley :eek:. Honourable mention of Binuk Weeribidana, sitting on the bench for Shore. Grew up playing tennis I believe, later switching to rugby and not looking back. Good luck with tips and what not lads!:)


Stan Wickham (3)
As a Harold matts coach {West magpies} being a scout I have seen Jacob Crotty playing for concord. He has a poor offence game, and is undersized for a hooker/ lock playing in the middle. The only reason he plays matts next year will be on the back of his dad. {Cris Crotty} if he is playing Harold matts against us we will target him in defence.
I heard Jacob Crotty has signed with Redcliffe Dolphins from 2023 onwards to 2026. Yet to be confirmed, heard over a Sunday coffee with my good old time friend Buzz Rothfield.
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