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Brad Jones

Bob McCowan (2)
This weekend's clash between Trinity and Shore, we have an exciting game on our hands this weekend. The SHORE first XV, coming off a huge win against Oakhill, notable performances, Jackson Stiel, aka the fridge, scored a hat-trick with a great diving try to seal the hat-trick, Marshal Le Maitre, with another notable performance, the young gun 15 year old getting ready to face off against Scots Finlay Bartlett (Maori Heritage), Marshal has been really training and playing hard. With many different touches of the ball. Very exciting match to come Shore vs Scots.

Brad Jones

Bob McCowan (2)
More like Finnlay Sua'ali'i! Kid is the hybrid between Roger Tuivasa Sheck and Junior Paulo
The schools normally announce the teams Thursday or Friday. Finnlay Bartlett played 2nds last week and was easily the best back on the field from both teams (Scots and Kings) very powerful runner, big tackles and tough. Not sure why Scots have him in the 2nds. The good thing Finnlay is only year 10 and if the Scots Rugby powerbrokers/selectors should in time reward him with a run in the Scots 1stXV this season.

Brad Jones

Bob McCowan (2)
I totally agree. He stood out to me in the game last weekend against Oakhill. He's only a small boy but his skills and physicality show why he should be playing in the firsts. Cannot wait to see more of him in the future and see how he goes this weekend up against Scots and especially how he holds himself against the amazing Finlay Bartlett from TSC.
Marshall very very good player. Extremely fast and skilful kid. Only down size is his height (could be a future centre). Apart from that he's very very good player definitely one to watch in the future. Was very good at the State Champs Under 15 last year for Gordon.


Frank Nicholson (4)
I saw them play knox this year which they lost (they also lost to knox last year at view). In last years game O’Donnell was the dominant figure for view, his battle with Jarah from Knox was immense. This year I would say the difference was probably that lack of X factor from view… they scored a couple of late try’s to keep it respectable but there were no superstars amongst the starting xv that you thought would change the game. They won’t roll over though, plenty of ticker but probably won’t put consecutive wins together often
Yes seems to be the case this year for view, i do think later on though there 12 and especially 13 will kick into gear.


Frank Nicholson (4)
Hey guys,

I'm new to the forum and a keen schoolboy rugby fan. One team I'm definitely interested in is Riverview. What was the best schoolboy team in Sydney last year, has seemed to dropped off a cliff. Having 2 wins from 4 games, I am wondering what has happened. I've heard it's their lack of front row capability and their returning players from 2021 not achieving the form they maintained throughout 2021.

Was just wondering what everybody's thoughts were on this 2022 Riverview side?
Sadly View have definitely gone down hill from last year, with the likes of Odonnell and Bowen now gone and the school boy prodigy number 6 showing absolutely no ticker at all this year, TBH i haven’t noticed him at all in any of the games so far. Although there is light at the end of the tunnel for them i believe, a few more games and i think they will find there feet!


Alfred Walker (16)
Hello Joker
Back again for the GPS season.
Not in your tipping competition but for the record my tip for the big clash this week is Scots.
My boy long gone now but have promised a current team parent that I will post a match report.
Rest assured I will be fair and balanced as I always have been in the past.
Just getting up to speed with this years line ups and results to date.....by all accounts it should be a good clash Saturday.
Zach Fittler, Leo Jaques, Finnlay Bartlett and Toby Brial are the current year 10 students playing opens for Scots. All great players with big futures, however, I seem to hardly hear about Toby Brial.

Son of Wallaby legend Michael Brial and brother of soon-to-be Crusader Joe Brial, Toby is an absolute unit. Definitely one to keep your eyes on. Playing in the back row, Toby is a big boy who carries strong and defends hard - wouldn't want to run at him. I have had the privilege to watch Toby play for both the Scots 1st XV and 2nd XV, and although he is young, he is certainly a natural leader, whose communication and team leadership is a big strong point of his game.

1st and 2nd XV Outside back, Finnlay Bartlett, is another weapon in the Scots program. Bartlett is a strong ball carrier with serious wheels, and as for his defence - when he hits, he hits hard. Finnlay has proven his skills both on the wing and at outside centre for Scots. Finnlay plays in the Manly U17 Harrold Matthews rugby league team and, from what I've seen, he's got a bright future with the club.

In his first game for Scots since 2020, Leo Jaques came back last weekend for Scots. Subbing on for the wing with around 20 minutes to go, Leo had some strong carries, almost getting over the line before the ref called held up. Leo showed his potential on defence with a few hard tackles, proving why he was selected for Gen Blue in 2020, and why he is playing 1sts at such a young age. Although he hasn't played for a while, I hope to see Leo become a cornerstone in the Scots 1sts backline, where he can use his strength and extraordinary speed to excel for the rampant lion.

Son of NRL legend, Brad Fittler, Zach Fittler has been making a name for himself for the Scots College with an exceptional line break against Kings leading to a great try. With the ball in space, Fittler is an absolute threat, with a strong palm and a lethal right foot step. Fittler is a phenomenal player with a ton of potential. Hopefully this season shows him becoming a linchpin for the Scots 1st XV.
As a long time viewer of this age group, I believe a lot of these players are just names and have been selected into the Scots opens teams because of size not based of physical ability. A good footy player needs to know their position inside and out and it seems as though some of these players need to understand that better. I believe they would benefit from playing in their own age group. I had the privilege of watching Scots vs Stannies a few weeks back and would have preferred to see what they could do in their own age group rather than in the 1st and 2nd teams.

The Front Rower

Sydney Middleton (9)
But Finnlay Bartlett, Scots year 10 student, scored four tries in the 2nd XV against Stannies?
A friend of mine from Scots told me that if these four kids played in the Scots 16A V Stannies the score could have been closer to 90-0. I really don't think a score line like that really benefits anybody.


Frank Row (1)
Barker vs View is a big game this weekend being played at Leichhardt Oval curtain raiser for the Waratahs game . What's everyone's thoughts on a possible view upset, with a few barker boys out?


Hi ruckromper123 and rugbyfanhunter

Question : Do you play your very good yr10 16's up to opens or keep them together to form a strong combination/team for the next year ?

Obviously, for the individual, to play 1's and even 2's in yr 10 is a huge honour and hopefully well earned. Some will excell and fit in with their older team mates, some may not. No doubt, you guys know more about these boys than most and think that they could be suited to play opens ( size, skill and attitude ). but ....

I've always thought that unless there is an absolute stand out player or a position that can not be filled by a yr11/12 boy in opens, then and only then, should a 16's player come up and play opens. Reasons:

1) Team unity in 16's ( as well as opens ). I reckon the 16's is a vital age group. If this team does well and forms a good bond, then they will have a a very good 2yr open age and fit in with the age above. Boys won't get jealous etc and the team can gain confidence to build on for the next year. Imagine if the above Scots boys all played 16's. Great team and I would think they would go close to being undefeated gaining a mental and physical advantage for the next year.
2) If the 16's who go up get monstered or injured or play badly, it could effect their season and season's to come.
3)The yr11/12 cohort may not gel with the younger boys causing problems.( this is a coach matter)
4)If the reason to play up is to give the boys "experience " in open age, do this gradually and at training/trials. not comp. Build a team, not individuals.

Finnlay Bartlett sounds like he has talent and so do the other yr10 from Scots. Let them play together with their age and smash it. Their time will come. Also, scoring 4 tries in 2nds against Stannies is good but it is Stannies. Do it against 2nds Joeys and then talk. Agree with ruckromper123

Looking forward to seeing these boys play against Newington June 18th at B Hill.

Also, weather may be ok for Sat and if it is a dryish track at Knox, hope the New backline uses it's speed and skill out wide and not get kick happy. Knox forwards are always big but if New can move them around, New might have a chance.

Have a good RUGBY weekend




Hi The Front Rower

Beg to differ slightly.

It's not Scots problem that the team they have named in the 16's is strong and win 90-0. As long as the game was fair and no one was injured etc, then I say fair game. The other team/school/coach etc needs to lift. 90-0 is extreme but it's not the Scots boy's problem. They play the game fair and square. They will have harder match ups later so play on. Hard lesson but they are 16 not 8-12yrs old.

How many times has Joeys belted a team over 50 plus in any grade/age? Big deal. Play on and get better.

Remember playing 13's against St Pats trial game. Had a very strong team and were up 82-0 with a few minutes to play. Basically off the kick off, ball would be passed through the hands and someone/anyone would score a try without a tackle being made. The St Pats boys were disheartened but still gave it a go. Try under the posts and the coach was calling NOT to take the conversion, get back, and get another try to get to 100. The coach was the school's councillor. Legend of a man and a funny story. Didn't get to 100, think it was 95-0. Hand shakes at the end and all was good. Don't think there were any tears and now they bring in the mercy rule anyway by taking off players etc. Big Deal. Play the game and if the other team is better, cop it and move on and get better. As long as it's fair and no one is physically hurt.



Bill Watson (15)
Today Joeys teams depart for Armidale with four teams travelling and games scheduled for tomorrow:

9:00 Joeys 15B v TAS 15A
9:00 Joeys 16B v TAS 16A
10:00 Joeys 8th XV v TAS 2nd XV
11:00 Joeys 3rd XV v TAS 1st XV (first competition game)

Good luck to all teams and it promises to be a great weekend.



Hi Joker

My point exactly. I bet the New boys now look back and say they got beat by 114-0 by a Wallaby standard, star studded Joeys 14D team. No scars and good memories.

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