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Joe King

Dave Cowper (27)
haven't been impressed by Joeys 9 this year. Often takes poor options, poor kicks, gets too tired to pass well. Though, he does have a lot of responsibility.


Frank Nicholson (4)
Scot’s opening up now. Kings supporters will be hoping their team doesn’t turn off like it has a couple of times.
As I’m writing, Scot’s score


Trevor Allan (34)
Give a review.

I shall not be attending as this game should be played at Riverview and not some local thugby league ground that has NO school atmosphere. The school is denying their own year 12 boys a chance to play the old enemy for a final time on their home soil, not some rent-a-venue.

Give me the tree lined amphitheater of Lane Cove, the cars parked on the hill, the fanatical View supporters, the Cerise & Blue Army, fathers at the BBQ, the sneaky beers in the car boot and the smiling mums at the canteen. This is what it is all about.....tradition and family.
If they had a proper field that wasn't a swamp , their goalposts stayed upright and their young old boy spectators could behave then I'd agree.

The Ghost of Raelene

Paul McLean (56)
Joeys 7 has been in about 3/4 questionable acts of play.

So far a very boring game with the amount of stoppages. Slowing down right into the Joe boys hands.


Trevor Allan (34)
Honestly I've noticed it as well. I've been going to games since I finished up school years ago and recently multiple times I have been to games and I've heard rude and fowl language coming from some of the boys. The only school with any sort of respect is SHORE.

The Maulester
I didn't know chickens went to GPS Schools, but good to see them diversifying their flock
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