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Herbert Moran (7)
The reason for Thursday games could be ;
1) Long weekend no games
2) Give the boys a rest on the Sat 17th June before GPS games etc.

No the worst idea.
Both GPS and CAS schools play in their respective competitions on Saturday 17th June, so only a 3 day turnaround until the representative games at Knox.

The rep teams are normally posted on the Saturday evening.


Frank Row (1)

Only the 15s and 14s for New v Shore to come (4 results)
Here are the interim results

View attachment 16354

Once we get full results I will publish the Tables for Round 4
PLUS the current status of Schools Championship* point score after Round 4 - there are a few surprises here!

*Like the club championship in Shute Shield. Our stats team love to show off and highlight the best school in the AAGPS
New won 15A's. Believe it was 15-12. New in 14A's 62-12. Don't know the B's sorry
Morning All,

Congratulations to the boys who made the "Team of The Week" for round 4

View attachment 16342

Special mentions to these boys who nearly made the team>

Scots, 12
New, 5, 10
Shore, 7, 15
Kings 12, 13
View 1, 10, 13

Well done to all the boys who made the round 4 Team of the Week.

The Import.
Some very interesting decisions...
- firstly, Luke Maroun (TKS) played wing so no reason to be selected at 15. View 15 (newton I believe) very harsh to not make totw.
- View 13 very harshly done by. Went over for view's first two tries.

Will Hayes a very well deserved selection.

Seriously @Schoolboy Import, is this team selected off reputation or is it the "Team of the Week" we so like to call it.


Cyril Towers (30)
Some very interesting decisions...
- firstly, Luke Maroun (TKS) played wing so no reason to be selected at 15. View 15 (newton I believe) very harsh to not make totw.
- View 13 very harshly done by. Went over for view's first two tries.

Will Hayes a very well deserved selection.

Seriously @Schoolboy Import, is this team selected off reputation or is it the "Team of the Week" we so like to call it.
Good call. I reckon the whole riverview team should make TOTW.


Darby Loudon (17)

Saturday June 17 is actually the Final Teams Selections and will be posted on the AAGPS website.

In answer to your question…

Tuesday 20 June: Fixtures at Knox College
3.15 GPS White v Country Juniors
4.30 GPS Blue v Sydney Juniors
5.45 GPS 2 v CAS 2
7.00 GPS 1 v CAS
Going through the Sydney Juniors team and a I see a mixture of GPS, CAS, ISA. CHS & AEIS players so it’ll be a challenge for GPS Blue team.


Allen Oxlade (6)

View attachment 16343

Get them in soon.

This Thursday will be interesting as Joeys and Scots are able to move students straight from classes to the game. (Scots boys just need to look out the window). For Schools like Kings, busing students to be at Joeys on time will cause a major disruption unless the school is willing to make it a half day. If not, then you will see 1000 Joeys boys (#16) in the stand dominating the noise (as they do anyway)

Shore and Riveview face the same problem. Do they travel on mass to Stirling Bridge? It may end up being like 2020 all over again.

If anyone knows what schools are planning to do then let us know here.

Tips close midnight Wednesday

View attachment 16344
This week will be a hard week to pick tips as it’s a weird week and there is that x factor of the game being on thursday that anything can happen.

New vs Scots
after a very dominant game against shore i don’t see new slowing down very much. Scot’s coming off a weak performance vs Kings. The New backline seems to be going well together even through a few injuries. I would love to see Hemasi Makasini and Onitoni Large go against eachother but i don’t think it will happen.

Shore vs View
I think Shore will show up to this game and give Riverview a good game. Riverview body’s will be sore after their derby against Joeys on the weekend. When Shore got blown out by Kings they came back the next week to have a pretty good game against the Cerese and Blue. The Riverview backline is far superior to the Shore backline. I think Shore will come out and throw there best at view but i think View will come out with the win.

Kings vs Joeys
This is the game of the week. Joeys always a tough opponent but Kings are unstoppable this year. Although Joeys have the crowd on their side with Kings unsure of who and how they’re going to get their boys to Joeys by 3:15.


Peter Sullivan (51)
Good morning


Tips are due midnight WEDNESDAY.


Well the tips have been coming in quickly. Many thanks to those who are also playing along beside the group, demonstrating their ability to prove the pundits wrong and pull a bunny out of a hat. This week has seen the away teams as favorites which will be good news for those who cannot get their tips in on time.

Remember the maximum amount of points (other than draws) you can get is 30. That is three wins all with the correct margins. It is those margins that really make the difference. In 2022 I was running behind the leaders going in to the final round by 12 points. That weekend I picked 3/3 with two correct margins and one with the +5 margin, hence 25 points. Nothing like a Joeys boy to pinch it all at the end. Divine inspiration? No. Just the cards fell my way. Poor KOB1987 had been leading all season. Watch out rugbyau you are being stalked.

Keep this in mind when selecting this weeks tips

And yes, we are doing tips on the rep games.



Bob McCowan (2)
Anyone know what the GPS teams formatting is for the 16s age group? Will they be picking 2 teams or what is the plan, have mainly focused on opens in recent years. How many players will be selected?


Herbert Moran (7)
Hearing out of the Shore Camp that they are potentially putting Tom Klem to 10 and ben whatley to fullback, massive change if this happens.
The Smoker
Don't like this change, Klem would be a great 10 but I think he would be wasted as a strict playmaker, he is best at fullback with a lot of space to run and his tackling is top notch, Whatley is a great 10 but lacks the size needed to be a 1st XV fullback.


Bob McCowan (2)
Charlie Ulqoc is an unassuming force to be reckoned with on the rugby field. As a key player in the Scots College XV, he has managed to fly under the radar, despite his exceptional skills and prowess. Charlie's unassuming demeanor off the field belies the sheer talent and determination that he brings to the game. With a powerful physique and a razor-sharp instinct, he has consistently proven himself as one of the best players in the team. His lightning-fast speed, precise passing, and unwavering commitment to the sport make him an invaluable asset to the Scots College XV. Charlie's ability to read the game and make split-second decisions has often caught his opponents off guard, leaving them in awe of his strategic thinking and impeccable execution. His teammates hold him in high regard, recognizing his immense contribution to the team's success. Despite his humble nature, Charlie's talent and dedication have not gone unnoticed by those who truly appreciate the sport. With his exceptional skills and continued commitment to the game, Charlie Ulqoc is destined for a bright future in the world of rugby.
Wow! I think you're right here. Charlie (rizzler) has been having very solid performances each week. His shift to openside flanker this year has been good to watch.
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