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marlins merchant

Herbert Moran (7)
Scots team list?
Scots outfit for View
1. Cooper Guerin
2. George Calligeros
3. Joel Jacobs
4. Angus Kelly
5. Billy Hanson
6. Mateus Heslin
7. Charlie Ulcoq
8. Toby Brial
9. Hunter Ryan
10. Henry James
11. Onitoni Large
12. Zac Fittler
13. Leo Jaques
14. Jay McKenzie
15. Xavier Savala


Greg Davis (50)
(or should I call it Piesbridge now)

While tempting to rename, I have been referring to the wind swept war memorial fields as Stirling Bridge since 2011. This is an honour of the shoremen who stood bravely over the years in the face of hoards of heathens from afar.



Greg Davis (50)
ROUND 2. Match of the Round


13B Shore v Joeys.

Northbridge B

A must see. A once in a life time to see two teams brimming with confidence.
Shore fueled with the pies of destiny, Joeys boys fueled with cold toast and stodgy eggs.
Come early and show your support for these future stars.
(you never know who else will be there}



Herbert Moran (7)
Not sure how Scot’s hooker will go this weekend after ordinary game for the twos last week. Looks like lunch for the riverview front row. We’ll have to see how it goes.
I totally agree @redrocketwhittaker. Despite my early prediction favouring Scots' front row, now that its pretty much a new front row I think that Views front row is looking at lot more favourable compared to earlier in the week - Scots may struggle.
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