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Bob McCowan (2)
Angus Phillips for Hooker over Warner is a definite. This season, Phillips was picked over him in the GPS white team due to his superior throwing and ball running. Warner is a great player but Phillips has significant experience in the Opens (2nds in yr 10, 1s in yr 11) and his ball running will only get better as he transitions into a more significant role in Riverviews 1sts.

James warner could possibly be moved to prop for him but cant see warner beating Angus Phillips out.
I have been saying this for a while now, Angus Phillips is a quality football player. With some hard work and dedication in the off-season, he will be a real force in the forward pack for the view boys next year. Maybe even a Captain option? I think that it will be close between him and James Warner for the GPS 1s next year but I am giving the edge to Angus. In saying that, whoever wants it more will get it.

FF (Folau Fainga'a)


Bob McCowan (2)
Not much talk about Scots 2XV flyhalf Max Soepono. Great hands and a great rugby brain. Reminds me of when the Wallabies were good all those years ago. I think Onitoni should stay at centre and he is the flyhalf.
Completely agree with that. Onitoni is amazing at the centre position, I don't think he will thrive as much in the flyhalf position. Max Soepono has got incredible IQ on the game, which is a great trait for a flyhalf.