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Pumas vs Wallabies, 25th July 2015, Mendoza

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#1 Tah

Chilla Wilson (44)

Mendoza strikes again!

Quick Hands

David Wilson (68)
^^^Not sure that a tweet like that will stay "up" too long.

Any hint as to the context of the tweet?

Is there a context where a Wallaby should be making a tweet like that?

These young blokes really have no idea what is and isn't appropriate to say and do on electronic media.

I assume it's in response to a tweet commenting on his place in the team - he shouldn't care about the tweet, but is it really necessary to respond?


Herbert Moran (7)
it was 5 a.m in mendoza when he sent it, surely he was on the sauce....ah i really thought he had turned over a new leaf


Peter Johnson (47)
Wait does anyone know what the tweet relates to? If it's just Quade responding to some critic on twitter then meh. Not the finest choice of language for a professional sports player but no harm done.

If its actually Quade venting about the coaching/team environment that would be a different kettle of fish


Sydney Middleton (9)
Hacked perhaps? Or pranked by a teammate? These guys receive plenty of social media training - seems unlikely to me that QC (Quade Cooper) would tweet that nonsense.


Peter Johnson (47)
Didn't notice this in the game, but watch Hooper get held back and then throw a punch


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Haha. that's great. I remember seeing the Arg player lying on the sideline trying to milk a penalty but didn't see how he got there. I think Qwerty mentioned this early but the "diving" aspect of Argentine rugby was pretty evident in this game. They were really hamming it up. The one where the player intentionally ran into pocock and tried to milk an obstruction penalty was pretty cynical.

then again, the way the Pumas are playing at the moment they really are a side that needs to scratch and grind themselves to a win. Against some of top sides, they are going to need every little advantage and trick they can muster.


Greg Davis (50)
in general i agree. but if you don't have a dominant tight 5 with a 9/10 who can play "percentage" rugby the i think you genuinely need a "point of difference", love him or not QC (Quade Cooper) can make something of nothing, i'm not so certain foley can. its a bit like the carlos spencer conundrum the AB's had in 2003.

I'm definitely in the "love him" camp with Quade. I'd pick him in form over any other flyhalf in the country, for the reasons you say.

But my Quade love doesn't extend to picking him in tests when he's out of form, in the hope that he can play his way in.

The idea that we can't win a world cup without QC (Quade Cooper) and therefore must take that risk seems rather hyperbolic.


Jimmy Flynn (14)
We don't the know context around QC (Quade Cooper)'s tweet... So I won't jump to conclusions. Could it perhaps be in response to Chris Rattue's attack on him in the NZ Herald earlier in the week?


Mark Ella (57)
Wondered what got the Argies so upset when that was scored.

A disallowed try there at 14-9 and a red card would have made things very interesting. Hooper's a very lucky man

Yep. Looks like Hooper landed a direct punch and unless its a weird camera angle or something that is very very poor discipline from a vice captain. Lucky to get away with it.


John Thornett (49)
Didn't notice this in the game, but watch Hooper get held back and then throw a punch


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Jesus he fair socked him one. That's worth a couple weeks on the sidelines.

As for Cooper, it reads as though a) he's on the piss and a bit tired and emotional and b) he's having a crack at Cheika/management and if so, will eat a shit sandwich.
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