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QLD GPS Rugby 2019

Garry Owens

Alan Cameron (40)
You're right there are many options. These many options are to a significant majority year 12 students so I'll go on the record and say BBC are favourites for the 2nd XV comp.

You seem to have an opinion on what you would do. Let's hear it.

I’m still waiting to hear about the IGS Darkhorse Tight 5

Get in line

Garry Owens

Alan Cameron (40)
Nudgee will put 30 points on BBC. That seems fair.

It all makes sense now .....

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And Bob Rugger


Frank Row (1)
Self admittedly and I’ve mentioned before, yes, BBC’s missing piece is the 10 at this stage. However, come season time whoever does play 10 will be ready and more then capable. Let’s not forget Mason Gordon, the little brother of Carter Gordon who IMO is a further developer footballer at the same age. Let’s not forget Conor Claridge who has been plagued by injury since arriving at BBC but showed glimpses of his raw skill last year in the premiership winning 16A side, a great defensive 10 as well. Additionally, and I think most importantly as he has been for most part not even considered an option in this thread, Lukas Ripley. Ripley was the five-eight for the U16 Rugby League team last year. For me, I’d love to see Ripley at 10 as he has had experience at both 15 and 12 last year in the top team. Defence is a question mark but that is why I would shift the hard-hitting Kelly back into the mid-field but I know that is unlikely.

Which ultimately leaves the team looking something like this?

1. Oscar Ruru/Andrew Romano
2. Jake Tierney / James Durheim
3. Henry Petit / Carl Hansen
4. Jacob Blyton / Hugo Perceval
5. George Gibson / Clancy Doe
6. Nic Wald / Sam Kelly Knowles
7. Connor Hayes / Beau Westcott
8. Jack Kelly
9. Will Stevens
10. Lukas Ripley / Mason Gordon
11. Bradley Altman / Byron Johnson
12. Conor Claridge / Taj Annan
13. Jack Howarth
14. Xavier Savage
15. Jack Bowyer

This team will break the drought backline are electric forwards big, mobile and skillful.
Personally I can see 10 and 12 being switched around and maybe 1 & 2, I would find a starting position for SKK maybe at 7, I like his workrate and the toughness that he can bring.
As long as there is depth focus and belief this is the year

Roberts Rugby

Nicholas Shehadie (39)
AOI (well maybe not) - scroll back a few pages to see the BBC starting team I put forward. These are players I know from watching representative teams. Names now put forward I have never heard of and possibly not at representative quality, unless new recruits from other states, which suggests year 11.

GO - IGS will be the dark horse. I would like IGS posters to confirm returning 1st XV players from last year. Can anyone offer that information? Do you really think BBC will get up on the Nudge? Seriously?

Roberts Rugby

Nicholas Shehadie (39)
Thinking of heading down to watch Brothers tomorrow at Crosby. What players from last year’s Nudgee and Terrace can I expect to see in Colts 1 and Prems?

The Nomad

John Solomon (38)
Josh Flook and Hudson Mulchay are the only 2 I'm sure of , mostly second year colts players in Colts 1 .

Few running around from 2017, Harry Wilson and Byron Ralston in Prems.

Roberts Rugby

Nicholas Shehadie (39)
Harry and Byron will be worth watching.

Who is in the Wests’ Colts and Prems? I see Carter Gordon seems to have found his focus again this year earning his starting 10 position in Prems. I really like that kid’s style.

Garry Owens

Alan Cameron (40)
Possibly true BAG

Maybe only 3 .

Which coincidentally is the same number of wins for you guys in consecutive seasons

And Bob , no different names at all as to what you had originally thrown out there , other than , big bad Blair :)