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QLD Premier Rugby 2021

carl spackler

Sydney Middleton (9)
Is Aust Club Championship game between Easts & Gordon (2:00 kick off, this Saturday at David Wilson) being televised on Stan/Kayo?

Will be interesting to see the respective merit of both teams, but given Easts 6/6 premierships in 2020, I would like to see them get up and put the cherry on that very large premiership cake.

I always find myself supporting the QPR team in this encounter.
Yes, Stan covering it.

It’s listed in their upcoming match listing.

from what I hear, both teams will be significantly different to the ones that won their respective premierships in 2020.


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member

The Nomad

Bob Davidson (42)
Is Stan also going to be showing a QPR every weekend once the season kicks off ?

Thought I heard something about it as part of the tv deal?

Could have totally misconstrued, but will likely have an effect on other streaming services if QPR is tied up with tv rights .


Peter Johnson (47)
No way!!!

I’m guessing his wallaby teammates were in his ear about coming down the kennel.

I agree Nomad, but this is not the 1980s souths teams where you’d see Wallabies allstar line up play club rugby. I hope we get to see it but won’t hold my breath on account of how many camps and touring these wallaby teams have these days


Peter Johnson (47)
Any cancellations with trials and wet weather?

Heard the lower grades are not playing tomorrow at Wests that it will just be colts, reggies and prems in afternoon... maybe the woman’s team as well.


Bill Watson (15)
Only saw it to half time , they were down 10-3 at that stage.

14-13 to Easts - penalty right in front in extra time. Very tight 2nd half, I thought Gordon had it, Easts kicked away possession a few times but finally just picked and drove until right in front of the line there was an infringement. Exciting finish.