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Queensland Junior Rugby

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Garry Owens

Alan Cameron (40)
Souths v Ipswich (U13) should be a pretty interesting match up as well. The Magpies will be fired and up and hungry for the win.

Garry Owens

Alan Cameron (40)
Albany Creek seem plenty strong in the 14's and 15's but don't seem to have as much strength in the U12's / U13's

Anyone know why ?


Frank Nicholson (4)
Albany Creek had 8 players involved in last years U12 Skills carnival - although a 'development carnival' they would have had to have shown a certain level of skill to be selected. Maybe a case of movement between clubs which appears to have occurred a lot in this years U13 teams.

Garry Owens

Alan Cameron (40)
I have heard that they are a full rep side from the past few years.

80% to 90% of teams rosters in the top half of the completion played BJRU Rep and / or Met Rugby or League last year

Last year was the first year of Rep opportunity in 12's so I don't know that anyone at U13's has played Rep for a few years


Nick Farr-Jones (63)
Staff member
Guys - let's wind in the accusations about 12 year olds. It's not a good look.


Peter Burge (5)
Any word on who the coaches are for the upcoming State Champs for any of the age groups. I see all the trials are this weekend.

Any thoughts on who to watch in the 13's and 14's??


Ted Fahey (11)
Any word on who the coaches are for the upcoming State Champs for any of the age groups. I see all the trials are this weekend.

Any thoughts on who to watch in the 13's and 14's??
Only caught the U14 Trials, and really there are some fantastic kids in that age group. I was watching the forwards mainly, and there are plenty putting their hand up for selection.
East Div 1 forward have improved, couple of big boys and I like their rolling maul.
Albany and Ashgrove are really consistent, geez their quick to get to the ruck.
Sunnybank must have the biggest pack, there's a fella in their front row, hits like a truck and has a big engine.
West are really big improves in that div, New coach I believe got them really going forward.
Don't really know how selectors seperate these kids, should be really 4 good U14 Brissy teams this year.


Bill Watson (15)
WOW, interesting One team looks loaded in U14's
Sunny which team looks loaded in the 14. Both blue and green would have to be with a show as they are drawn from pretty decent club teams

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Ted Fahey (11)
I'm just going off last years rep teams....
It last year tho and really, any team on their day can do the job.
It looks tho, they have tried to really mix it up more, only exemption might be Pink, it mostly Sunnybank and Souths.


Chris McKivat (8)
I'd like to propose a new thread for worst Junior refereeing decisions, no names no identifiers just anecdotes.

I've got three from today's Einstein

Penalises the attacking team with the ball for being " offside"
Awards a try on the 5m line
Plays 4 mins short in the second half and when queried said " it doesn't matter"

We had the same guy last year and held up 5 attempted tries leading 26-21
He calls last play at the lineout our 5/8 confirmed " last play sir"
We win the lineout kick it out and he says play the lineout their feed then played it 2m from the line , we hold them up he awards the try then sprinted off the field.
He also blew the whistle for a high tackle sling from behind over the line and gave us a scrum not a penalty.
The boys recognised him instantly today I'll never forget him from now on.
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