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RC - Wallabies vs Springboks, Gold Coast Sunday 12 September 8:05 PM


Nick Farr-Jones (63)
JOC out? Stuff it. Chuck in Quade. Give him a chance to unpick this ridiculous Bok defence. He’s always troubled them.

Completely agree. But make sure that Hodge is there as a back up and that we are prepared to use it!


Jim Lenehan (48)
Chiming in late with the lazy question to all my fellow la-z-boy pundits:

Just how fucked are we this weekend?


Jim Lenehan (48)
I figured as much.

Not sure what's worse, being flayed by a surgical All Blacks or bludgeoned by the jaapies


Nick Farr-Jones (63)
I figured as much.

Not sure what's worse, being flayed by a surgical All Blacks or bludgeoned by the jaapies

At least being bludgeoned is a change from the recent AB humiliations. A change is as good as a holiday they say.
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Mr Pilfer

Sydney Middleton (9)
I don't understand how Wilson gets left out of the side. To me this guy is one of our best and will end up playing 100 + tests. I like Samu or even Naisirani off the bench but don't really see what a Valentini/Swinton combo is giving us.

Roberts Rugby

Nicholas Shehadie (39)
I suspect we will see something pretty close to the 23 below. QC is worth the price of admission alone

1. Bell
2. Faingaa
3. AAA
4. Rodda
5. Phillip
6. Swinton
7. Hooper
8. Valetini
9. McDermott
10. Cooper
11. Koroibete
12. Kerevi
13. Ikitau
14. Kellaway
15. Banks

16. Kaitu'u
17. Slipper
18. Tupou
19. Swain
20. Samu
21. White
22. Hodge
23. Petaia
I reckon you’re spot on.

ACT Crusader

Jim Lenehan (48)
You’re right on that. Some on the forum seem to think that because Lolesio topped the backline tackle count for Australia in Bled III that is a good thing. Well he had to top the tackle count because that was the channel the AB’s were running they ain’t stupid. Likewise Beauden Barrett topped the AB tackle count because he is the least dominant defender in the AB backline and Australia ran at him.
Maybe our obsession with tackle stats in Australia comes from overly simple game of League because it annoys me endlessly as the most important statistic that you can’t record is the tackle that was never missed because it was never attempted because the player was never in the right position because they don’t have Rugby smarts.

I hear what you’re saying Kenny on Noah, but with the AB defensive set up David Havili topped the tackle count because he was defending in the one of the busiest channels by design. David is a very good defender. When Beaudie plays 1st 5 they tend to have him drop back or move wider out.


David Codey (61)
Seems you’re on the money!


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