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Rebels 2023

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John Thornett (49)
Here me out here, is Canham the first “pure” Victorian pro rugby player? What I mean is I know there’s been other born and bred in Vic but they often have rugby blood in them usually PI or Saffers (or relocated from a rugby state) who were pushed into rugby and would never have given AFL a chance. Don’t know his background but I’m guessing he’s from a private school and discovered rugby there and made a big decision not to pursue a ruckman role in the AFL he’d be suited to and pursued rugby?

He’s going well.

Canham wasn't born in australia


Nick Farr-Jones (63)
I’d say using the term ‘pure’ was an error, but there was no racist intent to the discussion which was highlight a player from a non-rugby family/background

Wallaby Man

Trevor Allan (34)
Hopefully last game Eloff doesn’t play.

Oar has been poor for a while and Talakai….. I have no idea what he’s offering. Such a strange signing


Stirling Mortlock (74)
I dont know & it doesnt matter, he's now an australian citizen & just as australian as Pone, Hodge & you
if you don’t know, how do you know he wasn’t born in Australia? You seem to be reading into my comments something that absolutely wasn’t there at all.


Nick Farr-Jones (63)
I just thought it would be interesting to know if he is from a non-rugby background/family and whether the rugby pathways in victoria are now attracting those kinds of athletes also


Nicholas Shehadie (39)
If it wasn’t for injuries to locks last saeason, Canham may never have got a run. It’s great to see him doing so well after taking full advantage of his opportunity.


Chilla Wilson (44)
this is a pretty racist topic to discuss, Hosea, Uelese, Leota ect are all born in this country & this discounts them as being "pure victorian"???????
Christ! If you were more focused on what was said rather than a single word it might be interesting. As it is the language, is the language, and we all knew what he meant and I suspect even you did as well.
Park your accusations of racism for more pertinent objects.

Rebel man

Jim Lenehan (48)
I sincerely hope so. I had the Rebels down as a possible finals team and look at what has happened. Great talent and good players who struggle in the second half. Any idea why RM?
Look at the average age and average experience of the Crusaders.

We are developing but not the finished product.

We also had a lot of players out over preseason so I do think the squad isn’t as fit as they could or should be


Tim Horan (67)
We should win 2 of our next 3
For all this talk of the Rebels going well, we're still 2nd last on the table.

This week's game is obviously a must win and if we can't beat the cellar dwellers then we deserve our wooden spoon.

Moana away, Brumbies home, Waratahs away, Highlanders away, Force home, Brumbies home

Need to pick up 3 more wins to beat last season. Possible. Knowing us, difficult.