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Reds 2022


John Hipwell (52)
Have their been suggestions he wants to leave?

There are a whole bunch of players I'd rather the Reds and RA were throwing a million a year at, Kerevi being one.
There have been rumours about him looking for an out for ages, nothing substantial though.

He is a great player, just needs to be injury free and make an impact. His old team the Storm really missed him this year, it took away their aerial threat and safety option when they just need to get the ball out to someone who would make a positive play. His value is still very high in my opinion so I think if he doesn't find himself a regular starter for the Reds in 2022, he may be moving back to league and paid well for it.


Nick Farr-Jones (63)
Perhaps, he is a NRL winger though and they are the lowest paid starting position in the team. Wingers can earn much more in rugby union.

Up the Guts

Steve Williams (59)
I reckon if he's injury free and he gets some games under his belt he'll stay on for the 2023 World Cup. His aerial ability is a pretty big point of difference for both the Reds and Wallabies, aside from Jordie Barrett there's not really anyone across Australia and New Zealand who is world class under the high ball. Be pretty good if you could kick across field for him to compete against the likes of Sevu Reece.


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
BPA training with them still is odd isn’t it?


John Thornett (49)
It could do something with when BPA's contract actually runs to. While the Reds probably aren't going to hold him to turning up to training if it doesn't expire till Dec-31, BPA's attitude and presence at training would be helpful until he heads overseas.