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Reds 2022


Phil Kearns (64)
For me a development xv should have a selection criteria of age. ie sub 24 year olds as these are the fellas we want to improve and get a few more years out of in the future.
That said, I think Sef Fa'agase at 31 would be better replaced with another up and comer. I do love what Sef has done and continues to do though.

I’d disagree, this isn’t an age group rep team. There needs to be a healthy balance between youth and maturity. Older statesman in the teams are necessary for setting the standards required in training and experience.

Picking an arbitrary age as the cut-off for selection seems counterintuitive in what they’re they’re trying to do.

That been said, pathway for age group rep teams absolutely needs to improve/be rebuilt following covid. I’d argue that’s another issue to this tour though.


Jim Lenehan (48)
Best thing for development of a uncapped rookie in the wallabies can sometimes simply be roommating them with the older veteran incumbent.