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Reds 2022

liquor box

Jim Lenehan (48)
Look out, the fun police have arrived in town! Would you like us to refer to JOC (James O'Connor) as O’Connor moving forward? Anyone else?
Only if you are speaking, typing and it is ok.

I regularly hear the initials JOC (James O'Connor) being pronounced as "Jock" and it drives me crazy as we also have Jock Campbell in our team. People were calling for "Jock" to play 15 for the wallabies due to injury and I got excited at the prospect of Campbell being called up then realised they were actually meaning JOC (James O'Connor).

O'Connor makes it easier


Peter Sullivan (51)
The board allows us to automatically replace words. I could start adding misspelled names, I guess.
It works for some but it's not uncommon to see one name misspelt as another - Nick Phipps to Patrick Phibbs and Brad Thorn to Rueben Thorne are classics

D'Lite Full

Ted Fahey (11)
Reds Halloween XV (as might be pronounced by Sean Maloney when they score a try)

15. Pet Die Ahhhhhhhhh
14. Dow Goon Ooooooh
13. Floooooooooooooooooook
12. Hunter Dies Army
11. Goon E Valooooooooooo
10. Oooooooh Connor
9. Fate Mac Die Mort
8. Hairy Wills Son
7. Razor Mac Fright
6. Liam Fright
5. Looooo Can Salem-Die Loco
4. Serooooooooo Uroooooooooo
3. Tan Yella Tooooo Pooooo
2. A Hex Muffy
1. Hairy Hoooooo Pet

Coached by: Red Thorn

Rugby King

Allen Oxlade (6)
I'm really excited to see how a few guys come along next year. From the bigger names Wilson, McReight and LSL (Lukhan Salakaia-Loto) after their downtime and big off season. If they can all get their bodies right, stronger and more powerful then the Reds will have a very impressive pack.

The not so big names who I think will push on next year are Smith, Uru, and Henry. I also reckon ASY (Angus Scott-Young) will come back from NZ a much better player. He is a smart guy who just toils and absorbs information.

I'm also hoping Mafi really pushes on and fixes his throwing. Seems a great talent.

I cannot see anyone replacing Jock at 15. He is the most well rounded fullback we have had in an age. Battled through some injuries this year and still produced. People say he isn't big enough however he is also a lot bigger than you would think in person. I was chatting to him recently, I'm 6'2, he was essentially the same height as me. Leaner but still solid. They are wanting to put another couple kgs on him but not much more than that. I reckon Jordie is a great 13 but if he is determined to play 15 then he goes to the wing and plays a hybrid winger/15 game to get him learning off Jock and easing into it. He doesn't strike me to have the confidence nor mentality to play 15 at that level yet.

Also keen to see if Flook can push on this year, I was really impressed by his first few performances in 2019.

Big off season for these lads. Hopefully the get their heads right and just knuckle down. Do the hard work now and reap the rewards later.
Looking forward to the game in Roma!!


Peter Sullivan (51)
Angus Scott-Young had an impact over at Bay of Plenty:

Meanwhile, Queensland flanker Angus Scott-Young is holding his own in New Zealand’s National Provincial Championship, picking up the ‘Warrior of the Year’ gong at his club’s awards night last week.

The former Junior Wallabies star was released by the Reds to play under Daryl Gibson at Bay of Plenty this season and made an impression, topping his side’s stats for carries and tackles.

And while the Steamers, as they are known, were knocked out of the title race with a 40-28 loss to Canterbury on Saturday, Scott-Young will be returning to Ballymore on a high ahead of the 2022 preseason.

The Nomad

Nicholas Shehadie (39)
Watched a few of his games , played the full 80mins in the matches I saw and was great in his toiling work around the rucks . The hard work he does is an often over looked quality and I wonder if that’s what the Wallabies are missing ATM .

Good to see the hard work being rewarded rather than a couple of impact plays that make the highlight’s reel .