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Regional rugby

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Aussie D

Dick Tooth (41)
NSW Country Cockatoos v Sydney Subbies May 17 @ Terrigal
The scores were close throughout. It was 10 all at halftime before NSW Country scored a great converted try well into the second half to make the score 17-10. A penalty goal right on fulltime made the final score 20-10.

Aussie D

Dick Tooth (41)
Avoca Beach 23 (Peter Steele, Sam Fortey, Josh Davies tries; Mitch Graham 1 conversion, 2 penalty goals) d Terrigal22 (Chris King try; Adam Dankert 5 penalty goals, 1 conversion)
Gosford 33 (Chris Heap, Adam Carlisle, John Sullivan, Simote Lauti, Richard Cully tries; Tim Hill 4 conversions) d Warnervale 3 (Netane Tonga 1 penalty goal)
Woy Woy 48 (Jovesa Kumawave 4, Kelevi Vatubuli, Nick Garnett, Jake Wildeschutt, Solo Wainigolo tries; Matt Riddle 4 conversions) d The Entrance24 (Joel Laws, Adam Little, Adam Williams, Zac McGowan tries; Adam Williams 2 conversions)
Ourimbah 60 (Brenton Law 3, Brett Cunningham 2, Clint Guyatt 2, Luke Strong, Tyler Jones, Junior Paulo tries; Brenton Law 5 conversions) d Kariong 10 (Reece Clay try; Scott Hanley 1 conversion, 1 penalty goal)

Country Kid

Chris McKivat (8)
Central North....

Round 7 - 24/05/2014

Home Team v Away Team Location Time
Quirindi Lions 5 v Pirates Rugby Club 102 Quirindi Rugby Club 3:15
Barraba Rams 6 v Moree Bulls 67 Rugby Park, Barraba 3:15
Scone Brumbies 10 v Walcha Rams 21 Brumby Park Scone 3:15
Narrabri Blue Boars 22 v Gunnedah Red Devils 7 Dangar Park Narrabri 3:15
Tamworth Magpies 34 v Inverell Highlanders 47 Tamworth Rugby Park 3:15


Ted Fahey (11)
Shamrocks vs Vikings game yesterday was a thriller. Only 1 point the difference for most of the game. Vikings had some big bopa front rowers that tired early, and the smaller Shamrocks pack got on top of them as the game progressed. 4 minutes to go and Shamrocks scored in the corner but couldn't convert (surely that could keep Vikings out for 4 minutes), the Vikings big bopas found something from somewhere (they were out on their feet), drove up the middle and scored on full time. Great game (not very skilful) played hard, without the usual Shamrocks Vikings venom. Could have been a better result but I'll get over it.
Now to the key report Steak sandwiches, Vikings do a good one but not quite up to Bowral's standard HOWEVER they include beetroot all steak sandwiches should include beetroot -and they do good coffee.

31 May Kiama 24 v 44 University
31 May Shoalhaven 20 v 46 Tech-Waratahs
31 May Camden 10 v 58 Avondale
31 May Vikings 26 v 23 Shamrocks

Aussie D

Dick Tooth (41)
Ourimbah 24 (Brett Cunningham, Bradd Sheridan, David Laidlaw, Greg Curran tries tries; Brenton Law 2 conversions) d Terrigal 5 (Rob Richardson try)
Gosford 55 (Chris Heap 3, John Sullivan, Simote Lauti, Vince Stewart, David von Kotze, Sam Underwood, Sam Kearney tries; Damien Montgomery 5 conversions) d The Entrance10 (Chris Gray try; Adam Williams 1 conversion, 1 penalty goal)
Northlakes 13 (Brad Hayes 2 tries; Paul Wilson 1 penalty goal) d Warnervale 12 (Ray Kaifa 2 tries; Netane Tonga 1 conversion)
Avoca Beach96 (Emile Thomas 2, Matt Anderson 2, Brad Mitchell, Brook Morrow, Mitch Mitchell, Blake Jacob, Chad Martin, Josh Davies, Paul Farah, Justin Staben, Michael Arnold, Matt Maloney, Dan Reihana tries; Matt Maloney 6 conversions; Justin Staben 1 conversion; Mitch Graham 1 conversion, Matt Anderson 1 conversion. Chad Martin 1 field goal) d Kariong 0

A couple of very interesting results in this round - most notable Ourimbah giving Terrigal a bit of a towelling and Northlakes overcoming Warnervale. It is sad to see how far Kariong have fallen after playing in the grand final numerous times in a row in the late '00s (losing to Avoca Beach each year). I hope their rebuilding starts bearing fruit soon for the benefit of the entire comp.


Peter Sullivan (51)
Gday all. Warning: Huge post. I'll be posting all my Newcastle Hunter Rugby news in here now. This will avoid double posting. The old thread will stay available for past reference. Here is the link below.


I have a couple of updates. First I'd like to share this article of local Newcastle refs that are going through an amazing fitness journey together. Very positive article.


As far as the mens comp goes this is a link to James Gardiners Rugby blog on premier 1 Rugby. I'm hoping to get around to a few more premier 1 games since I've stopped playing again this year.


The week by week scores can be found through the Newcastle Hunter Rugby Webpage (you can also find "Rugby News" for download there too).


On the women's side of things Merewether-Carlton who have acquired quite a few former Uni players look like the team to beat this year. Results seen through the link below.

Women's homepage http://hunterwomensrugby.wix.com/hwru

On a personal note I've learnt the hard way not to underestimate your emotional attachment to a club. I had played against my old team in 7's/10's comps since leaving - with no issue. However, I had not played back at the old ground & in front of the whole club. This was the sticking point, a week out from returning to the Uni grounds I psychologically just couldn't do it. A mate from Uni is telling me to come back but for this year I've decided to stick to Judo. It has been an interesting learning experience to say the least.


Ted Fahey (11)

Avondale looking just too strong after the completion of the first cut. No one has come close.

14 Jun Shamrocks 17 v 46 Avondale
14 Jun Kiama 32 v 33 Vikings
14 Jun University 77 v 7 Shoalhaven
14 Jun Bowral 14 v 24 Tech-Waratahs

Aussie D

Dick Tooth (41)
CCRU Round 9
Ourimbah 28 (Brett Marchant 2, Ryan Pike, Brenton Law tries; Brenton Law 2 penalty goals, 1 conversion) d Gosford 0
Terrigal 59 (Tom Lowe 2, Mitchell Hirst 2, Chris King 2, Joe Taylor, David Crawford, Ryan Metcalfe tries; Adam Danckert 7 conversions) d Northlakes 0
Woy Woy 93 (Jovesa Kunawave 6, Alifelet Atiola 2, Kelevi Katubuli 2, Solo Wainiqolo 2, Sione Toki, Junior Stowers, Drew Mitchell tries; Matt Riddle 9 conversions) d Kariong 12 (Dylan Allen, Adrian Slater tries;
Jake Holwill 1 conversion)
* The Entrance v. Avoca Beach match was washed out - postponed

A couple of interesting results on the weekend - firstly Ourimbah beating Gosford so comprehensively. Mainly because Gosford are there or thereabouts come finals time and Woy Woy giving Kariong an absolute hiding - the Lions are coming good it will be interesting to see how they go against the likes of Gosford and Terrigal in the run home.

Aussie D

Dick Tooth (41)
CCRU table at halfway:
1 Ourimbah 35; 2 Avoca 33 (with a potential game in hand); 3 Terrigal 31; 4 Gosford 24; 5 Woy Woy 20; 6 Warnervale 12; 7 Northlakes 10; 8 The Entrance 10; 9 Kariong 0.

It looks like a 5 horse race for the finals with Gosford and Woy Woy battling it out for the final slot. My prediction for the final four would be 1 Avoca 2 Terrigal 3 Ourimbah 4 Woy Woy. At this point I cannot see Kariong winning a game.


Bob McCowan (2)
I caught the woy woy vs Gosford game.
Woy woy won 37 12 I think
Woy woy have change their team dramatically I had heard they had some Tongan and Fifjian boys so I went down to check them out and woah are they good the number 9 from woy woy sionee I'm not to sure on his last name but wow can he play I'm surprised he isn't play premier grade.

Aussie D

Dick Tooth (41)
CCRU Round 10
Woy Woy 37 (Jovesa Kunawave, Alifeleti Atiola, Solo Wainiqolo, Junior Stowers, Siosifa Felioko tries; Matt Riddle 3 conversions, 2 penalty goals) d Gosford 11 (Sam Kearney try; Tim Hill 2 penalty goals)
Avoca Beach 41 (Brad Mitchell 3, Mitch Graham 2, Matt Maloney 2 tries; Matt Maloney 3 conversions) d Warnervale 12 (Tevita Moala, Ben Rennie tries;
Ben Gillies 1 conversion)
Ourimbah 64 (Tyler Jones 3, Ryan Pike 2, Zane Tetevano 2, (1)Brett Marchant, Brenton Law, Kaleb Pritchard tries; Brenton Law 7 conversions) d Northlakes 5 (John McKenzie try)
The Entrance23 (Adam Little, Piripi Murray tries;
Adam Williams 2 penalty goals, 2 conversions, 1 field goal) d Kariong 15 (Auinua Junior, Chris Drach tries;
Scott Hanley 1 penalty goal, 1 conversion)

As Champion said above big win by Woy Woy and they have leapfrogged Gosford on the table into the top four. Great to see my old team get up on the weekend as well - it doesn't happen very often.

Aussie D

Dick Tooth (41)
CCRU Round 11
Woy Woy45 (Alifeleti Atiola, Junior Stowers, Chris Paseka, Sam Soane, Apisai Vatubuli tries; Matt Riddle 4 conversions, 4 penalty goals) d Avoca Beach 17 (Luke Sheridan 2 tries; Matt Maloney 2 conversions, 1 penalty goal)
Warnervale29 (Brennan Wanstall 2, Pat Baker, Matt Willmott tries; Ben Gillies 3 conversions, 1 penalty goal)
drew with The Entrance29 (Adam Little, Zac McGowan, Jarrod Black, Frank Munroe tries; Adam Williams 1 penalty goal, 3 conversions)
Gosford37 (Dave Von Kotze 2, Harvard Mau, Hugo Pike, Unuoi Vaenuku, Luke Hennig, Chris Heap tries;
Sam Underwood 1 conversion) d Northlakes 17 (Michael Perry, Dean Clarkson, Hayden Collins tries; Ross McNair 1 conversion)
Terrigal 61 (Chris King 2, Rob Richardson, Mitchell Clack, Guy Schofield, Adam Danckert, Ryan Metcalfe, Sam Kenny, Murray Stachan tries; Adam Danckert 8 conversions) d Kariong 5 (Shannon Beavan try)

I went to the Warnervale v The Entrance game and though I am an avid Rams supporter thought we were lucky to get away with the draw, though both sides were missing a significant amount of players on the day. Warnervale didn't show the Rams enough respect and the Rams players need to learn that they call it a miracle pass for a reason i.e. if it comes off it is a miracle.
The biggest result of the weekend was Woy Woy accounting for Avoca Beach fairly comfortably. Previously I have said that Avoca Beach were certainties for the title but this result has really thrown the proverbial cat amongst the winged vermin.


Ted Fahey (11)
The big upset this week in the Illawarra was Shamrocks over Camden (yeh) after loosing the first round. It was freezing at Ocean park I'm glad it wasn't up at Bowral. Shamrocks got off to a great start and Camden didn't really recover, though they stopped the flow of point (or more the cold wind did).
Shamrocks introduction of a chicken schnitzel sandwich is a big step forward but they still need to follow Vikings example and introduce beetroot (they shouldn't follow Vikings in anything else). So far Bowral still have best steak sandwiches.

28 Jun Shamrocks 29 v 8 Camden
28 Jun Vikings 36 v 12 Shoalhaven
28 Jun Tech-Waratahs 19 v 59 Avondale
28 Jun Kiama 43 v 0 Bowral

Aussie D

Dick Tooth (41)
CCRU Round 12
Ourimbah37 (Brett Cunningham, Matt Hopkins, Tyler Jones, Tony Paulo, David Laidlaw, Brad Sheridan tries;
Brenton Law 2 conversions, 1 penalty goal) d Woy Woy 29 (Sione Toki 3, Fokolula Taumalolo tries;
Matt Riddle 3 conversions, 1 penalty goal)
The Entrance 51 (Ropati Talea 3, Matt Burraston, Adam Little, Russell Hughan, Branden Storey, Frank Munroe tries; Matt Burraston 1 penalty goal, 4 conversions) d Northlakes24 (John McKenzie, Che O’Brien, Ross McNair, Dakota Boyes tries; Ross McNair 2 conversions)
Terrigal 47 (Tom Lowe 3, Adam Danckert, Joe Taylor, Ryan Metcalfe, Chris King tries; Adam Danckert 6 conversions) d Warnervale 17 (Tevita Moala 2, Nonga Fangupo tries; Ben Gillies 1 conversions)
Gosford 36 (Luke Hennig, Brad Porter, Andrew Moseley, Chris Heap, Sam Kearney tries; Andrew Moseley 1 conversion; David Von Kotze 3 conversions, 1 penalty goal) d Kariong 12 (Chris Drach, Brad Mills tries; Scott Hanley 1 conversion)

Good win to Ourimbah as Woy Woy have been in top form having knocked over Avoca Beach the previous week. Fantastic to see the mighty Rams have a big win over Northlakes at Joey Banks oval, disappointed I couldn't unshackle the ball and chain to watch the game.
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