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Rugby 7s general chat

The Ghost of Raelene

Steve Williams (59)
Well done Girls.

Winning a 7s game 75/0 regardless of opponent is absurd.

Hope RA have at least a couple of them on the radar/signed up. NRLW is the big hunter for these sides.


Andrew Slack (58)
Unfortunately yes - but this is where I think that there is a workable strategy. The funnel for girls 7s is huge and is growing constantly. They are going to have a high attrition rate, but at least fhey get a crack at the best girls and have a whole bunch behind that to fill out the program. Most other countries don’t have junior girls coming through the touch footy pathways like we do.

I actually don’t think it’s a bad things if we can market to teenage girls that the 7s pathways can open doors for NRLW.

Whilst I know it will never happen I actually reckon a league would get enormous benefit from putting some funding into 7s. I know a bunch of women who probably wouldn’t have played contact footy without 7s and have ended up in State Cup or higher in league.

waiopehu oldboy

George Smith (75)
Venue & fields for Olympic repechage tournament:


You'd expect SA to take out the men's but the women's could go to just about anyone.


Bill McLean (32)
This Saturday is the Kiama 7’s

Over 30k in prize money

Live on
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Nick Farr-Jones (63)
Australian 7s keen to get Pietsch, Toole and McDermott in for the Olympics:

All have played 7s before so they're seen as the most capable of slotting in off of a relatively short warm up. All look to be putting their 15s aspirations first though, so it will likely come down to who (if any) miss Wallabies selection.

Article also mentions Nawaqanitawase and Lancaster as options who have 7s experience, both might be more likely. Nawaqanitawase is an interesting one, 7s representation at the olympics might suit him on the way out of the game and Schmidt may decide he needs to focus on players who will be available for the Lions.

The Ghost of Raelene

Steve Williams (59)
Feel like neither side hold huge expectations at this point. Hooper speaking about it in Super coverage the other day felt very we'll 'see how it goes' and he's acknowledged the body has struggled.

Gotta say I didn't think he'd be any good in TV as he always seemed reserved but I like it when he's on. During the WC especially. Maybe he thinks this is a much better job.


Phil Kearns (64)
Aussie womens mainstay Dominique Du Toit set to step away from 7's following the Olympic campaign,

“At the moment, in terms of my career, I don’t know. I have no idea (what I am going to do),” she said. “My life in terms of with my partner, perhaps starting a family in the next few years. And I really, really want to get into media and communications.

“I did a uni degree in that so I’d love to …. get into the sports commentary. I want to play to get back to playing touch (football). I’m certainly not hanging up the footy boots forever.”


The Ghost of Raelene

Steve Williams (59)
Good on her. Got a path in her head and she's going to try and follow it. She's done a lot of winning so I'm sure the itch has been scratched and the thought of more of the same training losses it's lustre.

In regards to the NRL players. Yeah some could parachute in and probably be world class but I also can't see it working in terms of payment and insurance. A guy like Walsh or the Hammer would be great but good luck coming up with the cash to cover if they got hurt. An NRL Club has absolutely no reason to care about an Olympic gold medal and I doubt the players would take a big hit to their pay for the chance.


Phil Kearns (64)
NRLW is the elephant in the room for 7s. I think there's a significant risk that Australia will struggle to retain and recruit the latest talent following this year's Olympics, and the same issue has started extending across the Tasman also.

Parramatta have landed the latest cross-code convert with rising New Zealand Black Ferns star Rosie Kelly signing a one-year deal.

The 24-year-old has returned to Australia from a pre-Olympics camp in France and has already begun pre-season training with the Eels.
“Signing a player of Rosie’s ability is great news for our club and Parramatta Eels fans,” said new coach Steve Georgallis.
“Rosie will bring plenty of strike power to our outside backs and we know her expertise and passion will have a flow on affect across the squad.”
It’s Kelly’s first switch into rugby league, but she joins a handful of sevens players to join the rival code for the upcoming NRLW season which starts in a fortnight.
Black Ferns teammate Stacey Wakka will join the Broncos for her first NRLW season after the Olympics, while Tyla King will join the Dragons after making her rugby league debut for the club last year.