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RWC Pool C - Australia v Wales - 5AM 25 Sep AEST


Jim Lenehan (48)
Impressive how Eddie and his League genius assistants have made our scrum resemble an NRL scrum
The first half was pretty good. You don't have Allalatoa, Tupou and James Slipper. They pick Pone as a reliable option lol He's not even a good prop at Super Rugby level

Sword of Justice

Cyril Towers (30)
We are five years away from being competitive as a team IF we somehow fix every single systemic issue by the beginning of the next super season.

The coaching is horrible but this is only somewhat below the bell curve average for us honestly.


Colin Windon (37)
A week ago I said that we could lose to Portugal and Eddie would survive as he is being touted by Mclennan as part of the 'solution' and that this RWC would be touted as the pain we needed to go through

Now I am not so sure. We've been embarrassed on the global stage and I don't think EJ (Eddie Jones) will ever retain the goodwill of the fans / community, given that he is going to be working against the same systemic issues for the next four years that have plagued the game for a generation.

Does he survive? I doubt they can afford to buy out his next 4 years


Jimmy Flynn (14)
This has been one of the worst halves of footy I’ve ever seen. I just hope they can stick together and show us ‘something’ this last 10 mins.


Simon Poidevin (60)
Yeah, because one is a 6 and one is a 7

Edit: I should have probably specified T Hooper
I know what you meant... and they wanted him playing 6 at 7.. he should play 6 or reserve 4 5 6. That's it. Hopefully better for the RWC season.

McReight I'm a fan of, so should be 7. Maybe a bigger 7 dunno who might be better