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RWC Pool C - Australia v Wales - 5AM 25 Sep AEST


Tim Horan (67)
Either I would sound highly negative or crazy understated. I'll go for the latter.

That was disappointing. Check on the cost of a Grid Iron Game Pass right now.


Jimmy Flynn (14)
Totally embarrassing!! Just pleased about one thing…. that I didn’t fork out a heap of Johnny Cash to be in the crowd to watch that rubbish!!


John Hipwell (52)
I’ve always held the belief that these cattle were no good at this RWC regardless of the coach.

But me think at least some of the older heads left at home (Quade, mostly) might have given us more fight than those who went on the plane instead. Donaldson offered zero and Gordon was pretty shit and overplayed his hand when he went on.

Sir Arthur Higgins

Alan Cameron (40)
I hope they are brutal in the coverage. Don’t play nice. It’s completely unacceptable.

Wales were good but not record score good.

The players have given up on Eddie. That’s a performance off a loss to keep a WC alive… says a lot.
I agree with this end sentiment. This is a coaching failure through and through. He has lost the players