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RWC Pool C - Australia v Wales - 5AM 25 Sep AEST


Colin Windon (37)
Capitulation aside, it's a very small comfort to see a lot of the boys breaking down on the field - they clearly do give a fuck, and it's pretty devastating that they couldn't execute.
It makes it worse. They were doing their best and we still lost by 40 points to Wales

Dismal Pillock

Simon Poidevin (60)


Jim Lenehan (48)
A week ago I said that we could lose to Portugal and Eddie would survive as he is being touted by Mclennan as part of the 'solution' and that this RWC would be touted as the pain we needed to go through

Now I am not so sure. We've been embarrassed on the global stage and I don't think EJ (Eddie Jones) (Eddie Jones) will ever retain the goodwill of the fans / community, given that he is going to be working against the same systemic issues for the next four years that have plagued the game for a generation.

Does he survive? I doubt they can afford to buy out his next 4 years
If Eddie loves Australian Rugby MUST resign to save money for RA. If he loves the money over the game, then we know what he's gonna do

Brumby Runner

David Wilson (68)
Always thought he was shit but can everyone get over Pone now? The run backs from drop outs don’t win matches
Agree on Pone. But there's a few more who also deserve that description, especially Koroibete, Kerevi, Arnold (so much for overseas picks) and who would have guessed, Donaldson.

Tate tried hard but was totally outclassed by Davis. But of course, that was all the forwards fault (sarcasm). He did very little in the first half with 70% possession. And never let anyone claim hereafter that Porecki is a consistently good lineout thrower.

Eddie's new game plan of Rugby Legion has well and truly been shown as a failure. He is the worst coach our Wallabies have ever had, in both iterations. Players had issues but the greatest contribution to this disaster has been Eddie and his League assistants.