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RWC: Pool C - Wallabies v Fiji - Monday 18 Sep 2am AEST


Ken Catchpole (46)
I agree initially but you have Donaldson on the field regardless and I think Kellaway currently is a better fullback than Carter is a flyhalf.
10-4, but it's less about losing Carter and more about Donaldson just being a subpar 10 (from what we've seen). Hard to make the call without having seen Donaldson have a run, but we seemed to be onto a decent thing last week, so not sure now's the time to rock the boat.


Desmond Connor (43)
I'm very concerned about Donaldson's tackling against the flying Fiji centres; they will be smacking their lips.
Just hope our cover defense can support Donaldson.


Fred Wood (13)
I don’t think re are disregarding gorden yet but with jones having to weaken 15 with Donaldson as Gorden’s kicking isn’t good enough how long does he last at 15 before jones decides to put Donaldson at 10 and kellaway back to 15?
I rate gorden over Donaldson however with gorden not kicking I would prefer kellaway at 15 over gorden at 10 as well

maybe jones is now realising he should have picked a 3rd 10? Older head who is a good kicker? Could name a few!

Joe Blow

Peter Sullivan (51)
We cannot throw Gordon on the scrap heap. He has a mountain of improvement in him. It sure would be nice to have an experienced goal kicking 10 in the squad, particularly for this game.


Simon Poidevin (60)
Nothing will change until the current plan Carter 10 and Donaldson 15 fails, to be honest, it was successful against Georgia. why would he do anything different in 10 or 15. I think it's a mistake playing Suli on the bench but Eddie feels at the end of a game he can come on and score tries with an aerial assault...

The only way it changes is if either Gordan / Donaldson has a complete shocker, which will either mean we are dusted and out or we scarp by and we need make a change.


Dave Cowper (27)
Looked to me like Semi Radradra made some bad defensive reads vs Wales. Their first try came from North breaking the line off first phase lineout ball running an unders line. Second try from Tompkins drawing 2 defenders and North running another unders line. Plus the dropped ball at the 81min mark. He needs to be tested at 12.


Trevor Allan (34)
Slipper starting at THP, Frost and White starting

don’t mind it, I like Slipper over Zane to start and Frost provides more impact than Arnold, don’t see the point having Foketi on the bench
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Rod McCall (65)