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RWC: Pool C - Wallabies v Georgia, SdF Sunday 10th September 2am


George Gregan (70)
Is Donaldson there purely as a backup kicker? I can vaguely see the rationale, though still would have had him on the bench over Vunivalu given I don't think they can run Kerevi without Foketi backing him up.


Nev Cottrell (35)
Screen Shot 2023-09-07 at 11.12.43 pm.png


Tony Shaw (54)
Not what I would have gone with but...

1. Eddie thinks that Georgia is going to be a step down from Fiji and Wales, providing that we can counter their tight five. So he's picked our biggest, meanest tight five, but not necessarily our most skillful. Frost is held back till next week.
2. Leota and Gleeson are big and hard runners, in case anyone in the backrow has to come off, and to make sure we don't wear Valetini out in the first game.
3. White is insurance in case McDermott's passing goes south. He's slower, but more accurate.
4. Foketi covers Kerevi, so Kerevi's wrist is still doubtful but he needs to have a run.
5. Donaldson can kick in case Gordon's yips continue. Otherwise he's safe but unimaginative.
6. I have no explanation for why why Vunivalu is on the bench, given that he only covers the wings. If Donaldson is injured then I guess Petaia drops back, and we have Foketi and Kerevi in the centres. If Gordon goes down, Donaldson goes to 10, Foketi to 12 Kerevi to 13 and Petaia to 15. That's a mess. The only rational explanation is that Korobeite or Nawaqanitawase are carrying an injury and need cover, but in that case why not just leave one of them out till next week and start Vunivalu? Swapping Jorgensen for Vunivalu makes a lot of sense because of Jorgensen's ability to cover 11, 14 and 15 even though he's very green. That would minimise the merry-go-round in a game where we can afford to debut new players with less risk.
7. Kellaway must be injured not to have made the bench instead of Vunivalu.

The most rational explanation is that Jones is a head coach for other reasons, but is a very poor selector. The backline is totally out of balance. The forwards are not optimal but should get their job done.

And a big shout out to McLennan, who brought in Eddie as Saviour. The Messiah mentality has brought us to this.


Tony Shaw (54)
The reporting, so far, is that he was simply not selected...
Yep, but reporting and misinformation are often deliberately synonymous. Its very hard to find a reason for Kellaway's relegation or to discern some plan behind what Jones is doing with the backs.

If we don't select Kellaway on the bench, which is our strongest option if Donaldson starts, then the next best option is Jorgensen. If he had done that I could see some cunning plan behind it all. But Vunivalu just totally screws up replacement plans if key players get injured.


Stirling Mortlock (74)
I always forget Frost - does he have an injury if not this is very weird.

It's Gleeson not being selected in TRC all over again. What the fuck is the point of being at a press conference if you don't ask these type of questions.


Desmond Connor (43)
My take on Kellaway/Donaldson in the No 15 jersey from Eddie Jones' point of view is that Jones sees Kellaway as consistent, reliable, and that this is as good a time to rest him for the following reasons. (But that he is the number one choice as fullback is a given).
With Donaldson, Jones is gambling that he will assimilate into the position with the other players around him in a game that the Wallabies should win, & win convincingly. Donaldson is really there for covering the No 10, both in this game & from on the bench in the future. He might well swap positions occasionally with Gordon from time to time during this game.
I would also suggest he will be fullback against Portugal, or even flyhalf to give Gordon a rest, which would probably mean Kellaway playing every game from here on .
Basically Donaldson has to serve as the reserve goal kicker. And no one else in the squad has experience at flyhalf ( which still baffles me)


Rod McCall (65)
I don't think there's any need to read too much into the Kellaway omission, he's being rested as a function of circumstance. It's Georgia so we need to name a strong team but also get some minutes into some players' legs ahead of Fiji & Wales.

- Kerevi is pencilled in for half a game so Foketi gets one bench spot
- similar situation with Koroibete & Vunivalu
- thus the only way to get Donaldson into the 23 as the back up 10 and goal kicker was to put him in the starting team somewhere.

I am a bit miffed about the reserve lock selection though. Maybe Eddie wants to inject a bit of mobility into the forwards later in the game but we get that just as well with Frost. It means either Hooper or Leota are going to spend some time in the row while Frost and Philip sit in the stands. Anyway, its not a disaster in this game, just another Eddie head scratcher.


Fred Wood (13)
Let’s hope kellaway is injured or rested
The reason Donaldson is there as is Eddie doesn’t trust gorden allready
Didn’t take long
Perhaps our squad with a lack of 2 10 and 3rd option will come back to bite
Gone are the days where the reserve team is start v the weaker sides

the best side possible bar reserve props and kellaway starting
Really need to work out the 22 and 23 coming into the bigger games with more utility players
Beale would have completed this backline at 15, his addmission from the wallabies this year has been felt, Donaldson was horrible for tahs at 15 being way to slow and got moved to the bench


Mark Ella (57)
The last three coaches have all come to a pretty similar conclusion with Samu. He's an excellent player but his best role is as a bench player and no one has wanted to make him a key part of their team at test level. Even as the bench backrower he's been in and out of favour there.

Maybe they're all missing something but they've all had a pretty similar consensus on who he is.

I can’t remember if it was on the Roar, but there was a post or article about Samu, and his defensive efforts, or lack thereof were quite poor. Tackle numbers are significantly lower then alternatives. He is obviously great with ball in hand but at the core stuff: hitting rucks, making tackles, his work rate wasn’t up to par.

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Stirling Mortlock (74)
According to the Roar’s Wallaby fluffer…

Donaldson was selected for his goal kicking, and Eddie stated this is their best team.

It simply reads that Kellaway was dropped.


Simon Poidevin (60)
Yep Kellaway out, and Donaldson was picked for goal kicking with White as a 3rd kicker. Interesting choice, but we should ruin Georgia anyway. Go Wallabies.

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John Thornett (49)
Yep Kellaway out, and Donaldson was picked for goal kicking with White as a 3rd kicker. Interesting choice, but we should ruin Georgia anyway. Go Wallabies.

Whites actually a very handy long range kicker we have just never needed him to do it with Hodge in the side