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Knitter of the Scarf
Only 5 hours to go - we'll kick off at 6pm AEDST - and the excitement is building.

Limousines are lined up around the corner, nervous nominees start the evening with a couple of steadying shots. WAGs are taping nipples down and tearing strips of hair out. The auditors are locked away in a sound-proof booth with smoke coming out their calculators.

Come along and see who takes out Best Avatar, The Clubman, the Robbie, The Lee, Funniest Poster, Most Passionate Supporter, Most Missed Poster, Rookie of the Year, The Yellow Scarf of Friendship, and the coveted Gold Scarf for Poster of the Year.

Until then, feel free to report your preparations for the big night, and get your photo of the your WAG cropped and reduced to 2048 KB (Kurtley Beale).


George Smith (75)
Staff member
Well, my nipples are taped...oops, sorry, I mean my WAG will be sorting that out after she finishes her shower.


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Syd Malcolm (24)
I just got the missus to send me a new photo for my avatar. Off to the Waikato v Northland game, so I'll have to do my acceptance speech via video uplink. ;)


Knitter of the Scarf
You're up for the Most Passionate aren't you Sul? You're up against a couple of the powerhouses of the sport in that event. How do you like your chances against your nazas and waratahjesuses and spooks and the like?


Tim Horan (67)
Staff member
Well it's just a honour to be nominated! I am up against some of the gods of passion. But I rate myself a certainty to finish in the top 4.


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
I won't be attending. Instead I will be sending Sacheen Littlefeather, a native American, as a protest of their treatment in North Dakota.



Knitter of the Scarf
Welcome to the 2nd Annual Scarf Awards at Green and Gold Rugby. We have a star-studded evening, with several celebrity presenters lined up backstage.

The guests are starting to arrive, with the first on the red carpet being myself, Dr Scarf, and partner, Ms Brynne Gordon. Brynne has been accompanying me to events in this awards season, much to the surprise of my wife. Some people are surprised to see a 80-year old with such a young and beautiful woman. That's easy - I told her I was 90.

Brynne is dressed by US label Murielle, and I rented mine for $50 because let's face it, no-one's looking in my direction.


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Knitter of the Scarf
I see naza lurking in the viewing list. You're nominated for 4 awards, naz - avatar, most passionate, funniest, and the Lee. Which one would mean the most to you?


Alan Cameron (40)
Scarfman said:
I see naza lurking in the viewing list. You're nominated for 4 awards, naz - avatar, most passionate, funniest, and the Lee. Which one would mean the most to you?

Stop teasing and get on with it !

The missus and I are running late, catching the train to Party Central. She's says 'I don't know this Scarfie bloke but he sounds like a drama queen'. I'll punish her later.



Knitter of the Scarf
She's a beautiful woman, naza. The agency has done really well.

And now, we'll start this LONG evening with a recap of the blog awards.

Your favourite commenter of 2009 by votes:
Lance Free, especially for his part in the K-Sulk affair

The “Hopoate” – your favourite commenter by “thumbs up”:
Eddo, with thumbs up in 60% of his posts (special mention to Bobas with thumbs up in 94% of his posts, because he clearly cheated)

Most energetic commenter
Patrick with 462 posts – fuck it must have been boring in Virginia!

Most mentions of Mark Gerrard
Bobas, with 40

K-Sulk award for innate ability to piss people off
The man himself – K-Sulk!

Best G&GR blog avatar

Favourite comedy blog post 2009
My Week, John O’Neill http://www.greenandgoldrugby.com/my-week-john-oneill/

Favourite serious blog post 2009
Juan Cote for Juan for the road – Canberra http://www.greenandgoldrugby.com/juan-for-the-road-wednesday/

Favourite video blog post 2009
A tie between Brisvegas on fire http://www.greenandgoldrugby.com/video-wallabies-on-fire-in-brisvegas/and The Wallaby scrum is….dominating?? http://www.greenandgoldrugby.com/whats-that-youll-take-the-lineout-the-wallaby-scrum-is-dominating/

Congratulations to all the winners.


Trevor Allan (34)
nice selection naza. which page of the catalog is she on again?

what do you boys think of my date for the evening? the fuse said he had plenty of free time on his hands these days and was more than excited to get the offer. any offer really. for anything.

not sure what that sign is all about....



Knitter of the Scarf
Nice choice, newb. We're a broadminded community here at G&GR, and there's no doubt that Big Al is a more attractive option than Matt Dunning or David Lyons.

I hope you're all enjoying your choice of Tomato and Basil Soup, or Roast Vegetable and Goat’s Cheese Tart.

Now it's time for the first Scarf Award for the forum, the BEST AVATAR.

From looking at the voting earlier in the week, it seemed that our members of the academy were mesmerised by the moving image. Which is why we've asked FRANCOIS STEYN, the inspiration for so many animated gifs, to present the award tonight.

Scarf: Frans, you've had a fantastic year with the Boks.

FS: Ja, thanks bru, we've met all the challenges put before us by Australia, New Zealand, and SARU.

Scarf: Tell me Frans, when you saw THAT ball sailing towards you, did you have any idea that you would make such a spectacular arse of yourself?

FS: No, I didn't, Scarf. I thought - run back, pick it up one-handed, kick it back 70 metres, maybe let my hair flow in the breeze a little.

Scarf: Well, it's certainly been a highlight of our year here at Green and Gold and we'd be thrilled if you could announce the nominations and winner.

FS: Of course, my friend. The nominations are ... barbarian for Waugh / Croft manlove; fatprop for all the fat people; Gagger for his hilarious picture of your lock's nose, I think Bakkies might have had something to do with that, Moses for all the animated pictures of footballers falling over; and The Riddler with his Batman picture.

The winner is ... Moses. :yay

Scarf: Thanks Frans. It was a VERY close run thing in the end, with the animated gifs of fatprop and Moses going head to head all week, with Moses winning it 11 votes to 9.

Moses is nominated for 3 awards tonight. Can he make it a hat-trick?


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Knitter of the Scarf
And now to the Funniest Poster.

Who else could we ask but the Prince of Giggles himself, Mr Tony Dempsey.

TD: I just want to say, I'm completely opposed to our members appearing here tonight without proper reman .. rein .. remuna .. without getting paid for it.

Scarf: Cheers, Tone, the nomination if you please.

TD: In accord with general parameters of the envelope in front of me, I would like to state, for the record, that the nominations for Funiest Poster are barbarian, biffo, cyclopath, Moses, and naza.

The winner is, in principle, Moses. :yay

Scarf: Congratulations to Moses, who is 2 for 2 tonight. Nice work for a bloke on holiday (again). All nominations scored multiple votes, with naza and cyclopath taking the places.


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