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Andrew Slack (58)
Congrats all.

Looked like a fine evening. Unfortunately I was at the Gold Coast on the night. They black out all Rugby Union signals.


Syd Malcolm (24)
Scarfman said:
Scorz, sounds like you had one of those nights when the toilet is always too far away.
Potplants aplenty Scarfy, the Scorz is very resourceful. Don't worry though, I told everyone my name was Shteve Walshh.

Sorry about that pass at your missus too.


Scarfman said:
Cheers, cp. I just hit rock bottom of my cellar: 2 x Resch's silver bullets. Date unknown.

[clears throat]

Ahem, ahem.

The next award is for the Rookie of the Year. This is a hotly contested award every year, and this year our nominees are certainly in the hotseat. Our presenter is Alan Jones, Wallaby coach of the successful Grand Slam tour of 1984 and noted talent spotter. AJ?

AJ: Thank you Scarfman.

Scarf: I suppose you've been on the lookout for new talent in Australia's rugby ranks?

AJ: I certainly have, Scarf.

Scarf: Where have you been looking, Alan?

AJ: Oh, the usual places. On the field, in the grandstand, behind the grandstand ..

Scarf: Right! And the nominees are, Alan?

AJ: Cheezel, Eddo, Epi, Louie, Newb, rugbywhisperer, sagerian, steiner, The Riddler, waratahjesus.

And the winner is ... rugbywhisperer. :yay

Scarf: Congrats RW. You finished well ahead of Newb and WJ. Alan will make his presentation to you after the main awards ceremony in his room at the Intercontinental. Good luck, RW!

Thank you thnk you.
It's been a while since I was on and now the technical issues seem to be gone I shall make the most and frequent here far more often.


Simon Poidevin (60)
Staff member
Top posting effort there Scarfman, I've got some stiff competition to hold onto the funniest poster gong already.

Apologies for not visiting the thread sooner, I was brushing up on my Deutsche with Heidi Klum



Might seem funny to some but you try living off the garbage that comes out of Sportal for 3-4 weeks because your favourite supplement supplier has been inaccessible.
I nearly started to enjoy it - heaven forbid - well except for one or two reasonable posters from here who do frequent that den of iniquity
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