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Shute Shield 2016

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Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
There is a whisper of three way trial Randi-Wix and The Corporation against the NSW U20's (3 x 1/2 games).

I suspect that the Shute Shield Teams will not be at full strength for that trial, and they will deploy a mix of Shute Shield veterans, along with some graduating 2015 Colts, and some of their 2016 Colts who showed a bit of ticker in 2015 but are not yet ready for full time Grade duties.

Edit: Got that wrong above.
A snout has told me that the U20s will play a 3 way trial on 7 Feb at John Dwyer Oval at 11 am against Country U20's, and Waratahs U19s.

The U20's are then down to play trials against The Wicks at Moore Park Bus Loop on 13 Feb at 1pm, and against The Corporation at the same location on 19 Feb at 5:30 pm.

greg woods

just for records i am an eastwood fan and my last name is Woods yes im serious. Gregory James Woods. thanks for that. never been involved at any time at parramatta gordon or penrith. not even sure who this guy is you thought i was


Billy Sheehan (19)
Wicks trials:
13/2 v NSW u20 (Kippax)
27/2 v Manly (Latham)
5/3 v Southern (Forshaw)
12/3 v Uni (Uni)

Yep. Gone are the days under Maxy when we'd have 6 trials plus an internal possibles v probables a week out from round 1! Ha

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Out of the woodwork

Allen Oxlade (6)
How are the corporation going to go this year? They havent won a comp in a while- must be due to throw some $$$$$ around, win a title and reclaim some prestige?

Dave Beat

Paul McLean (56)
Thanks to the Waratahs and Marlins - doing good things with grass roots.
This was a thought out over a coffee at the end of season.
Give the kids fun and a club to follow.

  • Mini's - Participation.
  • Junior’s - Development.
  • Senior’s - Retention.
Good fun camps, with mates, and it can go viral amongst the kids.

Grow numbers, enjoyment and interest at this level, quantity lifts quality.

Should not be missed that an increase in quantity also has increase in supporter base x 2 (mum & dad) and that flows through up the chain (Club / State / Country) - growing grass roots grows the game.

Kids having fun, the future of our game.
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greg woods

does anyone else think that the waratahs should have given jed holloway first crack instead of brining back palu?


Ward Prentice (10)
does anyone else think that the waratahs should have given jed holloway first crack instead of brining back palu?
I certainly do. Palu is 34 in July he's been a big contributor to the Tahs but I would not like to gamble on an injury free season for him. Jed is 10 years his junior, is 3 years into the extended Waratahs squad & has been training & playing superbly ever since. Certain promises were made to him which made him stick with the Tahs which is all he's wanted to do and he showed faith in sticking with his home state. Don't expect the same loyalty next year. We don't deserve to have him.

greg woods

anyone heard about the change to the bonus point structure? Im wondering if we will change the shute shield as well then?
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