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Shute Shield 2022


George Gregan (70)
Can't see lower Premier Grades / Colts on CluchTV - is that just me or is that everyone?


Phil Kearns (64)
Pretty dire display at Millner (or Marsfield, as the STAN man prefers). Woodies just dragged themselves home against the Beasts.


Nev Cottrell (35)
Went to Manly today vs West Harbour.
Firstly. It was great to see Wests field 7 teams although lost all. lots of colts and lower graders at Manly Oval.
No blowouts apart from the first half in 1sts which was 41- nil at oranges- hard to tell if Manly were that good or wests that bad but think was a combo of both. The game ended at 41-14 and there were some good signs from wests in the second half with a massive scrum- but too many dropped balls and missed tackles in the wet. Saying that, Manly Oval held up very well.

Great crowd today and just winderful to be back watching live club rugby.
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Phil Kearns (64)
Woodies beat the Wildfires, if they can fix their set pieces they will trouble a few teams this season. The Woodies played a lot better this week. Phew!


Is there any operation in Sydney that is going to take it up the the Norths outfit?