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Subbies 2023!


Nathan Sharpe (72)
Surely the Eels can throw you a bone.

There are multiple upgrades happening in the precinct over the next 24 months, mostly around their Centre of Excellence and the community fields getting a new grandstand.

Our field doesn't have anything directly planned but there will be some more change rooms as the Eels bring their women's program into the fold.


Herbert Moran (7)


Registrations are now open for this years Macarthur 10’s tounrament.

With 3 competitions in this years format & $12,000 prize money up for grabs be sure to lock in your teams spot in the 2023 Macarthur 10’s!

Register through Rugby XPLORER - follow the link below and search Macarthur 10’s to sign up

Link - https://myaccount.rugbyxplorer.com.au/competition-search...

Please note registrations close on the 11/02/2023


Bob Loudon (25)
I've heard it's still a mess. Rumours are that Div 2 will go to 3 grades and colts as none of the affected clubs want a 6 club comp.
Im all for it. We need to be realistic player numbers are down.

Being a front rower, there has certainly been times, in my younger year, where I have had to play 2, 3 and sometimes 4 games in a saturday.
Thats fine when youre younger, but nowadays there is no way I could back that up.

Sure it sucks for the clubs that have 4 grade teams, and 1 might have to play halligans, but surely it is a better situation then destroying weaker clubs.

Will be better for the quality of rugby.
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The ultimate ressie

Herbert Moran (7)
Heard he's bobbed up at Epping, among other places of I'll repute.

Taken the entire Drummoyne playing group. Gonna have 7 grades, no colts, staying in Div 3.
Epping being boosted by some Division 1 experience. Some handy recruitment by the great man if this is the case Epping may be a Smokey for the title.
He must have earnt the respect of the playing group on Lyons road to get them to follow.


Herbert Moran (7)
Epping have suggested good numbers for our trial but have not heard much about their colts.

Fitzy would be able to confirm, is it right they are looking at a few different models due to some throw back from clubs. I was told the top three divisions should be sorted in the next 2-3 weeks, with the make up of not long after that for Div 4-6. As far as I know, the lower divisions won't change much from what was posted weeks ago, however I know Blacktown will be operating in Div 6 100% now and have been told as much, while if UWSH are around, it will be Div 6 only, however they have grave concerns for the amount of travel in that competition they would be doing and could fold with a few players suspended for the season.


Nathan Sharpe (72)
Being a front rower, there has certainly been times, in my younger year, where I have had to play 2, 3 and sometimes 4 games in a saturday.
Thats fine when youre younger, but nowadays there is no way I could back that up.

Liked for this comment. Front rowers are getting tough to find, and tougher to keep. Particularly for Colts which is where you want to develop your talent. Last year I heard a few Premier clubs came looking for front rowers and Subbies clubs suffered.

In terms of divisions - I haven't seen a list since last year (Board don't meet in January). I'm sure Tim and Angus are on the blower to get the top 3 sorted as that will coalesce into everything else.
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Nathan Sharpe (72)
wRumours of some new clubs entering div one, any truth pfitzy

No new clubs that I'm aware of but haven't spoken to anyone at Subbies this year. Missed out on a Friday night session at the 7s due to family stuff where I could have brought myself up to speed ;)

Board meeting Monday so I expect announcements will be made some time after that.


Bob McCowan (2)
Rumours around the tumble of HAC seem to be circulating, hearing Epping may have picked up a few from the rubble. Perhaps the signing of div 1 powerhouse Phil Lawrence to their coaching ranks in 2023 made the shift easy.

I’m hopeful some of their lads don’t mind a quick run down the hillbilly highway (m4) to the land of merry for a run with us this year.