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Sydney Colts - 2017

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Allen Oxlade (6)
Yep... at Woods.

To get back on the rugby track for the weekend, having seen both sides, I think Eastwood will need to play near perfect rugby to come away with the chocolates on Saturday, that said they certainly have the form on the board.

Good to see Nathan Gittoes back on the park this weekend listed above in the Randwick 2's.


Jimmy Flynn (14)
Don't think anyone gets free accommodation. Fees for a residential college at Uni are about $30k per year. Some boys at best get a discount off this, but still have to pay a bomb. (ie. Still have to pay by far the biggest portion of that bill)

Yep, there could be a free gym membership for what's that is worth.

Anyway, as you say all the scholarships are distorting the comp. Just don't know why it's not working for Gordon this year.

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Some of the colleges themselves give talented rugby players scholarships.eg St Andrews. Don't know if they are full scholarships though.

Brian Westlake

Arch Winning (36)
ecology is a science of its own that may embrace several specialised disciplines. ask an ecologist if they a specialist in physics, chemistry or biology or law and they are not. getting stuck on one argument or using isolated examples to disprove an argument will work too often especially when there are aspects that are not measurable like the brain function of an under 20 males. .. or their mothers'.

the manag a trios can maintain their existence with a couple of demonstrations of looking after their own at selection time. parachute a player with no recent form into a rep team, stick with them if they are unfit .. it doesn't take more than one or two a year to continue the facade. Leave the fold and become persona non grata Not measurable, easily written of as "one mans opinion" but visible to train spotters.

It was funny seeing Godard giving his Randwick man of the Match money to an Eastwood village club though

Getting a hip done at the moment and I thought I would revisit here. I now wonder why I subjected myself to this. I'm going outside again


The Honey Badger

Jim Lenehan (48)
Seems like this is a cast the net wide exercise.

Don't think any of the boys who were in the U19 squad earlier in the year have been invited.

They must be looking for uncovered talent. Good luck to all the boys trialling.

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