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Sydney Subbies 2022


Nev Cottrell (35)
The poodle wankers for sure. I saw a few lasses head into the mens sheds after 1sts once when we played them. lucky buggers. Oh lord, the pelt on display.....


Herbert Moran (7)
Division 2 Elimination Finals Preview

Alright lads, fun and games are over and the stakes couldn’t be higher with this one and done finals series this year. Let’s see how things stack up.

Blunt Cup

QFA: Lindfield v Epping - Great depth in both clubs takes us to a good clash here, only meeting this year was a 16-12 Lindfield win. I expect it to be tight, but with Epping playing other grades as well, Lindfield should have enough manpower to win.

QFB: UNSW v Hawkesbury Valley - Valley haven’t had much game time recently and it’ll cost them here against a UNSW side that will be strong with other grades having the bye.

Robertson Cup

QFA: Easts v Hawkesbury Valley - On paper this looks like an easy Easts win but they have a bit to manage with their 3rd colts playing in a grand final this Saturday. In recent weeks some of their best players have been featuring in this side giving Valley a great chance of an upset if they turn up. Valley by 3.

QFB: Hills v Beecroft: Form for Beecroft has been good in the second half of the year with their only loss to a strong Newport outfit. Hills on the other hand have a lost a bit of the edge they had at the start and middle of the year culminating in back to back losses to UNSW and Beecroft. I’ll take Beecroft by 10.

Stockdale Cup

QFA: Newport v Sydney Harlequins: I do like Harlequins but they had the advantage of a soft draw this year. Newport should win well here you’d have imagine. Newport by 20

QFB: Hills v Hawkesbury Valley - Some big collisions in this one, last meeting was a Hills victory and I think they have a touch more class in this one to advance. Hills by 8

Barraclough Cup

QFA: Hawkesbury Valley v Old Barker - Valley take their minor premiership loss out in a big way against a side that probably shouldn’t be there. Valley by 30.

QFB: Lindfield v Hills - Should be a tight contest this one. Lindfield got the better of Hills in their meeting this year and I think we’ll see a repeat of that as Lindfield have looked clinical in the run home. Lindfield by 12.

John S

Chilla Wilson (44)
Dont discard HAC's Ladies day - Back when they were flying there was a massive ladies day that became fairly loose. Wasnt the overall talent that you get on the North Shore or Eastern Suburbs but good fun.
As someone who grew up there - that's a fair statement :)


George Gregan (70)
QFA: Lindfield v Epping - Great depth in both clubs takes us to a good clash here, only meeting this year was a 16-12 Lindfield win. I expect it to be tight,

I refereed that game - pretty evenly matched, as you say. Lindfield finished stronger that day but it seesawed a bit through the middle of the match and Epping could have taken it with a bounce of the ball.


Larry Dwyer (12)
Too much focus on Finals - Last round of the real competition to go first - Kentwell

Mosman - Knox - Forfeitt - Boring
St Pats - Blue Mountains - St Pats continue to refuse to pass the ball past 10. Wont win a chip with only 10 players. Feel sorry for 11-15 who rock up just to tackle and lose games in the last 5 minutes. Either way, the St Pats forwards should still do enough to win this game.
Petersham- HH. Petersham were good last week and have some damaging players. We have done our Homework and will win this game 10+. Lock up 3rd spot and focus towards next week against the same team.
Colleagues - Drummoyne - Can Drummoyne put a scare through the competition and sneak into 6th?Will be a good game but Colleagues should have enough at home to take out the Minor Prem.
Forest - Waverley -The boys from Bondi to finish Forests season for good. Forest are sloppy and Waverley will be filthy missing a pen after the bell to lose last week. Waverley to hope for another Colleagues slip to take the Minor Prem. Either way, they will have the week off next week. I might duck down to Melwood to listen to how quiet it is. Bliss.

Doritos Day

Johnnie Wallace (23)
Keep a careful eye on the refereeing @ Melwood tomorrow. Some "bizarre" officiating performances have come out of Forestville in recent years, especially when the chips are down for the home side - must be something in the water.


Herbert Moran (7)
Div 2 Finals
Blunt Cup
Lindfield v Epping - Lindfield with their usual finals strategy here against a depleted Rams outfit. Lindfield by 40.
UNSW v Hawkesbury Valley - UNSW with a strong side as their top two grades not playing. Don't think for a second they haven't planned for this. UNSW by 32.

Stockdale Cup
Newport v Harlequins - Call me an optimist but Newport are going to have to be up for this one. It is a long way from Porters and a few unavailabilities I notice due to open selection. Quinns by 1.
Hills v Hawkesbury Valley - I am not sure 2nd Grade is Hills priority this year. Valley by 20.

Barraclough Cup
Hawkesbury Valley v Old Barker - Barker have limped into the finals here. Valley will enjoy this as a warm up to UNSW next week. Valley to jump out to a comfortable 30 point lead before the subs come on and the scoreline plateaus. Valley by 35.
Lindfield v Hills - Match of the day. Will come down to who takes their chances. You can flip a coin, and goalkicking is vital. Hills by 6.

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George Gregan (70)
Meanwhile in Fourth Div:

Grose Cup
12:15 Sydney Harbour (2) v Merrylands (3) - The Wolves have lost 3 this year - at Savers with 2 red cards, and against Epping in tight Round 1 and Round 14 clashes. They have also beaten Savers, Harbour, & Redfield, so not to be underestimated. Don't know if finals in their other competition have provided any issues for Harbour, but it is likely to be very close again. Last time out was 29-24 to Merrylands. A few showers around might make things interesting.

13:45 Epping (1) v Redfield (5) - the Rams won't be taking anything easy here, looking at how easily Redfield got into Savers last week. Their Round 5 clash was a lopsided affair, but that was 3 months ago and won't be on the minds of many. Both teams know how to play, and Epping will be looking to get the ascendancy up front in the loose to take this.

PREDICTION: Epping (1) v Merrylands (3) Grand Final

McLean Cup
15:15 Manly Savers (2) v Epping (3) - the narrow loss by the Rams in Round 4 will mean nothing come Saturday. Epping weren't dominant against Mac Uni overall, but I think they'll muscle up in the forwards and hit Savers hard. It'll be another good game of footy.

17:00 Sydney Harbour (1) v Redfield Old Boys (4) - should be entertaining to watch. The Round 8 clash at the College was tight for 40 minutes until Harbour pulled away, and I expect much of the same. I'll be there on official duties so should be a nice, crisp night to be sideline.

PREDICTION: Harbour (1) v Epping (3) Grand Final
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George Gregan (70)
Harbour take it 13-12 after a late try. Not sure what Wolves 8 was thinking, taking the ball off the back of the scrum for a midfield kick, but the counterattack and subsequent conversion snuck the Easts men home. Wow.