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WA Fortescue Premier Grade 2022


Desmond Connor (43)
Results for 3 September

FMG Premier - Div 1 - Semi Finals

Wests Scarborough 42:21 Nedlands (Stan replay)
UWA 27:10 Perth Bayswater (RugbyWa community replay on YouTube)

FMG Premier - Div 2 - Round 7
Last round before Div 2 Finals
Kalamunda 17:21 Wanneroo
Rockingham 0:28 Palmyra
Joondalup 22:43 Southern Lions
ARKs - Bye


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Desmond Connor (43)
Nedlands RUFC certainly showing some depth in 2022.
First XV finished 3rd in the regular season.
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Desmond Connor (43)
Results for 10 September
Kingsway Sports Complex

FMG Premier - Div 2 - Final (RugbyWA Cummunity replay on YouTube)
Palmyra 32:35 Wanneroo

FMG Premier - Div 1 - Final
(Stan replay)
UWA 35:43 Wests Scarborough
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Desmond Connor (43)
Other winners for 2022

Junior Girls

Under 14s - North Coast def Wanneroo

Under 17s - Wanneroo def ARKs

Senior Women's

Alcohol Think Again - Cottesloe def Kalamunda (RugbyWA Cummunity replay on YouTube)

Junior Boys

Under 12s Swan- Wanneroo def Perth Bayswater

Under 12s Gold- Joondalup def Palmyra

Under13s- Kalamunda def Rockingham

Under 14s- Southern Lions def Mandurah

Under 15s- Wests Scarborough def Nedlands

Under 16s- Wanneroo def Mandurah

Under 18s- Joondalup def North Coast Wanneroo

Senior Men's

Fourth Grade - Nedlands def Kalamunda

Third Grade - Wanneroo def Nedlands

Reserves - Nedlands def Palmyra (RugbyWA Cummunity replay on YouTube)
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