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Wallabies 2023


Tony Shaw (54)
Haven't seen the game but best to remember that no team wants to telegraph their game play much at this stage. In 2015 NZ were in an uproar for how poorly the Allblacks played against Argentina (even though they still won) but the ABs ended up winning the whole thing regardless. I'm convinced they wanted to play with the most basic strategy possible so as not to show their hand for later games.
Would it be naive to suggest that this is what the Wallabies have been doing all season???


Peter Johnson (47)


Allen Oxlade (6)
All of the negativity around Jones has been reduced to silence, Steve Hansen is a winner, Eddie Jones is a winner.
Our Wallabies are on the verge of history. As custodians, we need to be positive and support our team playing the Australian way.
France 2023.


John Thornett (49)
I despise how my credit Hansen got for having the golden generation of players as Henry and Smith did all the heavylifting, but, he'll no doubt have a wealth of knowledge there.

Even as a pseudo Director of Rugby role to bounce ideas with, he's miles better than having Scotty J there.


Nev Cottrell (35)
Gordon apparently dealing with a calf niggle and didn't train much up in Darwin, expect Donaldson to feature heavily against France especially considering he hasn't played yet


Tim Horan (67)
Steve Hansen in camp with the Wallabies helping out before the France game
I sure he there to bounce a couple of ideas off etc without being really involved. Hansen and Jones have been mates for quite sometime, Hansen said in his book they used to speak most weeks while coaching different teams, as Hansen did with Bok's coach!