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Wallabies 2023


Stirling Mortlock (74)
No that was Paul Gustard, but Ryles was the skills coach in 2016/17 and also for the 2020 Six Nations - he was one of the better assistant appointments by Eddie, he was the only assistant involved in all 3 of their Six Nation's titles, along with Borthwick.
Nah pretty sure he was originally brought in as defence coach, left after 2017 and then came back as skills coach 2020-2021 but had to leave due to COVID? That’s at least what articles are saying

Looks like they were both defence coach but Ryles was there in some unofficial capacity.

Anyway he seems like a pretty shrewd coach, the Storm clearly rate him and he’s been touted as the next NRL head coach.

Also just read the Dragons are interested in Suaalli next year if the Roosters release him early due to salary cap concerns, that seems absurd firstly why would you want to get a player for one year only who will piss off and why would Suaalli do that, surely if he gets released he’ll come early.
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The Ghost of Raelene

Mark Ella (57)
Why would the Dragons bother. Pay him for one year, your team is terrible and there’s every chance JS just phones it in for you all season and then he’s not there…

More likely to go collect a bag of cash in Japan for a year. I know that wouldn’t help the Roosters


Dave Cowper (27)
Wow is this something positive said by @rodha about Eddie Jones??
It's not really, look at the context, 18 different assistants during his time with England, only a few were 1) genuinely astute picks & 2) lasted at least 2 two full seasons - Borthwick, Gustard, Mitchell, Wisemantel, Ryles.


Rocky Elsom (76)
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Yep. All the teams we need to get over to make the semi finals. All very doable.


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Dave Cowper (27)

“I don’t think it’s about me. I think it’s about the game and you’ve got the world’s best coach and a brilliant new CEO. I don’t need to insert myself in every conversation and we need to show the depth and the quality of what we’re building here at Rugby Australia.”

Someone needs to refresh the memory of this forgetful boomer regarding who just won his 7th consecutive Super Rugby title and that he too is going to be coaching at the international level next year. In the meantime, Kiwi Schmidt is probably the world's best coach I'd say...
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Chilla Wilson (44)
Regardless of your opinion of the guardian this piece provides a few tingles.

A kind and thoughtful article about a player who did stuff nobody else could. I was one who criticised him but I always said if a war broke out any young man would want Michael Hooper next to them. An outstanding Australian.


Bill Watson (15)


Dave Cowper (27)
Based on his terrible world cups or the fact Ireland clearly improved under his successor?
Based on the complexity & structure of the All Black's attack since he took over middle of last year - multiple bodies in motion, intricate loops & angles, hard overlapping runners, undoubtedly the most innovative attacking structure of any international side.

Also the fact that the Blues with Schmidt as attack coach managed a 15 game winning streak in 2022 & only lost a single game that whole year.

Schmidt was not part of the Blues coaching staff this year and the difference was night & day. They legitimately became a disorganised rabble without Schmidt leading their attack.


Trevor Allan (34)
Well after watching Wales & England overnight I think we’re SF bound
Haven't seen the game but best to remember that no team wants to telegraph their game play much at this stage. In 2015 NZ were in an uproar for how poorly the Allblacks played against Argentina (even though they still won) but the ABs ended up winning the whole thing regardless. I'm convinced they wanted to play with the most basic strategy possible so as not to show their hand for later games.