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Western Force 2012

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Mark Ella (57)
McDuling would be my choice. I liked what I saw from him in Sydney 1st grade last year.

I can only take what has been said about him on this forum as I haven't seen him but judging from the assesments of him here he sounds very much in the Mark Connors mould.

Lee Grant

John Eales (66)
Staff member

Vickerman hasn't been on TV for a while, not that there have been a lot of AP games on since his 2nd game. Now that Lawes is healthy he wouldn't be getting much game time and is probably playing in the reserve side, if at all. As an amateur he wouldn't be doing the same training and it's probably getting to the pointy end of his study season.

You have to take the commentators comments with a grain of salt. The other lock, Day, the LH lock, was obviously more mobile than Vickers in that 2nd game, but the big fella played well.

Eyes and Ears

Bob Davidson (42)
They certainly have no shartage of depth in a fetching role with Pocock, then Hodgson and then Jenkins. When is Hodgson's contract up? You would think the Tah's would like to bring him home in 2012 with Waugh getting old.

Given Hodgson turns 30 in June, I can't imagine that Hodgson is the younger player that they would turn to.

Joe Mac

Arch Winning (36)
Good point eyes and Ears. Maybe we just take Jenkins back. Maybe fly Jack Lam back to Australia, I had forgooten he is an aussie.

But anyway, this is probably deviating away from a Force thread. Apologies gents

The Big I

Would a change in coaching staff be much more important than players on the field?


The Force better have their eye on the big picture for 2012. Kurtley Beale is off to the Rebels next year and now they and the Reds are chasing JOC (James O'Connor). If the Force lose him they will struggle to retain any players or attract anyone to the team. JOC (James O'Connor) is a star player, Force management, hello this is critical! Get a deal done.


everyone thought it was situation critical when Berrick Barnes left the Reds at the end of 2008....
There is always a silver lining.


Mark Ella (57)
I was a back, but even I know a Rugby is and should be built from the front row back. Start at 1 and work your way back from there. The Force are off to a good start by retaining Sharpe, I hope they sign Pocock (unless they already have) Wykes and Hocking and the rest of the Pigs who haven't confirmed they are going. The loss of JOC (James O'Connor) would change the game plans they could execute but if they have the pigs they can still be competitive. Without the forward pack JOC (James O'Connor) would be useless in any event.


Rod McCall (65)
Most of the current pack is fine IMHO, well the back five anyway. We're also OK at hooker I think. We need a couple of good scrummaging props and the forwards are taken care of. Hopefully Turner can come back as good as new, so we can have quality and depth in the halfback position. Ripia and O'Connor in the 10/12 positions and Cummins at 13. We then need some good finishers. I think we're really starting to understand what Mitchell brought to the team, because our attack hasn't really been the same since he left.

Lance Free

Arch Winning (36)
Ben McCalman has just signed a two year extension to his Force contract (and with the ARU - although their press release says one year).


Peter Johnson (47)
ABC is reporting O'Connor has signed with the Rebels. To be announced on Monday.

Force are going to need to prop up their backline stocks for next season. It will be interesting to see if Queensland can hold onto Ben Tapuai, Aiden Toua, Dom Shipperly and Kimami Sitauti. Hopefully the lure of finals footy will keep them in queensland.
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