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NSW AAGPS Rugby 2013

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Inside Shoulder, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    Some posts relating to a certain player- and discussion and quoting of same have been deleted - right or wrong.
  2. Think About Rugby Allen Oxlade (6)

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    GPS rugby is doomed in 2013 the idiots who have taken away the amateur schoolboy game have won. In doing so they have destroyed the competition. I hope they enjoy playing against the mirror! I am sure the trophy will gleam.
  3. wreckless Bob Loudon (25)

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    Looks like someone knows his name now!!! Well deserved - good season! :)
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  4. fleshman Frank Row (1)

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    Riverview - 2012
    1sts - Nathan Kelly (1), Hosea Futndsajdhnf (2), Jack Bowditch (3/5/8), Ben Hunt (8) Mike Kennedy (9), Tom Molloy (12/14), Bill Freeman (11) Sam 'Maori' Mete (14)
    2nds - Evan Pritchard (2), Conor Menzies (7), Lincoln Whitley (Backrow a few games), Mitch Butler (13), Charlie McKay (14)
    3rds - Can't be bothered to list off but there are 8 of them, all mostly strongest players in team

    Potential 1sts
    1) Nafan Kelly
    2) Evan Pritchard
    3) Jack Bowditch
    4) Beau Petterson (16A) Nick Meagher (3rds)
    5) Ben Hunt
    6) Lincoln Whitley (16A)
    7) Conor Menzies
    8) Hosea futkava
    9) Mike Kennedy/Alex Barker (3rds)
    10) Bill Freeman/Mike Kennedy/Jack McGregor (15A)
    11) Ben Condon (3rds)/ Sam Mete
    12) Tom Molloy
    13) Henry Hutchinson (15A)
    14) Charlie McKay
    15) Henry Hutchinson/Sam Mete/Jack McGregor

    Strong forward pack but not sure of backs and what is going to happen.
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  5. Brian Westlake Arch Winning (36)

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    Ahhh But SB. YOU questioned mine. :)
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  6. Sydneybra Banned

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    Yours wasn't the dream team.
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  7. Sydneybra Banned

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    Jack Redden ?? Jack King??
  8. fleshman Frank Row (1)

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    Year 12, not doing pathways
  9. Sydneybra Banned

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    That's a shame
  10. supporter Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Whatever is going to happen to your school team next year, please take it as a man and don't rubbish around about other school team like what you have said about Newington this year.
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  11. fleshman Frank Row (1)

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    Will do my good friend. But trust me, Riverview will latch on to any oppotunity of an excuse for the season ahead, one that will resemble the forgettable season of 2012 and will exile the schools that beat us in the process.
  12. George Smith Ted Thorn (20)

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    It is well and good selecting 'Dream Teams' for 2013 but what about winners & losers?

    I am intrigued about possible winning teams for all of the 6 match 2013 'season'. It seems to me that Scots followed by Kings & Joeys have the strongest rugby programs. Not only were their Opens performing well in the top 3 grades but the U16As this year also performed strongly.

    Riverview and Shore are real concerns. They totally dominate the U16 talent having been the standout teams (school and state level) every year since 2009 (U13s) EXCEPT this year when they both lost most matches. Both teams had more then 1/2 of their U16A 'talent' playing up or injured. This suggests the age group is not strong as when you take away key players the back up players struggle.

    2013 like every year will offer exciting prospects but the team with good injury management and strong 2nds/3rds XVs will be the winners in September. (this thread has choruses at all levels especially Super Rugby).
  13. wreckless Bob Loudon (25)

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    I have been thinking about this already as well George - the prospects are mouthwatering!

    I think that next year will not see a clear champion team as it appears to me that the teams are matched pretty evenly based on this years results through the grades and age brackets.

    The exception to this prognostication may be Joeys IMO with their 2nds & 3rds winning their respective comps and from reports they won something like 10 of 12 competitions available this year. How did their 16A's go?

    Kings will welcome the reuniting of their gun 16A's from last year after going into meltdown through injuries and possibly other distractions in the latter part of this season. They will be thereabouts.

    Newington's returning players have been discussed in this thread already - although they have some good players returning and very capable players to step up I don't think they will be as dominant up front as this year - the backs look good though and it would be foolhardy to count them out. New's 2nds had the best "for & against" this season and close losses to Joeys - the ultimate winners ( 2 points ) and Kings ( 8 points ) don't really indicate how strong they were despite finishing third.

    I don't know much about Scots as far as who they keep but the worry to me is the depth given that the 2nds & 3rd's seemed to struggle a bit this year. Maybe a Scots supporter could comment and fill in some information.

    The winner(s) in 2013 to come from these 4 schools with possibly Joeys ahead of Kings, New and Scots.Shore may surprise - their lionhearted efforts this year were great! View and Grammar to make up the numbers.

    In any event - good luck to ALL the teams as they prepare to do it all again next year!

    It will be interesting to come back to this in a year or so and see how the actual results bear up! :)

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  14. George Smith Ted Thorn (20)

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    .also I am looking for the results of the following games this year to complete the 'school depth' table:

    TKSvSJC 16a/b/c
    SICvNC 16a/b/c
    TSCvSGS 16a
    TSCvTAS 16b
    TSCvSHS 16c
  15. George Smith Ted Thorn (20)

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    Joeys 16As came 2nd to Scots who were 'champions'
  16. wreckless Bob Loudon (25)

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    Thanks George! Probably cause to reassess the chances of TSC for next year a little as this result bolsters them in depth department - but I already have them in my top 4 so I'll leave it for now! :)
  17. random2 Johnnie Wallace (23)

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    As - SJC 18-15
    Bs - SJC 67-0
    Cs - SJC 19-0
  18. CTPE Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Their 2011 16As side was indeed a gun side going through a 13 or 14 game season last year undefeated. There will however be a few holes to fill in 2013 with boys from this years 2nds/3rds and 16As having to step up. The Kings 2011 16As boys returning next year (and their teams in 2012) are below:

    1. Lucas Bateman - (1sts/2nds at 3)
    2. Nick Reid - (2nds)
    3. ??? [Eddie Jin - leaving as in year 12 ]
    4. ??? [Matt Matson - leaving as in year 12]
    5. Jamie Greentree - (2nds)
    6. Rob Black - (2nds)
    7. Jack McCalman - (1sts at 6)
    8. Ben Stacy - (2nds at 4/5)
    9. Rory Davis - (2nds)
    10. Corey Tulloch - (1sts)
    11. Olly Martin - (2nds/3rds)
    12. Sam Carter - (1sts/2nds at 11 & 13)
    13. John Robertson - (2nds)
    14. Tom Bucknell - (2nds)
    15. Harry Jones (??) - (1sts at 14)

    Plenty of experience there especially from the boys who played in the firsts and with the seconds being 2012 runners up by a one point margin to Joeys.
  19. Vanuatu Chiefs Sydney Middleton (9)

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    SIC v NC
    As - SIC 26-12
    Bs - SIC 15-12
    Cs - Bye (takes another scalp!)
  20. Micheal John Solomon (38)

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    I posted this in the 2012 thread, but I suppose its just as relevant here as a large majority of the highlights come from the Clancy twins, and Jum Woodhill features a lot. Will be interesting to see how these players go over their final two years of Shore 1sts rugby, I see very good things to come.

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