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NSW CAS Rugby 2020

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by rod skellet, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Hasbeen Syd Malcolm (24)

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    Standard banter WTF - same ole same ole every year - for 3 years now somebody has said (Kyle) Galloway has been an import when in fact he started in year 3 and same with his brother. It seems to be a standard cut and paste. Occasionally a kid or two will come late from another school and then to some it seems the whole team is an import.

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  2. WTF? Alfred Walker (16)

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    Yep, its like kids aren't ever allowed to move schools. I get that some are given an opportunity to go to a school like Barker when they wouldn't otherwise be able to go there. So its a win/win for both - I just cannot see an issue, they are given a better/different opportunity to excel on and off the sports field.

    I remember the hooha when Harry Jones left Kings to go to Barker in Year 12. All sorts of conspiracy theorists were working overtime.
  3. sidelineview Banned

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    I agree; I'm happy for the boys who get an opportunity to go to a good school like Barker or Waverley. Their parents would be happy as well. It depends where they come from.

    As long as it doesn't go too far and get out of hand I think it's all good.

    The other thing is it can encourage boys to choose to play rugby post school.
  4. 22dropout Frank Row (1)

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    I agree with Hasbeen as every year the start of the new CAS thread new scholarship kid discussions begin, and writers start comparing schools against schools. The opportunity given to kids to go to top schools such as those in the CAS extends further than the rugby field and should not be a representation of the player for taking the opportunity. As for the schools responsibility, the 1st XV competition is widely popular and a measure of the school in itself regardless of their values, so of course it is in their best interest to field the strongest team possible. In business terms, to gain a competitive advantage over other schools to attract the next intake of kids. So indubitably this conversation will continue by people arguing for and against but we do know it occurs at different extents and it’s about now keeping up and not be left behind, which is starting to become evident.
  5. formerflanker Bob Davidson (42)

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    Doctor Lambert, shouldn't you be on the GPS thread?
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  6. Hasbeen Syd Malcolm (24)

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    Cheeky FF but laugh out loud.
  7. Through the hands Frank Row (1)

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    Afternoon gents, new to green and gold have been following the CAS threads for a while and keen to get stuck into the 2020 season. Thought I might offer some previews/predictions of mine following the 2019 season. Barker are a very strong side and will remain a strong side going into 2020. A solid 1st XV with a hungry forward pack, I just wonder how much of that hunger will be lost when the likes of Pollard (2) and Wilson (3) are gone. A good 16a’s cohort coming through as Barker will be hungry to make it 3 in a row. Knox will not have a productive season, or at least as productive as last season. Lots of firepower will be gone with 12 of 1st XV being year 12s. Replacements from the 2nd XV and 16a’s will be more than capable to fill the roles. Ollie Moore at 7 to be the captain and that big boppa Kettles at 8, along with some speedy backs and they could surprise a few come 2020. It almost seems like Aloys never change! Can’t see them doing much in 2020 maybe an occasional win here and there other than that it’s not looking too good for the men from Milsons point. No doubt they will still play their hearts out however will be outclassed by many of their opponents. Cranbrook I can’t see being a real threat in 2020. Tas Smith (9) was instrumental for 3 seasons and basically ran the show at Cranbrook giving them every chance to get up in 2019, unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be but I don’t see them doing much this year, unless of course they play all their games on a Friday night down at Easts! they’ll be sure to be undefeated premieres if that were the case. Unfortunately for Trinity when you only have one team in the 16s you’re going to struggle come opens. This will be the case for them, a solid 1st XV nonetheless and could definitely surprise a few come 2020 with Willoughby (9) looking to lead the show and the forwards will be hungry. So that leaves Waves and like everyone else here i’m picking waves to take the 2020 title and possibly further. Unbelievable depth and personnel shown in the 2nd XV, 3rd XV and 16a’s and a lot of these boys will still be around for the 2020 season, simply put if the 1st XV are able to click I have no doubt that they will be undefeated premiers of the CAS and probably the best team in the state.

    Overall I predict

    Let me know what you think and where I’m wrong. Can’t wait for the 2020 season
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  8. John R Frank Row (1)

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    Predicted Knox 1st XV Team 2020
    1. H. Daunt (3XV)/ N. Lake (16A)
    2. R. Bray (16A)
    3. J. Black (16A)
    4. L. Reeve (16A)
    5. L. Chamen (2XV)
    6. O. Moore (2XV)
    7. C. Herdman (16A)
    8. H. Kettles (2XV)
    9. T. Goddard (16A)
    10. J. Dunn (3XV)/ J. Craig (16A)
    11. O. Evans (1XV)
    12. J. Constable (2XV)/ J. Buchanann (Injury 16's)
    13. M. Stewart (1XV)
    14. S. Nicholls (1XV)
    15. L. Tucker (16A)/ C. Barr (2XV)

    This squad may look very inexperienced but with younger players coming up through the ranks it will set the concrete for the 2021 season. The backline is proving to be valuable with 3 1st XV players still there. C. Barr is in the 15 on the team list but can also be a very effective FlyHalf. Although the front row is looking very inexperienced big Jack Black will prove to be handy in scrums and go forward in general with players dripping off him for off-loads. O. Evans will be focusing on just his school footy as he will be unable to play representative footy. M. Stewart and S. Nicholls will be a good chance of making CAS sides and possibly NSW sides. The younger boys in the 16's went well in their season and with Herdman, Tucker and Black making the CAS team and Black making both NSW Schools and Gen Blue will prove destructive in the season next year. Overall the Knox 1st XV next year will definitely be a top 3 contender they are just lacking experience throughout the team.
  9. HowGoodsFooty Frank Row (1)

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    Predicted Trinity 1st XV Team 2020
    1. T. Jackson (1XV)/B.Blades (2XV)
    2. B. Alcock (16As)
    3. M. Hawkes (1XV)
    4. S. Buchanan (1XV)
    5. M. Eid (1XV)
    6. P. Foley (2XV)/T.Jackson (1XV)
    7. E. Marshall (1XV/2XV)
    8. A. Mooney (1XV/2XV)
    9. K. Willoughby (1XV)
    10. H. Hannaford (1XV/16As)
    11. S. Dennis (2XV)/I. Soldatos (2XV)
    12. J. Casmir (16As)/K. Roberts (15As)
    13. F. Meagher (1XV)
    14. A. Wilson (16As)
    15. N. Ta'ale (1XV/2XV)
  10. schoolboyrugbyfan Frank Row (1)

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    Predicted Wav 1xv 2020

    1. Moale 1xv/ Smith 16A
    2. Waterhouse 2xv/ Sullivan 16A
    3. Dunning 2xv
    4. Jahnke Tavana 1xv -16A
    5. Amatesero 1xv
    6. Fretton 1xv/Halohalo 1xv/ Barber 2xv
    7. Baker 1xv/ King 1xv-16A/Elder 2xv
    8. Runow 2xv/
    9. Thorn 1xv/Johnson 2xv
    10. Di Bartolo 1xv-2xv
    11. Swann 1xv/Smith 2xv
    12. Fretton? - has played backs for waves/Cairns 2xv/Volkman
    13. Cairns 2xv/Dimotvitch 16A
    14. Smith 2xv/ Flanagan 16A/ Eyles 2xv
    15. Volkman 1xv/Towns 15A
  11. Through the hands Frank Row (1)

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    Exactly why I tell people not to sleep on this Trinity team. Lot's of experience with a lot of boys backing up from last year! Trinity stuck with a lot of the big guns throughout the 2019 season, I can see this team doing some good things in 2020. Experience won't be the issue with this team it will come down to the chemistry, coaching and preparation.
  12. Through the hands Frank Row (1)

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    Seems like everyone's doing team predictions.

    Some very wayward predictions out there for this Knox team so I thought I'd put mine in.

    1st XV
    1. H. Daunt (2XV)
    2. R. Bray (16A)
    3. J. Black (16A)
    4. L. Reeve (16A)
    5. L. Chamen (2XV)
    6. C. Herdman (16A)
    7. O. Moore (2XV) (c)
    8. H. Kettles (2XV)
    9. T. Goddard (16A)
    10. C. Barr (2XV)
    11. O. Evans (1XV)
    12. J. Mcleod (15A) (U16 NSW Origin rep)
    13. M. Stewart (1XV)
    14. S. Nicholl (1XV)
    15. L. Tucker (16A)

    Without a doubt these backs will be electrifying to watch. A really solid partnership in the centres and speed in the back 3. Not sure how C. Barr would feel at 10 however played 10 vs Joeys for the 2nd XV in 2019 and played well ending up on the wrong side of the scoreboard.

    The forwards will be inexperienced as there was only player to start a game for the 1s, O. Moore (started vs Aloys). He will need to do some serious leading to get this park around the park

    NOTE: J. Buchanan missed all of 2019, should he be ready I see him slotting in at 10, Barr to 15 and Tucker to the 2nd XV as Barr has a little more flair and a really good boot.

    2nd XV
    1. N. Lake (16A)
    2. T. Reid (3XV)
    3. E. Olling (2XV)
    4. G. Hui (16A)
    5. L. Barr (3XV)
    6. M. Ball (16A)
    7. L. Howard (2XV)
    8. W. Feather (16A)
    9. K. Fulton (16A)
    10. J. Dunn (3XV)
    11. H. Gosper (16A)
    12. J. Constable (2XV) (c)
    13. H. Le Boursicot (16A)/L. McCready (16A)
    14. C. Ojah (2XV/3XV)
    15. H. Ferry (3XV)

    An overall solid team, a lot of people returning from the 2s from 2019. A solid all round forward pack and good quick backs.

    J. Dunn at 10 took the 3s to another level providing excellent service to the outside backs who finished the tries off, whenever he took the ball in two hands to the line something was guaranteed to happen, albeit in 3rd grade however I believe he could transform this 2nd XV.

    J. Constable unlucky to miss out on the 1st XV even though he had a few stints off the bench, Mcleod provides more threat to oppositions with his direct running and ball skills.

    Both squads respectively are solid and could definitely ruffle a few feathers in 2020.
  13. Big_Senditure Stan Wickham (3)

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    Interesting to hear your perspective TTH and I would have to say I agree with a lot of it. Could be argued that you swap Tucker and Barr as Tucker played 10 up until U16's where he then swapped to 15. Also would swap Herdman and Moore. Agree with you about Dunn though, he looked really good in the 3's and especially at the back end against Aloys and Barker (the score lines 72-0 and 36-0 respectively) I think he will definitely be in and around the 1's side. I agree with the McLeod shout as well. Although the forwards are largely inexperience I believe the likes of Chamen and Kettles will set the tone. The backs will be electric this season and it will hopefully give them a shot at contending for the CAS title.
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  14. WTF? Alfred Walker (16)

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    Axel wont say anything but I will. I would suggest Max Purcell might be in the 1st XV/2nd XV mix if he comes back well from his knee reconstructions. Hasn't played much in 2 years, but was a gun lock (or back ;) in the 14's and has grown and grown since then.
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  15. WLF Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Agree WTF,

    Axe won't say anything in the public forum, and agree that Axe junior will make a welcomed return to footy next year.
    I suspect the 1st goal is an injury free season which will set him up nicely for 2021.
    Its difficult to say what team he may make, given his battles, and what depth Knox have in their 2020 season, it may well be the 1s/2s .
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  16. shovingaboag Frank Row (1)

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    Jack Sherston was looking good last year in the 16's until injuries forced him out I personally don't think you can leave him out of the mix for the backrow in 1st or 2nd teams as he could really shine in preseason over the summer!
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  17. BeaverMenzies Frank Row (1)

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    ShovingABoag you've got an interesting point, i've seen and heard around the traps that there are similar people like jack with the likes of Dane Perica a tough and aggressive back rower and Max Tilley a boy who used to be at Waverley then moved to cranbrook nippy little halfback. Big potential for these "underdogs" if you like, especially with off season around the corner worth keeping an eye on these boys.
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  18. Lovetap Bob McCowan (2)

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    1- Smith 16A / NSW
    2- Sullivan 16A
    3-Caltagirone 16A
    4-Chapman 16A / NSW
    5-Amatesero 1st XV
    6-Moale 1st XV / NSW
    7-B Elder 2nd XV
    8-King 16A/1st XV / NSW - Tavana 16A/1stXV / NSW

    9-Thorn 1stXV / NSW
    10-Di-Bartolo 2nd XV / 1st XV / NSW
    11-Eyles 2nd XV
    12-Volkman 1stXV
    13-Swann 1stXV
    14-Zach Smith 2nd XV
    15- Flanagan 16A / NSW

    I believe the core group in this squad are around for the next 2 seasons and 2020 will be somewhat of rebuild in some sense for Waverley so strike while the iron is hot give the incoming undefeated 16A players first go. There seems to be a 2017 look about some of these players coming through. As mentioned the 2nd and 3rd XV will also be red hot.
    A bright future for the Waverley College rugby community.
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  19. hornsby4life Frank Row (1)

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    Predicted Waverley First XV for 2020:

    1. Charles Barber
    2. Darcy Sullivan
    3. Davvy Moale
    4. Miles Amasatero
    5. Fritz Jahane-Tavana
    6. Asololei Fretton
    7. Ethan King (c)
    8. Axel Runow
    9. Klayton Thorn
    10. Emmanuel Di Bartolo
    11. Jordan Swann
    12. Ronald Volkman
    13. Casper Cairns
    14. Aaron Dimovitch/Dane Towns
    15. Mitch Eyles

    Predicted Waverley Second XV for 2020

    1. Reeve Smith
    2. Jim Waterhouse
    3. Ben Dunning
    4. Matt Chapman
    5. Spencer Kapos
    6. Clem Halaholo
    7. Ben Elder
    8. Will Baker (c)
    9. Hugh Johnson
    10. Paddy Gooley
    11. Zac Smith
    12. Jack Hickey
    13. Aaron Dimovitch/Christian Smirnotis (depending whether or not Dimovitch can make it over Towns)
    14. Declan Punch
    15. Ethan Flanagan

    Predicted Waverley 16A's for 2020

    1. Jasper Doyle/Vince Santamaria
    2. Ben Schrijvers
    3. AJ Prekitis
    4. Cooper Stynes
    5. Pat Hoggett
    6. Sam Lodge
    7. Jesse Sonego
    8. Lucius Cappadona
    9. Tom Martin
    10. Nick Quinn
    11. Ronan Schocher
    12. Max Harrison
    13. Trangi John Speedy-Coe
    14. Leon Bakis
    15. Dane Towns/Miles Minto (depending on whether Towns can make 1st XV)

    Good looking teams for the Waves for 2020. Have the potential of winning all 3 titles. In the 1's I think young Ethan King will have a breakout season. In the 2's I have to see many tries from the fullback Flanagan. In the 16a's I hope to see big inside centre Max Harrison to have a breakout season after tearing his ACL.

    Big year for the Waves.
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  20. bisonwaves234 Frank Row (1)

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    Has anyone hear in this heard of Joseph Morris from Waverley 16A's who plays tight head. he was originally in b's but with the injured joel caltagirone-pantano he took his spot in the team. he then went on to play for Sydney u16's almost making gen blue. i think he'll have a strong chance of potentially playing 1st XV. anyone heard of him???

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