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NSW CAS Rugby 2020

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by rod skellet, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Lovetap Bob McCowan (2)

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    I think young Joe will be 3rds at best next year with the current crop of year 11 front rowers in 3rds and 2nds this year. Although he took his opportunity with injuries and credit to him. Will need to do a lot of work on his scrummaging to have any chance at higher honours. With the return of Joel Pantano and his strong scrum work and all round general play Morris will obviously move back down the pecking order.
  2. bisonwaves234 Frank Row (1)

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    Personally disagree. Going from 16b's to then making Sydney must mean something. i feel he has improved scrummaging as no 16a's teams could beat the waverley scrum. what is your point.
  3. Lovetap Bob McCowan (2)

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    My point is he is not a strong scrummager , the games I watched this season of the 16As I noted that 95% of the time the pressure was on him to hold his weight which often he didn’t. It was fortunate that he had a loose head prop in Smith that knew what he was doing as well as some help from his 2nd row. You can also go to footage of the Sydney v Country game where it was very evident he struggled at scrum time. The intel I have is that he was never in the running for gen blue because of this lack of core role skill / scrummaging. Going forward into the opens a tight head prop must know how to scrum as a priority , so front rowers already ranked above him and have played opens this season and will do so again next season will get first crack.
  4. OneFourVeteran Frank Row (1)

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    sorry dox. things got a bit heated. ill tell my tokos and my siannas to call of the hit on love tap. G what
  5. Lovetap Bob McCowan (2)

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    Sir Scrums
    Sir Scrums-A lot I thought this was an open forum , I can’t see any toilet talk in the thread ? ( casting the line and go ! )
  6. bisonwaves234 Frank Row (1)

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    Guys just wanted to let you all know the Waverley College 16 B's highlights are out on youtube so if you want to check them out here is the link couple of massive runs in the video and it features many potential 1st XV players next year #getamongstit
  7. bisonwaves234 Frank Row (1)

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    Or search up Waverley College 2019 16 B's deafeated CAS
  8. formerflanker Bob Davidson (42)

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    Waverley's opponent in the Test curtain raiser has a good write up in today's Manly Daily.
    St Augustine's captain, Zac Barnabas, is profiled with several mentions of his famous sailing family.
    Good publicity for the game and rugby in general.
  9. MarkG94 Frank Row (1)

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    Predicted Waverley College 1XV and 16A teams

    1. Reeve Smith
    2. Darcy Sullivan
    3. Ben Dunning
    4. Fritz jahnke-tavana
    5. Clem Halaholo
    6. Davvy Moale
    7. Will Baker (C)
    8. Axel Runow
    9. Klayton Thorn
    10. Emmanuel Di Bartolo
    11. Mitch Eyles
    12. Ronald Volkman
    13. Asolelei Fretton
    14. Aaron Dimovitch
    15. Dane Towns

    1. Aj Preketes
    2. Jasper Doyle
    3. Vince Santamaria
    4. Pat Hoggart
    5. Ben Schrijvers
    6. Charlie Nowlan / Sam Lodge
    7. Jesse Sonego
    8. Lucius Capadonna
    9. Tom Martin
    10. Nick Quinn / Jack Rigg
    11. TJ Speedy-Coe
    12. Baxter senior
    13. Leon Bakis
    14. Max Harrison
    15. Dane Towns / Miles Minto
  10. hornsby4life Frank Row (1)

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    Your team is slighty inaccurate, don't see Santamaria, Kulscar or Schrijvers being their next year. However, I like the looks of young superstar Speedy-Coe. Had the privelege of watching him tear up in the B's against Joeys a few weekends back. He certainly will be in the backline over the likes of Senior and Kulscar.
  11. MarkG94 Frank Row (1)

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    Hornsby4life who would be in your 16As team over the likes of Santamaria, Kulscar, Schrijvers and Senior?
  12. hornsby4life Frank Row (1)

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    Schocher? Speedy-Coe? Minto?
  13. Glue and Bold Frank Row (1)

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    Can we get a predicted team for every school next season?
  14. Lovetap Bob McCowan (2)

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    Prediction Waverley College 1st XV 2020

    1: Reeve Smith
    2: Darcy Sullivan
    3: Peter Cassimatis
    4: Miles Amatesero
    5: Matt Chapman
    6: Davy Moale
    7: Charlie Baker
    8: Ethan King

    9: Hugh Johnson
    10: Emmanuel Di-Bartolommeo
    11: Jordan Swan
    12: Ronald Volkman
    13: Asololei Fretton
    14: Mitch Eylse
    15: Ethan Flanagan

    I feel a few eyebrows being raised as the read this list , so I will point out why I have predicted this team to start the season off.

    1: Front row has been selected on form , strength and rugby experience. Smith is a current NSW rep in the U16 1st team and has really come on this year and I am sure with a good preseason he will be a front runner. A very good scrum technician and good hands when he runs with the ball. Having made his 1st XV debut at Bank West I expect to see him in the double V in 2020.
    Sullivan is in my opinion the best line out thrower in the CAS. He was unlucky not to play rep rugby this year but is not far off. His game management is excellent and is your genuine 4th back rower. Also got game time in the double V this season.
    Cassimatis is a machine very physical and very good on defence. Probably deserves the bolter tag in this team but I have seen enough of him over the past 2 seasons to warrant my prediction, along with what I’m hearing in regards to ore season program Cassimatis is well in the mix. There will be genuine back up in Pantano , Dunning , Drevon.

    2nd row pretty much speaks for itself. Both NSW reps this year and both can play and it also helps when you are 2 of the tallest players in the CAS. Plenty of 1st XV experience will also cement their spots. They should have a couple of boys hot on their heals in Halohalo and Foley.

    Back row is the toughest to pick with unlimited candidates ready and willing. I have predicted Moale , Baker and King on form and experience. Moale and King both NSW reps this year and will continue to improve in 2020. I know there has been some talk of Moale playing in the front row in order to fit Fretton into the back row but if Fretton continues to have issues with concussions then a positional change maybe best for him. Baker will be the 7 in this pack and possibly wear the captains armband. There will be genuine heat put on this group from the likes of Runow , Elder brothers and Kapos.

    I have gone for Hugh Johnson at 9 over last years starter Thorn. For me Johnson shows a bit more energy and when given an opportunity has really showed how good he is. His work rate is high and game management excellent. Was a big reason why the 2nd XV had such a dominant undefeated 2019. Thorn still has plenty to offer but also has another 2 seasons at the school and potentially a captain in waiting.

    10 , 11 and 12 pick themselves 2-3 years 1st XV experience. Also a fair bit of rep experience amongst them.

    Have gone for Fretton at 13. I think with what we saw in 2019 from him was exciting. He is a wrecking ball both on defence and attack and is very quick. I watched him at athletics a few weeks ago and jumped in a 100 mtr heat to make up numbers and killed it.
    I think with his past injury concerns the positional change would be good for Fretton and the team.

    14 Eyles gets this spot due to his genuine speed and good defence coupled with his game management looking for big things from him in 2020.

    Flanagan at 15 this kid is a real talent. A danger with ball in hand and reads a game well. Also a NSW rep in 2019 and is held in high regard in those circles.

    Remember this is only my prediction and is only based on 2019 form and experience. End of the day the pre season form will determine how many of these players will be selected come round 1 of CAS.
    What I can say is that Waverley are looking like very strong contenders for 2020 / 2021.
  15. hornsby4life Frank Row (1)

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    I've seen some quiet interesting observations this week. Down at Coogee at 4:30am, I saw Ayden Diffin (15b's) and Noah Kulcsar (15as/bs) running hills at the northern end. They certainly mean business. Watch out for these hard working talents next year in the Double V #1's #6 #12
  16. Matty D Frank Row (1)

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    Long term follower of the CAS & GPS threads and thought I would add my two cents worth for what its worth. My prediction for the 2020 Waverley team

    1: Tom Jaeger (First XV)
    2. Darcy Sullivan (16A)
    3. Ben Dunning (Second XV)
    4. Fritz Jahnke-tavana (16A & NSW 16s)
    5. Miles Amatesero (First XV)
    6. Davvy Moale (First XV & NSW 16s)
    7. Will Baker (First XV)
    8. Ethan King (16A, NSW 16s)

    9. Klayton Thorn (First XV, NSW 16s)
    10. Ronald Volkman (First XV)
    11. Jordan Swan (First XV)
    13. Asolelei Fretton (Roosters)
    14. Ethan Flanagan (16A, NSW 16s)
    15. Emmanuel Di Bartolo (First XV)

    The current First XV players will remain in their positions for 2020 - they were all key players in 2019. I have returned Volkman back to 10 where his experience and razzle dazzle can shine. Di Bartolo with his big boot at 15. With the latter of the 2019 season combo of Thorn, Di Bartolo & Volkman they will be exciting to watch in 2020 and will be key players for this team. Eager to see Fretton return to the team at 8 or 13. The forward pack will have good size and will be a force. The only positions up for grabs will be 12 and 14.
  17. Lovetap Bob McCowan (2)

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    Is Jaeger year 12 this year ?
  18. Lovetap Bob McCowan (2)

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  19. Lovetap Bob McCowan (2)

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  20. WLF Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Yes, he graduated this year.

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