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NSW JRU State Championships & Representative Teams 2013

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by sarcophilus, May 2, 2013.

  1. sarcophilus Charlie Fox (21)

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    The June long week end is fast approaching, there must be some news on team developments and shadow boxing to be shared for all ages. I think there may be a new format for the competition..no grand final day at a single venue?
  2. Wood Rat Alfred Walker (16)

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    Must have been today's cold snap getting you to jump th' gun Sarco. If it was a swimming race you'd be out. Checking the NSWJRU web site suggests team registration list wont be in until next Friday (10th May). you may not get many bites before then.

    I was down at Rat Park last Monday and saw the u/10 and U/11 trials and enjoyed reflecting on the 6 year journey My lad has had with The Rats to date.

    Its pretty amazing looking at these kids full of fantasy puffed up and brave and realising they are going to double in size over the next six years or so and tipping the scales around the 100+kg. What is more enjoyable is watching the majority of them develop into good young men. Its great to see the respect they develop for each other as team mates and combatants. There are so many soliloquies to competitors of any discipline, no-one needs another bad one from me.

    from last year though The ACT closed out the three younger age groups, I don't recall any being by huge margins though the wet would have stopped any blow outs.
    Gordon competed in the next three age finals and were successful in one? I think their backs ended up bogged in the weekend's deluge. I know the U/15 rats were loving the sound of the rain on the roof on the eve of the final game.especially those in the engine room. (I wonder if la nina will smile on them again this year)

    From what I have read here u/16 tends to be a bit of a "moving year" Many of the strong clubs start to lose players to private school commitments (or opportunities). Eastwood and Randwick were new entrants to the 15s semi finals in 2012. It would be good and not entirely unexpected to see them continue their challenge.

    I don't know what happened in the older age groups

    There are lots of way to mark success... The first is just taking part. I hope all the competitors have a safe and enjoyable journey.
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  3. sarcophilus Charlie Fox (21)

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    Anyone seen a draw for any ages yet
  4. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Under 11's at Kierle Park, Manly
    Under 12's at Camden Rugby Park, Camden
    Under 13's at Grantham Park, Blacktown
    Under 14's at Orange, with Semis and Finals in Sydney on Monday
    Under 15 at Boronia Park, Hunters Hill
    Under 16 and Under 17 at St Lukes Oval, Concord

    Semis and finals for Under 11's, 12's, and 13's are at the same place as the pool games.

    Under 10 tournament to be held on 30 June.

    Draw for Under 11's to Under 17's to be released on 31 May according to NSW JRU Competition Manual.
  5. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Any results from trials games?

    Taking a stickybeak at Buddha, there is not a very large player pool at U16 and U17 level competition in SJRU. I anticipate that we will see plenty of supplementation from players who are not playing in the SJRU competition. If the Annual Stampede of Ghost Players doesn't eventuate, the Country Zones and the ACT will be fancying their chances for titles in these age groups.
  6. sarcophilus Charlie Fox (21)

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    Last Years NSW u15 coppied from that thread
    How many of these players wont be "released" to play club rugby because of school 1stXV commitments or subsidie. I would imagine of those that remain this year there will be a lot less next

    Liam Baker Country
    Phillip Bradford Country
    Daniel England (Sydney
    Max Girdler (Sydney
    Ben Gunter Country
    James Hawkins Country
    Louis Heaton (Sydney
    Reece Hewart Country
    Harry Holmes Country
    Conner Hurley Sydney
    Henry Hutchison Sydney
    Cameron King Country
    Tom Lever Sydney
    Sepasa Loga Torogi Sydney
    Jack Mc Gregor Sydney
    Will Mcrae Sydney
    Jack Nettleton Sydney
    Guy Porter Sydney
    Jacob Richards Sydney
    Max Stewart Country
    Jacob Storey Sydney
    Kirk-Steven Tulavii Sydney
    Cyprus Tutunoa Sydney
  7. Gooner Allen Oxlade (6)

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    In the U16 Southern Districts have put together a reasonable squad - a combination of Randwick and Southern Districts players from last year. A sizeable pack with some speed in the backs. It will be interesting to see how they progress.
    Training tommorrow night with Southern Districts first grade - the boys are looking forward to it.
  8. Vanuatu Chiefs Sydney Middleton (9)

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    The draws for the U11s, U12s, U15s & U16s are now available:

    www.nswjuniors.rugbynet.com.au (Go to Resource Library in the top left hand corner)

    The U15s & U16s draws mistakenly refer to the dates as 9,10 & 11 June instead 8, 9 & 10 June.

    The draws for the U13s, U14s & U17s are due to be published on 2 June.
  9. sarcophilus Charlie Fox (21)

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    Moving year may have come early, there is a rumour going around that Sydney gets First pick this year.
    I bet a lot of potential "presidents 1s and 2s" will suddenly be unavailable fro club championships this coming week. Will last years NSW back be missing altogether and back at Knox 2 weeks later.
  10. sarcophilus Charlie Fox (21)

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    I wonder if this is further undermined by the Country Schools Championship at TAS on the Same week end offering selection in the Country Schools U16
    just checked the Cockatoo's web site for this info

  11. thecow Ward Prentice (10)

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    interesting that the 16s and 17s draws had to be changed. GPS must have pulled their Under 16 boys out as well .
  12. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    The Administration wallahs at NSW JRU have a tough gig at this time of the year. They should consider bolstering their ranks with an unpaid intern or two from NSW RU.

    I wonder why the draw can not be released so close to the event, or needs to be changed.

    Teams pulling out after they have registered like the Waratah Shield competition?
    Teams not happy with their draw because they are facing Gordon in Pool Play and that isn't fair because Easts have an easier draw in their pool?

    Did the annual Ghost Player Stampede not eventuate?

    Difficult to understand what is going on with the NSW Country Schools association and their timing.

    Click on the arrow thingy in the green bar below to read an extended version of my rant about this on the NSW U16 thread.
  13. sarcophilus Charlie Fox (21)

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    It seems one of the mathematics geniuses worked out that twelve is divisible by four. this meant it wasn't necessary to have two seeded teams in the same pool and coming up with a tricky formula to decide the fourth semi final spot as was the case with the first draw

    Pool 1: Warringah, Central Coast, ACT
    Pool 2: Gordon, Penrith, Central West
    Pool 3: Eastwood, Hunter, West Harbour
    Pool 4: Parramatta, Southern Districts, Norths

    Knock out Quarter Finals Based on
    Pool A v Pool C 1st v 2nd and 2ndv1st
    and Pool B v Pool D the same
  14. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Under 16 - No Randwick, No Easts, No Uni, No Manly.

    All "heartland" clubs that pride themselves on their Junior development programmes.

    Colts 1st Grade 2013 contenders are Manly, Uni, Randwick and Norths.
    Where do they get their kids from?
  15. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    And meanwhile in the Under 17's, SJRU has managed to produce 6 teams:
    West Harbour

    No Randwick, No Parramatta, No Souths, No Easts, No Norths, No Uni.

    Does this drop off rate not worry the "Powers that Be"?

    Where have all the 2012 Under 16 Ghost Players gone? Oh thats right, no second chance to be selected for Nationals this year.

    The pathway through City/Country U17, NSW JRU U17 and a tilt at AJRU National U17 tournament merit team may not be as attractive as it could be.
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  16. Thin Thighs Ted Fahey (11)

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    I hope the weather is better this year.

    The weather for Monday's games last year was ridiculous.
  17. sarcophilus Charlie Fox (21)

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    Pool 1: Warringah, Central Coast, ACT
    Pool 2: Gordon, Penrith, Central West
    Pool 3: Eastwood, Hunter, West Harbour
    Pool 4: Parramatta, Southern Districts, Norths

    I heard that the teams seeded 2 3 and 4 Played a bit of a round robin trial a few weeks back. Who played dead and who overplayed their hands?
  18. 10to12 Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    under 15s. Three teams will fight this one out. ACT, Gordon and Norths. Cant see any of the others being up there. Vic come back to Sydney this year and if they play like previous Vic teams they will be hard to beat, but meet Gordon in their pool games. The semis (Monday Morning) should see Gordon play Norths and ACT play ??. 2 hours later on the Monday ACT will play the winner of the Gordon/ North Semi. The predicted drier weather should allow some great footy to be played
  19. Slugga Ted Fahey (11)

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    Agree with that. The next tier would be Eastwood, Parra and Penrith with Parra and Penrith having the easier Draw to fill the fourth spot.
  20. forwards4ever Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    It will be interesting to see if Guy Porter is released as he is playing in Scots 1st XV!

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