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NSW Schools - Trial Games and Selections 2012

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by CTPE, May 9, 2012.

  1. Newbie Bill McLean (32)

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    Hat off to you Random, you picked it!
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  2. dermo Larry Dwyer (12)

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    Murphy playing injured and still shone, if hes 100% fit for the national tournament he will go very close to Aus Schools
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  3. whatever Darby Loudon (17)

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    Any CCC boys make the squad/s?
  4. random2 Johnnie Wallace (23)

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    i wasn't anticipating the selectors would be this bad.
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  5. Brian Westlake Arch Winning (36)

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    2012 NSWSRU U18 1 & 2 SELECTIONS

    NSW Schools Rugby 1st XV 2012
    Position, Name, School
    1. Oscar PRYOR-LEES, Newington College
    2. Tom WILSON, Barker College
    3. Rory O’CONNOR, St Augustine’s College
    4. Harry RORKE, St Ignatius College
    5. Ofiu MANUKEU, Plumpton High School
    6. Jack DEMPSEY, St Ignatius College
    7. Jack JOHNSON, Waverley College
    8. Mitchell WHITELEY, St Ignatius College
    9. Fabian NATOLI, St Augustine’s College
    10. David HORWITZ, The Scots College
    11. Tanne MILNE, Newington College
    12. Tepai MEOROA, Newington College
    13. Jim STEWART, The Scots College
    14. Andrew KELLAWAY, The Scots College
    15. Jake McINTYRE, Alstonville High School
    16. Eddie FAIGATAA, Balgowlah High School
    17. Tevita VEA, Newington College
    18. Matthew SANDELL, St Joseph’s College
    19. Karel LLOYD, St Augustine’s College
    20. Brandon PAENGA-AMOSA, Endeavour Sports High
    21. Harry JENKINS, Barker College
    22. Henry CLUNNIES-ROSS, Trinity Grammar School
    23. Jonathon BROWN, St Mary’s Cathedral School

    Coach: John PAPAHATZIS, St Augustine's College
    Ass Coach: Dean OXLEY, St Stanislaus College
    Manager: John GUY, Hunter Valley Grammar

    NSW Schools Rugby 2nd XV 2012
    Position, Name, School
    1. Cameron ORR, Trinity Grammar School
    2. Ben CAROLAN, St Joseph’s College
    3. Tomas ROBERTSON, St Joseph’s College
    4. Matthew PHILIP, St Augustine’s College
    5. Fergus LEE-WARNER, The Kings School
    6. Declan O’DONAHUE, St Joseph’s College
    7. Tom MURPHY, St Joseph’s College
    8. Albert HEMOPO, Endeavour Sports High
    9. Andrew FERRIS, The Kings School
    10. Corey TULLOCH, The Kings School
    11. Harry JONES, The Kings School
    12. Liam CREELEY, Knox Grammar
    13. Lalakai FOKETI, The Kings School
    14. Charlie TAYLOR, St Augustine’s College
    15. John PORCH, Farrar MAHS
    16. Henry PEDERSEN, Barker College
    17. Jake KAY, Castle Hill School
    18. Faaope SATUI, Trinity Grammar School
    19. Harrison WILLIAMS, St Aloysius College
    20. Jack McCALMAN, The Kings School
    21. Joey LUSSICK, Newington College
    22. Max WYLIE, The Kings School
    23. Harry BROWN, Alstonville High School

    Coach: Peter REEVES, Chevalier College

    Ass Coach: Jarred HODGES, Prairiewood High School

    Hope that helps whatever
  6. Brian Westlake Arch Winning (36)

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    sorry about layout just a straight cut and paste

    Mods Note: Layout Fixed by MOD
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  7. Brian Westlake Arch Winning (36)

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    You have to cross the bridge some times Newbs. There is a big world on the Camel Trek north.
    Random makes the call and you back it.. We are going to have to get you watching the forwards mate to find out about football.
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  8. Newbie Bill McLean (32)

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    You; sorry! Yeah right! :)
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  9. Newbie Bill McLean (32)

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    Hey Brian,

    Can I get back to you on that one mate, I have just realised the time and I have to go out back and feed my pigs and get them ready for their first flying lesson!

    Besides I wouldn't know the finer nuances of forward play if it came and bit me on my backside :)

    PS - I crossed the Gladesville bridge on my annual pilgrimage on Tuesday! :)
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  10. Brian Westlake Arch Winning (36)

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    I am. I am just technologically bereft. Thank you kindly.
    I am still more than bemused by some of the selections though Newb. Happy with some and wondering what games the selectors watched in another. That THP I liked is Doulglas Streeter too. Good style of a lad. Very polite and a strong back in the scrums. Good to see young Ethan (Pollard) Matthews come in on a moments notice too. Another good young THP that will develop as he matures
  11. SealClubber77 Stan Wickham (3)

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    Bit confused with the choice of 'manbear' over piggy robinson. he appeared sluggish in both trials, but again i feel that his ability to clean 60kgs has once again impressed the selectors.
  12. Newbie Bill McLean (32)

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    I wouldn't be terribly worried about Piggy Robertson being in the seconds. He will inevitably shine and be up there at Nationals! And everyone knows who he is!

    Let us not forget the shake up the Australian teams underwent after their first games against England! I'm sure a few seconds boys will make their way through!
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  13. Brian Westlake Arch Winning (36)

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    And Seal Clubber.

    I am not worried as l think that it just adds to Tomas Robertson. He has proved he can play both sides of the scrum (ala Blades Brothers) and l honestly believe that with his playing mates around him that he will shine through, as you put it you wise old sage hehe
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  14. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    There's a few surprises in here but they are not as significant as they were in days gone by especially with the recent initiative of having separate teams from Victoria and WA - which means that NSW, ACT and Qld players who missed out can be picked for the Combined States side, as can players from the Div II Championships. Nor is the difference in being in the Ones or the Twos as important as formerly.

    1. Pryor-Lees - surprised he was chosen above Robertson though he played better today than on Tuesday. I would have put money on Piggy getting in the Ones but would have lost it.

    2. Wilson - good player and one of the most reliable throwers to the lineout, His goal kicking ability does him no harm either.

    3. O'Connor - I've got to admit he did not take my eye in the two games I saw ISA play.

    4. Rorke - no brainer

    5. Manukeu - excellent choice and had an rambunctious long run today but he would have been chosen for his slick lineout work and getting over the gain line in the tight.

    6. Dempsey - another signature game today. Had some good runs: a couple for long gains (including one for a try) and driving forward when apparently stopped. More than one parent who hadn't seen him before asked me who he was. Going for gold.

    7. Johnson - my choice would have been Murphy but he was quiet today.

    8. Whitely - one of most skilful forwards in the trials but to get a gold jersey he will have to play a harder game and have a few more involvements in the tight.

    9. Natoli - may not pass the medical as he limped off in the 2nd half today. After saying a few weeks ago he was only a marginal NSW player he has proved me wrong. He is not the complete scrummie as he can isolate himself sometimes by sniping, but he has an X-Factor the others don't have. Played a better all-round game today with his team on the back foot a lot.

    10. Horwitz - a better game and the best all-round flyhalf of the week.

    11. Milne - strange; after criticising the GPS midfielders against CAS for playing like strangers, he and Foketi combined well against CHS, though often in a touch football type of way when the CHS lads tired as one knew they would. Having said that some of their interplay with each other and other fellows in the team could not have been better. If one of them had to be picked on the wing I would have played Foketi there, not Milne.

    12. Moeroa - the big bopper didn't trial because he was away for a family funeral but he's like Johansson when he was a schools player and that is very good.

    13. Stewart - he was running up and down for the NSW Schools trainer this afternoon and she told me he did OK so I thought he was a chance to get to the Oz tournament though I thought it would be in the Combined States team. If he and Moeroa were to be included in the 30 starters I would have had Moeroa in the Twos and Stewart as 12 in the Ones.

    14. Kellaway - another gorgeous game today but still not tested as a fullback custodian; so maybe that is why he is on the wing. Scored another couple of tries, again. His selection of when to chime in for a pass for a try or long gain is uncanny.

    15. McIntyre - this may surprise some people but although he's a good ball player I'm not convinced he is a flyhalf and he certainly can attack like a fullback. The thing is though: there were probably better running fullbacks than him in the trials: like Kellaway.
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  15. Newbie Bill McLean (32)

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    The Blades brothers; nice era of Australian rugby.

    For all the younguns that was once upon a time when the AB's used worry about Australian; like really worry!
  16. Brian Westlake Arch Winning (36)

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    I am going to drink heavily on this now LG and come back to you over the weekend. What a sad indictment it is that we should all be out somewhere else on a Friday night. Good night Gentlemen and Rugby Mum :)
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  17. stonecutter Chris McKivat (8)

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    If after 4 weeks of trials these are the best two teams NSW can come up with then I fear a long QLD reign. I believe that selectors are meant to determine who has been the most technically proficient performer in the chosen positions and then select those players accordingly. Unfortunately what we end up with here is an attempt to keep everybodies ego in check and to create players. Some of the more interesting selections I found were,

    The best fullback on display is now a winger and his wing partner was the best No12
    2 centres not cited in any game now in NSW 1 (what is combined states for if not this exact situation)
    Last years (out of form) Aus No10 is now a No15
    GPS III"s to NSW in the space of 3 days for a pair of halves (good players but what were they doing in the III's originally?)
    A No6 who played No4 in both games
    5 Augustines players selected after the insipid performance of ISA I's against CAS I' has me non plussed and CHS 1's were of smilar standing.

    Why can't selectors just pick players in position. If you can't then perhaps it would be wise to move on and create an opportunity for someone who can. Yes, some of the selections were right but then you didn't have to be a genius to pick Dempsey or Whitely did you.
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  18. Iluvmyfooty Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    For those that are saying Mcintyre is out of position he played as a utility last year switching between No 10 and No 15 and doing a good job in both.

    Stewart is an Oz schoolboy already so he deserves his spot. Kellaway played wing last year for NSW. In all I think it is a good team and will acquit themselves well at the championships.
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  19. Shooter Stan Wickham (3)

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  20. Loyd Hemmer Frank Row (1)

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    As well there is no back up 10 for Horwitz and that is why they put an extra winger in the team. So Mcintyre goes 10, kellaway to fullback.

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