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QLD Colts 2019

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by rugbysthewinner, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. Jim Henry Frank Row (1)

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    Australian under 20 squad reduced to 52 from initial 87 named end of 2018, In preparation of the first camp Canberra end of this Jan/Feb 2019
  2. Mike Bishop Stan Wickham (3)

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    Couple of interesting names in the Oz u20 squad. In particular Reno Gerrard who didn't have a club next to his name. Any info on his wherabouts for the season?
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  3. Garry Owens Alan Cameron (40)

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    I had heard he was attached to Bond
  4. Jim Henry Frank Row (1)

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    Gerard had injury plagued 2018. Selected in NRC 19 country squad joined team after GPS commitments finished. Selected in OZ u18 squad for England/Ireland tour however a head knock at training meant he returned to Australia with out playing a game. I hear he was given a $ ARU incentive to stay in Rugby. A number years ago he was connected with South Sydney RL . I heard same that he is connected with Bond for 2019. Great potential if he can remain fit and injury free.
  5. Sage Too Ward Prentice (10)

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    He was a schoolboy last year (TSS). Think he's 19 years of age, 20 this year?
  6. Jim Henry Frank Row (1)

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    Next Aus20 camp is 11 March in Canberra again. I hear squad and been both reduced and then added to. Not sure of whose is in, who is out and or who is new into squad.
  7. Mike Bishop Stan Wickham (3)

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    With round 1 this weekend, any idea of players to watch out for this season?
  8. Bladerunner Frank Nicholson (4)

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    After the first round what teams look the goods, Brothers and Uni colts 1 look the goods, the word on the street was the Souths colts 1 were the team to beat but were upset by Sunnbank, any intel. Surprise loss to Brothers colts 2 I think they will struggle without a dedicated 9 and Uni look strong in the colts 3
  9. Lemno01 Peter Burge (5)

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    Does anyone have a link to the source for the teams and results each round?

    The Reds page seems to link to page that only goes as far as 2018.

  10. Happyman Fred Wood (13)

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    Mate Download RugbyXplorer app from your app store.
    Goto add team in the main page sea select your club of choice.
    Then you can select whichever grade you wish and follow from there. It really is a good thing once you get it sorted and you actually get live updates when the games are played.
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  11. The Nomad Ron Walden (29)

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    If you are on the wrong side of 40 as I am and enjoy reading the weekend papers, all the rugby results still get published in the Sunday Mail. They are in the back of the racing lift out under "results". Old school I know , but they are all there, including school rugby in term 2 & 3 .
  12. Dark Shark Dave Cowper (27)

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    My thoughts on Colts 1 teams in 2019 follow:-

    Top 4 (in no particular order)

    Brothers - With an outstanding array of outside backs, they will need their halves, who are a rung or two below, to step up and provide good ball so they can do something with it. Any opposition kicking the pill to them do so at their own peril with the kicking counter attack second to none. A lot of young men playing in new positions in the forward pack may hold them back at times.

    Souths - A lot of big names across the park this year but in past years in this comp and others some of these players look like Tarzan and play like Jane. (and it looks like that is what happened in weekend just gone). This team cannot wait for other players to do the hard work, they will all have to chip in to be successful.

    Sunnybank - have probably the best front row in the comp which should be putting them on to the front foot but from week to week can be so hot and cold. They will be looking for consistency to get them into the final four.

    UQ - A great back row will put massive pressure on opposition. However, their depth has let them down in recent times and they will be pushing it if they incur too many injuries over the season.

    The best of the rest

    Bond University - have probably the best halves pairing in the comp and a sprinkle of quality players across the park. Like UQ, their depth is an issue but will cause some upsets along the way.

    GPS - Some of their players on the roster last year have defected to other clubs, putting a question mark over players faith in the Colts program at the club. But can never be written off.

    Wests - Despite having probably best halfback in comp, do not have the firepower in the inside backs as they have enjoyed previously. It also seems they have some of their backrow out with injury. But they seem to surprise in recent years, so cannot be discounted.

    If Wests make the final four, it will be interesting to see if they do the same as some teams last year in the finals and bring quality players from Prems and play a backline including Carter Gordon, Jordan Petaia (assuming coming back from injury and underdone for the Wallabies) and Cooper Whiteside.
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  13. Getwithme Ron Walden (29)

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    laughable that Petaia would play, as if they would let him. Regards to a lack of inside backs at Wests, don't Whiteside and Gordon count? Wouldn't think they would be up there for long.

    Worried about Brothers pack and halves combo. In the last 2 years, their pack has dominated and has really set a platform for the rest of the side to dominate. No doubt they will be decent but will it give the guys outside them the opportunities require? They'll be right in for the big dance regardless.

    Sunnybank are a good side also. As mentioned, last year they had a fairly young side and now look stronger particularly with the emergence of the outside back who dominated towards the end of last year and last week (name elludes me but in reds academy)

    Souths obviously the favourites with their big boys.

    UQ, Bond really not that far off and both will be well coached and in the mixer.

    Saw Norths play and their fullback was sensational.

    This is the most even comp in 2/3 years.
  14. Oldschool Tom Lawton (22)

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    It might be laughable that they would let Pataia play, but how good would that Wests backline be.
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  15. Sgt Slaughter Herbert Moran (7)

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    I know it’s early days but my Top 4:

    UQ - Forwards Nathan Beil (8) and Will Roach (7) will certainly make an impact, Backs Christian Suemalo (12) and Joshua Russell (15) will be the glue that holds the back line together. Game changers to look out for lock Ryan Kinbacher (5) and Mosiah Christian (9) are ones to keep an eye on I think they will make thier presence felt in 2019.

    Sunnybank - Set piece will be strong with John Tominiko, Nesta Mahina, Tyreese Felu in the front row, returning Issac Crone (9) will be a handful for any team if they give him space, I think he is better at 10 myself. Game changers definitely Emmitt Keepa (8) and Samuel Samu (13) they are both physical players that lead from the front.

    Brothers - Although Brothers will not be as dominating as last year they are still very solid across the park. Jacob Stocker (5) Tom Hughes (7) will be consistent solid performers on the field. Backs George Tarabay (9) Jake Pappin (10) need to find some chemistry if Brothers want to have any chance of top 4 let alone win the comp. Games changers Nick Cross (8) and Nathan Carroll (15) Nicks physical presence and Nathan’s rugby IQ can make all the difference in those close games.

    Souths - Front row Sinilau Wolske (1) Theo Fourie (2) will set a solid foundation, they have a big pack in general which will definitely be thier strength this year. Backs looking average in comparison to last years group, however thier game changer/game winner from last year Villiami Lea (11) is almost unstoppable in this Colts division, the addition of Reno Gerrard (8) is also a game changer for the magpies

    West and Bond have the goods to push into the top 4 - looking forward to the Souths/UQ game this weekend should be a cracker
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  16. Happyman Fred Wood (13)

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    My fearless prediction is Brothers to miss the four.
    From what I have seen and heard so far I think the four is
    1 UQ Plenty of Depth
    2 Sunnybank Probably lacking depth so staying injury free is important
    3 or 4 Bond Seem to have put some good structure in place and are well coached
    4 or 4 Souths Plenty of depth but probably lack some hard workers
    5 Wests First team is good but probably lack the depth to go deep
    6 Brothers Definitely lacking depth already lost more games in colts one and two than they did all of last season.
    7 to 9 Easts, GPS, Norths in no particular order.

    It is a long season though so it will be interesting to see how it goes.
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  17. George Craswell Bob McCowan (2)

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    Watched the Souths v Brothers game last week. Your comments are not too far off the mark. Souths 12-10.
    Souths had 80 per cent of the ball and a hefty penalty count in their favour. Their front row was outstanding.
    Others forwards solid but wilted late. Brothers showed plenty of ticker and were led well when they could have dropped their bundle. The Brothers 13 pulled off some enormous tackles particularly when he drove the big Souths 8 back 5 metres when he was segulling wide. Liked the look of the Brothers 8 who is big and hard. Plenty of improvement to be made as the season goes on for both teams. Both will be in the top 4
  18. Stinger66 Frank Row (1)

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    Sunnybank are the form team having knocked off the much fancied Souths, and racking up big scores against Wests and the under strength Norths. They are making lots of errors, but still winning games due to and abundance of strike power across the park. They are strong up front with JP Tominiko and the tearaway Nesta Mahina is destroying opposition packs. They have big timber in Keepa and Huddy, but the real find in the pack is Sam Mackenzie, a workhorse tackling flanker with great work ethic.
    Isaac Crone is playing out of position at 9 due to injury and lack of depth, but his cool head and leadership is keeping them on track. With his expected shift back to 10 imminent his service to the very dangerous outside backs - Samu, Pona, Vaihu and Tumua should see Sunnybank reach their potential. Their greatest problem as with most Sunnybank teams is consistency.
    Brothers, Souths, and Uni will make up the top 4 but the Dragons in my view are the team to beat with up to 7 or 8 players in line for URC selection

  19. Shaker Alex Ross (28)

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    Souths scrum is beyond dominant. Its fun to watch teams work around that.
  20. The Nomad Ron Walden (29)

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    The whole forward pack and especially the scrum was dominant against UQ early on last Sat , but was surprised how quickly they tired. Lots a walking in the second half by some of the larger lads and the scrums were even by then also. For such a tall team applied very little pressure at defensive line outs, bit odd with 4&5 being about a head taller than everyone else out there.

    If they get fit they would be dominant, at present though just hard to handle for the first 20mins .
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