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QLD Colts 2019

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by rugbysthewinner, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. George Peter Frank Row (1)

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    UQ v Brothers tomorrow at Crosby Rd. Will be the battle of the backrow.
    UQ - Engelbrecht, Roach, Beil
    Brothers - Skelton, Ali, Cross
    Sure to be a close contest.
    UQ by 5.
  2. QLDTalentscout Bob McCowan (2)

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    Agree although don't be surprised if margin is a bit wider than than this. Sunnybank had no answers for UQ last week and given Brothers managed a draw with the Dragons there could be a couple of tries gap
  3. The Nomad Cyril Towers (30)

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    Sunnybank far from their best last week , even the much talked up front row didn’t dominate. The line out completely misfired, think they only won two of their own throws the entire game. UQ were very good, but the Bank had a bad day, wouldn’t read too much into the result.
  4. George Craswell Bob McCowan (2)

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    University 22–19 against Brothers.Brothers led 19-0 at halftime. Courageous come back by Uni led by their 6 and 7.
    Massive penalty count against Brothers mainly for hanging on in the tackle. Surprisingly Uni outside backs were the match winners.
    Best for Brothers we’re 3, 4, 5 and 8.
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  5. Happyman Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Colts is now halfway through the season so now is an interesting time for many of the boys. For many the season will start to seem like the long distance race that it is after short school seasons. My thoughts in ladder order.
    Souths the next three weeks will determining whether they claim the minor premiership they play the remainder of the top four followed by the bottom half of the draw
    UQ next best favourite same win loss have two fairly easy weeks then it gets tough for them.
    Brothers have Souths next week at home in what could define there season win and the minor premiership is in play lose and they will be playing for top four only.
    Sunnybank have been unspectacular compared to where I thought they would be they have Souths this week and there premiership aspirations will be on the line on Saturday.
    Easts are in fifth and are valiant scrappers it is hard to see them putting the necessary five wins together in the second half of the season.
    Wests are in the same boast as Easts but probably have more strike power so perhaps have more upside in them.
    Bond are in an interesting position in that Colts 1 have no chance and frankly have not lived up to expectations so do they start getting players eligible for finals in colts two where they are top of the table to try and win something there. I would be surprised if the powers that be let them get away with some of the stuff they did last year.
    Norths are capable of upsets in the second round as they develop more cohesion but cannot make finals.
    GPS have zero wins they seem to have a few issues with recruitment. It could be a long 8 games for those boys as the loses mount.

    I think the top four is set but it is just the order to be determined.

  6. Sgt Slaughter Herbert Moran (7)

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    I agree - I think the 4 are set but I do expect East, Bond and West to create a few up sets to determine the pecking order at the end.
  7. The Nomad Cyril Towers (30)

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    Yep , next three weeks could possibly set up the minor premiership for Souths. SB , Brothers and then UQ will be a tough ask , but win them and top spot is theirs . That is basically the top 4 right there, just a matter of order.

    GPS probably the biggest surprise for me , hopefully can find some rhythm and finish the season strongly. Are a better team than the win / loss stats show, just need to look at their for & against to realise they should be placed higher than a couple of teams ahead of them.

    Easts pushed Brothers last week and seem to be improving as the season progresses. Think along with Wests and GPS could cause the odd upset of the top 4 in the second half of the season , of course Wests have already upset UQ once this season for their only loss thus far.

    Will certainly get interesting as teams get players back from injury and potentially first grade come finals time .

    Souths v SB should be a cracker , with Souths looking for a bit of revenge from Rd 1.
  8. steveadams12 Frank Nicholson (4)

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    With the 2nd half of the season set to kick of, what do we all see the NRC 19’s teams forming as? Lots of competition for spots
  9. Happyman Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Mate you can only hope selectors use there eyes and not base the selections on previous schools or reputations . There are a few boys who played Rep last year who have been average IMHO and a few who have never had a look in who are playing some really good footy and deserve recognition.

    It will be interesting to see how it goes.
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  10. steveadams12 Frank Nicholson (4)

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    I think your mostly right but I think Fourie who has played premier grade for Souths and Winchester who has played premier grade for bond are better option then Mahina/dobbins. Leslie over frewtell, Samu over Minogue or Smith
  11. The Nomad Cyril Towers (30)

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    When is the NRC U19 played?

    Still time for players coming back from injury to impress?

    Tom Van Der Schief back this week from ankle surgery would be at least in the discussion if gets back to the level he was at last year.

    Torah Moe has been in prems for UQ , would like to see him against his own age group.
  12. steveadams12 Frank Nicholson (4)

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    I would swap Torah in for lovelock in the teams listed above, he played well at NRC 19’s level last year I thought
  13. Roberts Rugby Ron Walden (29)

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    Roach at 7, Carroll at 15 and Jeans at 9. You will probably find Gordon and Ralston will be a fair chance at NRC.
  14. Roberts Rugby Ron Walden (29)

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    There’s Kibble too. Probably moving more towards NRC.
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  15. The Nomad Cyril Towers (30)

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    Yep agree, also Peteia , but hopefully he is moving more towards RWC!
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  16. PPRugby Stan Wickham (3)

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    This rounds Tips

    Bond v Brothers - Bond in an upset
    Norths v West’s - West’s 15+
    UQ v Easts - UQ by plenty
    Souths v Bank - Bank by 10+
  17. Mike Bishop Stan Wickham (3)

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    I'd be giving easts a little more respect than that.

    If you look at their form over the last month since they got demolished by 59-0 souths:

    Def Wests away 29-19
    Def Norths away 47-18
    Def Sunnybank home 31-28
    Loss to Brothers away 28-22

    That's not the worse form coming into this match and considering they're playing at home, I'd except it to be close. Still uni to win by 10 but much closer than you're expecting PPRugby
  18. Happyman Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    Brother to win at bond
    West’s to beat an improving Norths
    UQ getting more backrowers back this week so by quite a lot unless Easts can make it scrappy
    Souths to beat Sunnybank in the match of the round.
  19. Sgt Slaughter Herbert Moran (7)

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    - Flourie from Souths is in and out of Premier Grade would out preform both hookers mentioned
    - East number 10 and 4 are both playing well
    - West number 9 is also in the mix
    - Torah is currently playing Premier grade for UQ
    - Suemalo and Hill have both played prem grade for UQ this year and did a great job
    - Tom Van Der Schief back from injury this week for UQ
    - As some one mentioned above hopefully common sense prevails as Kirk and Jeans have under preformed but previous achievements may get them in the door - Christian from UQ has outplayed them both thus far.

    Ralston, Gordan, Whiteside will play NRC
  20. Sgt Slaughter Herbert Moran (7)

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    The Round of Redemption

    Bond v Brothers - Brothers 5+
    Last time they played Brothers defeated Bond by 50pts, last chance of redemption for Bond expect a bit of fire in the belly for this game.

    Souths v Bank - Bank 5+
    Can Souths avenge their only loss of the season? The Bank are well matched size wise so Souths direct style of footy utilising their big boys may not be as effective against the Bank. Expecting the Bank to get over the line in another close game.

    UQ v Easts - UQ 20+
    East have been underestimated the past few weeks, if UQ do the same they may find themselves in trouble. I expect it to be a close for most of the game, however I do think the flood gates will open in the 2nd half with UQ running away with it.

    Norths v West’s - West’s 25+
    After getting pumped by Souths a few weeks ago you would expect West to come out firing, unfortunately I dont see to much resistance coming from Norths and expect West to win convincingly.

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