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QLD Colts 2019

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by rugbysthewinner, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. Sgt Slaughter Herbert Moran (7)

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    Sunnybank 15+
    I think this will be an opportunity for SB to try a few different combinations or positional changes before their clash with Brothers after their bye round next week.

    Brothers 20+
    West seem to play better at home, I would expect Brothers to get home comfortably.

    GPS 7+
    Yes you see correctly GPS are going to beat someone at some point and this will be the upset of the round, Bond are looking well below average at the moment.

    UQ 15+
    Brothers exposed Souths weekness by playing a bit wider, if UQ follow the same pattern they should come out on top. UQ have been guilty of overplaying it in the forwards if they do that it will be a long day at the office. After Souths big loss to Brothers last week if they do not score first they may get a dose of here we go again and the wheels may fall off the bus early. Looking forward to watching the game.
  2. The Nomad Bill McLean (32)

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    If Souths control possession early and get to dictate the pace of the game they will most likely win.

    Easier said than done , the UQ forward pack’s combinations and form has been building nicely during the season , Souths will need to put in for the full 70 minutes to beat them .

    Think it will come down to the last 10 mins.
  3. Xasparatiin Bob McCowan (2)

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    Any news on yesterday’s games, I hear Brothers went down to west’s?
  4. Sgt Slaughter Herbert Moran (7)

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    Souths got up over UQ, game called 5mins early due to injury - would have been an interesting 5mins I guess we will never know.

    Positive for UQ - a very close game even though UQ were missing (4) Hielman, (5) Pountain, (8) Beil, (12) Suemalo, (14) Bell, (11) Moses - in saying that hats off to Souths they got the job done on the day.

    Standouts for UQ, 5,6,7,9 - Souths 1,2,11,13

    Not to be a negative Nancy but I’ve watched a few games now and the Souths Number 5 seems to get away with multiple shoulder chargers per game - I hope it doesn’t take a serious injury to take place before action is taken.
  5. The Nomad Bill McLean (32)

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    ^agree couple of his efforts yesterday would have once been described as a “hip and shoulder” , no arms and second man in. Could have easily been shown the cheese yesterday.
  6. Dark Shark Alex Ross (28)

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    After an outstanding game last week, I think the Brothers team thought they could just turn up against Wests and take the points. Unfortunately, Wests were too enthusiastic and committed and spoiled almost everything that Brothers tried. The forwards had very little or no impact and in turn the halves were directionless and Wests hung in by their fingernails.

    I have given the Wests half a good wrap in the past, but after yesterday he is best I have seen this year.

    I am not sure if Wests have a chance at finals but if their First Grade team doesn’t qualify it would be a game changer if Gordon, Petaia and Whiteside came back into Colts.
  7. The Nomad Bill McLean (32)

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    They would be very good with those players back , but doubt anyone other than the current top four will qualify, although if they roll UQ for the second time this year next weekend they will put a scare through the teams above them .

    The UQ v Sths game was a willing affair, with lots of heavy contact early. Sths controlled possession well and had all the running in the first 15 mins , but the students scored first despite low possession and poor field position. Thought UQ would run away with it in the second half after scoring in quick succession either side of half time , but credit to Sths they hit back and controlled most of the second half before UQ came home strong and gave themselves a chance late in the game .

    Kicking from UQ was poor and at times seemed aimless, again credit to Sths and their tactics of trying to keep UQ in their own territory, they often benefited from a poor exit kick, particularly Lea who would be the last person you would want returning kicks back at you in this competition.

    Overall Sths deserves the win , UQ didn’t quite look right, a bit flat maybe , definitely missed the work and leadership of Beil, will need to be better next week against Wests to avoid a second loss to them this season.
  8. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    Petaia can't play colts as a contracted Red I believe.
  9. Augustus the Great Frank Row (1)

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    I watched the Souths v UQ game on Saturday. The problem with UQ is they have a very limited and predictable game plan which can be easily combated by a larger and Superior pack which Souths had. Based on UQ's personnel you'd have to say its a smart approach. Get inside the oppositions Red zone and pick and drive. Their backline don't offer much of a threat at all.
    Souths front row of Wolske, Fourie and Sula-Siaosi did a demolition job on their opposites at scrum time and the giant ball runners like McDonald, Gerrard and Lea eventually wore down UQ.
    Roach was outstanding for UQ, however they don't offer much else than a very well coached pick and drive play. I can see Sunnybank and Brothers beating them this round as we head to the finals.
  10. The Nomad Bill McLean (32)

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    Based on what you saw last Saturday Augustus , most people would agree.

    Thankfully for UQ one game doesn't make a season, but if they offer that up again , they will get rolled by a few teams.

    Probably a little like what happened in Souths' loss to Brothers a couple of weeks back, 31-0 wasn't it ?

    I really don't think much separates the top few teams, have a bad day and you go down, have to be at your best to win.

    Just like it should be really.
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  11. Sgt Slaughter Herbert Moran (7)

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    Augustus - Superior Pack? Demolition Job? haha take your hand off it mate you will go blind. Beating an under strength UQ team by 5 points isn't anything to get excited about, not to mention the game being called early due to injury. Hats off to Souths for the win.

    I enjoyed the laugh Augustus thanks for that.
  12. Sgt Slaughter Herbert Moran (7)

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    I see the response via email but I can’t see it on here - but I will respond anyway

    Dominanted the scrum would suggest South won a UQ feed which they did not - in fact the Souths scrum half had more passes to the ground off the back of the scrum due to the pressure of the UQ scrum half.

    Souths were stronger over the ball and controlled possession a lot better - but shit UQ scored first after having less possession, they lead going in to half time - their kicking game was the biggest let down and maintaining their shape. UQ were below average for their standards defensively. Most importantly you can’t afford to play Souths down the middle.

    Give credit where credit is due Souths won and deserved the win - but don’t talk about a 5 point win like it was a 31-0 blow out.
  13. Happyman Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    My take on this weeks games.
    Easts v Bond. Easts have still got a sniff of finals and need to win Bond are loading up in Colts 2 as the season is done in Colts one. I expect Easts to get up at home
    UQ v Wests this is the game of the round. Wests have some real strike power out wide and the UQ centres look a bit thin after some injuries so it could go either way. I expect UQ to get over the line with the loonies and halves being just a little better.
    GPS V Souths This game could get ugly for GPS.
    NORTHS V Brothers Brothers could literally put 100 on Norths as they will be smarting from last weeks missed opportunity
  14. Sgt Slaughter Herbert Moran (7)

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    Norths V Brothers
    West defeated Brothers, Norths defeated West - so does that mean Norths have the potential to defeat Brothers? Im not sure it will be the blood bath everyone is expecting but I still have Brothers 20+

    East V Bond
    Bonds injury list and losing key players to Prem Grade is not a good combination, Im not sold on the stacking Colts 2 as their Colts 2 side has been consistently been winning right the way through. In saying that there are reports that East will also have some key players starting in Prem Grade this week also so it may not be as straight forward for either side. Im predicting a close match up. East 5+

    GPS V Souths
    We all know the size of the Souths lads and their capability, however GPS will have their one Cinderella game this year so maybe this week is that week - GPS have not won a game yet but credit to them its not through lack of effort, most teams they are the first to score then the wheels fall off. You cant not back Souths on this one. Souths 20+

    UQ V West
    UQ still have a few out, more importantly in the back line this week. With both centres out switching 15 to 13 I guess was the only option, with 4 x Colts 2 backs in the starting line up will it be enough to get the job done. West back line is nothing to be sneezed at, with the inclusion of a couple 2018 Wynnum Bugs and Logan Saints backs it maybe a hard day at the office for the Uni boys. Im predicting a much more forward orientated game this week and believe UQ will get the job done. UQ 10+
  15. SouthernX John Solomon (38)

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    Just popped on the thread to read about wests v UQ. was it a good game?

    Score looked tight and a lot of people picked UQ so interested to know where wests excelled and where UQ disappointed.
  16. Oldschool Tom Lawton (22)

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    Scoreline actually flattered UQ.
    The Pups gave up 14 points 5m out for back chat and had a boy carded for his debating skills on the UQ 10 in the second half.
    UQ player that stood out for me was their no3 consistently bent the line and got a meat pie as well.
    For Wests, 7, 8 both gained serious metres and 11 for his cover D and finishing.
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  17. Xasparatiin Bob McCowan (2)

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    West's seem to be coming home very well at the moment, you can't say these wins are flukes by any means. It's a shame this form is only coming now at this point in the season. Next round predictions?
  18. Sgt Slaughter Herbert Moran (7)

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    I thought it was quite a good game. West seemed unstructured at times but played with plenty of heart like they had nothing to lose - the No. 8 Mitch Wood showed plenty of speed which was impressive, he was definitely a game changer. From attack off the back of the scrum to playing centre at times in attack, although predictable at times like junior footy "give the giant man child the ball to run it" it was still very effective. West 12 exLogan Saints was hard to stop as was the 13 exWynnum Bugs.

    To say the score flatter UQ is a bit much - when you score 5 tries and your opposition scores 3 and is awarded a penalty try, ultimately it was UQ game to lose through discipline and poor kicking.
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  19. Brisbane Boys Peter Burge (5)

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    Fair Assessment SS noted that Wests have had victories over the teams that are more about skill over size being Brothers and UQ and have struggled with the teams where it is size over skill Sunnybank and Souths.
    Wests when I have seen them play this year have some very good backs without the forward play to generate space on a regular basis. It is hard to see Wests making the finals considering how much start they have given the third and fourth placed teams. But if they go undefeated and things go there way it could be close.
  20. The Engine Room Allen Oxlade (6)

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