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QLD GPS Rugby 2013

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by ippylad93, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. ippylad93 Bill Watson (15)

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    All things GPS for 2013
  2. ippylad93 Bill Watson (15)

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    Queensland GPS 2013 i pray you be terrace and grammar troll free and not ruin it like this year. Its okay to have some biased opinions but to the extent on this forum was ridiculous. Anyone got some teams for next year?

    GT 1st XV Possibility

    1. Nat Kasch (1st XV 2012)/Sam Wilson (1st XV during pre season until injury)
    2. Tom Mellor(1st XV 2011,2012, GPS 3)/Ned Howard (15A 2012)/Jacob Stanley(U15 Met North 2012)
    3. Robert Green (1st XV 2012, QLD U16 Red 2012)
    4. Ben Laxon (1st XV 2012 until injury, QLD U16 White 2012)
    5. Dom Sester (1st XV bench 2012 made 5 or 6 appearances)
    6. Connor Morony (Apparently a star player haven't seen him but U15 Met North 2012)
    7. Toby McNamee (1st XV 2012 Best Player of the Season IMO from Terrace, QLD U16 Red 2012)
    8. Daniel Sitaleni (1st XV 2012, QLD U16 Red 2012)
    9. Angus Fowler (1st XV 2012)/Tom Lutvey
    10. Horan (U15 Met North 2012)
    11. Joe Jenkins (1st XV 2012)
    12. Chris or Kris Larosa (1st XV 2012, would have been in a QLD U16 team if he wasn't born on the 31st of December 1995 haha)
    13. Jack Heenan (1st XV 2011,2012, Combined States 2012 Star Player)
    14. Jack Lodder (U15 Met North 2012)/Connor Harvey (1st XV 2012)
    15. Connor Harvey (1st XV 2012)/Jack Lodder (U15 Met North 2012)

    Just a draft hope it helps
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  3. GlobeTrotter Chris McKivat (8)

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    1. Josh Evans
    2. Jake Lyon
    3. Sam Clifton
    4. Jake Upfield
    5. Luke Papworth
    6. Joel Brown
    7. Dylan Paraka
    8. Evander Guttenbiel
    9. PJ Van den Berg
    10. Mitch Third
    11. Benji Neal
    12. Nili Fielea
    13. Fred Dorrough
    14. Isaac Nathan
    15. Ed Gibson

    Paraka is obviously the 'smokey', being the only one without some form of First XV experience. It will be interesting to see if he can develop like his brother Pettowa.
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  4. ippylad93 Bill Watson (15)

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    What a team! i put them in my top three with NC and BBC
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  5. ippylad93 Bill Watson (15)

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    First Prediction Purely on Players from this year

    1. NC
    2. TSS
    3. BBC
    4. BGS
    5. GT/ACGS
    7. BSHS
    8. IGS
    9. TGS
  6. redwhiteblue95 Stan Wickham (3)

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    GlobeTrotter, I guess you are also a TSS supporter, I am unaware that Sam Clifton and Mitch Third will be there next year (they are in year 12.) Nonetheless, I am sure they can cover their losses having won the 16's premiership. I agree with the team except I would play Gibson at 12, Fielea at 11 and Neal at 15. All of those players can cover multiple positions, except for Third and Nathan, who should be set in their respective positions. PJ has been playing everywhere for the 16's also. The Terrace team will be good. Top 5.
  7. Red Black Larry Dwyer (12)

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    Is Jack Heenan definitely repeating? Also at number 6 apparently there is a player coming from state high (U15s)
  8. GlobeTrotter Chris McKivat (8)

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    Churchie last? Tanuvasa, Schafer and MacMillan are pretty useful footy players. Sure, maybe not top 4 or 5 but they are a proud sporting program and I am sure they will do alright.
  9. ippylad93 Bill Watson (15)

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    No not a definite and neither is Mellor. They are possibilities but. Yes some imports will come in defiantly and if i was picking players i would get a
    - Hooker/Prop (if mellor doesn't repeat)
    - A second rower
    - No real need for a back rower next year with connor but couldn't hurt if he's better
    - 10
    - 13 (if no heenan)
    - And a fullback/strong winger

    No necessities for positions but would help
  10. ippylad93 Bill Watson (15)

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    yes i probably might regret that decision, i would slot them in with terrace at the moment now considering I've just found out there 15A's were premiers, next year is going to be a tight competition there are no definite teams to write off
  11. mbw Allen Oxlade (6)

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    I think
    I think it is correct that Third and Clifton will be there. Gibson can play anywhere and I think Neal at 15 and Gibson at 12 is correct. Interesting selection Van deb Berg at 9. He has to be in there somewhere but McMahon has done good job at 9 in 16a's.PJ is a very good player. Maybe guttenbeil at 4 or 5 and Papworth at 7 or 8.I think the truth is with the depth that a very good back will miss out. I think TSS will be the same next year. No superstar but a solid team with plenty of depth.
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  12. FootyHead29 Stan Wickham (3)

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    You know a bit aout TSS. I am an old boy and have followed the 16As, 2nds and 1sts this season I am aware of the 11s in the team this year and Neal and co from the 2nds. I have been impressed with the backs from 16As all season and am aware that there may be positions available in the backline. Do you have a list of the 16A backline so I can see who is who. Their wingers have scored some fantastic individual tries
  13. FootyHead29 Stan Wickham (3)

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    As did their 13, which I am led to believe is Jack Rogers, son of Mat
  14. mbw Allen Oxlade (6)

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    16 a backs TSS
    9. Andrew McMahon
    10 . Fred Dorough
    Centres : PJ Vandemberg. Jack Rogers
    Wings: Ben Pearce Ryan Menzies
    15 Lochlan Stewart

    Pearce is very good and could be the smokie in the backs. One thing the TSS 2nds will be very strong!
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  15. BOLO_lol Bob McCowan (2)

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    Who were top 3 for 16's this year?
  16. ippylad93 Bill Watson (15)

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    TSS won only loosing to GT but GT weren't in the top 3
  17. footylegend101 Frank Row (1)

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    1. The Southport School (14)
    2. Brisbane State High (12)
    3. Nudgee College (11)
    4. Toowoomba Grammar School (10)
    5. Brisbane Grammar School (9)
    6. Gregory Terrace (7)
    7. Anglican Church Grammar School (6)
    8. Ipswich Grammar School (3)
    9. Brisbane Boys College (0)
  18. footylegend101 Frank Row (1)

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    it's hard to believe BBC are hot favourites to make a top three finish next season with such a devastating season in the 16's..
    it doesn't matter how many 16yo are playing in the 1sts, you need the depth to have a good quality side to compete against the better performing schools
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  19. mbw Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Correct, good player and pretty tough
  20. ippylad93 Bill Watson (15)

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    State High look to be quite a good side next year actually, its funny how one year of bad rugby can ruin a reputation of a great history
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